Ahh, public speaking. It's probably safe to say that most people find it a little uncomfortable. And then there are those who are terrified by the thought of standing on a stage with all eyes on you.

Me? I'm one of the lucky and crazy few who enjoy it. I liked it even as a kid.

The funny thing is that people tell me how great it must be to not get nervous in front of a crowd.

Haha, what? Who said anything about not getting nervous? My job involves a lot of public speaking and, even now, I still get anxious beforehand.

It's the same way I feel about rollercoasters and those are fun.

With a little discipline and a little more self-hypnosis, you can enjoy public speaking as well.

You might think that this is one problem that self-hypnosis can not fix. After all, how do you enter a trance while standing in front of a group?

There are two things to say to that:

Firstly, it's easier than you think it is. I did it yesterday. I've seen other great speakers do it too. I do not know how common it is but, if you know the signs, you can spot it.

Secondly, you do not have to do anything while you're speaking. All you need to do is focus on your breathing and your audience. Trust that the words will come.

No, the best time to hypnotise yourself is before you begin speaking.

In the time leading up to the talk, think about what it's going to be like. Put yourself into a trance and imagine the venue. See through your eyes everything that you will see from this perspective. Bring to mind your audience – let them fill the seats.

If you start to feel nervous, then that's good. Do not suppress the feeling and do not ignore it.

Use that energy. Think about how great it is to know that you can rely on it. Even if you're a little sleepy that morning, your energy will wash it away and leave you shining.

Nervousness is such a wonderful gift from your own mind!

Continue to breathe as you think about how great it will be to have so much vitality. Take deep breaths through your nose and into your belly. Exhale gently through your mouth. Think about how, even in front of people, you always have time to breathe deeply.

And once you can use your breath to control your energy, it's time to go beyond that.

What is the purpose of your talk? Are you trying to inspire them? Sate their curiosity? Inform them?

Think about what you want them to experience. Even if your talk is the dulest status report of all time, you want the audience to be interested.

Find what you want them to feel.

And become it.

If you want to inspire them, then let yourself be inspired. If you want them to be curious, then be curious about what you say. Be interested in your topic and, like a virus, it'll spread to your audience.

Maybe you've heard and tried this advice before. Trust me – doing this while in a trance is different. Prepare yourself the right way – using self-hypnosis – and your results will amaze you.