Self Hypnosis is very easy. However, most people fail to perform it simply because it never happens. They wait patiently and practice for some time regularly only to be disappointed in the end. Why?

One of the main reasons why people performing self hypnosis for the first few times never meet with success is because they expect it to happen. They wait for the magic to happen.

This is a very big mistake. You would know it if you have ever tried to “watch” when you go to sleep; it becomes very frustrating because you never go to sleep at all! Watching prevents you from sleeping. This is because sleeping, just like hypnosis, requires you to lose concentration rather than focusing.

Another reason why the trance state never happens is because you do not practice enough.

Keep in mind that very few people manage to enter the trance state in the very first attempt. Most people fail to enter for the first few attempts, but then suddenly one day the magic happens and they find themselves in a very pleasant state. However, until that day they kept on trying. Most experts would advise you to perform or at least attempt to perform self hypnosis at least twice a day: half an hour session in the morning after bath and half an hour in the evening just before bed.

Most people try to perform self hypnosis without first learning how to relax properly.

Relaxation is a very important groundwork for performing self hypnosis. Deep relaxation can help you to get into trance state very easily. Before learning to perform self hypnosis it is advisable to first learn how to relax deeply. A simple method is to tense the muscles of the limbs for a few seconds, then relax by imagining that you are letting go of the tension with every breath.

You can not expect anything that requires hard work to give results unless you are motivated enough.

Of course, those who have performed self hypnosis for a few times can perform one more time even without motivation. However, if you are performing for the first time it is extremely important to have a strong motivation. When you attempt self hypnosis for the first time, it is advisable to have a very strong motivation, the desire to excel academically for example.

If you say you can not enter trance then you probably will not.

This is a mistake made by many people. If you predict that the magical trance state will not happen, then the prediction will fulfill itself. There is no doubt about it. Of course it is human nature to become discouraged after a few failures, that's why losers continue to lose and winners continue to win. One way around it is to read success stories, ones with success after repeated failures.

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