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Hypnotic Flood Relief

The Australian floods have impacted on the psyche of the community. For some individuals, it may be psychological, while most people directly, or indirectly will feel the economic burden. It also has cultural, political and social implications. The only thing of real value that I can contribute is Hypnosis. Yes, Hypnosis for all who are grieving, for all who feel burdened, for all who feel demoralized, for the young, the old, the sick, the strong and the brave.

This is not a prank or a money making scheme, but is actually a means of addressing many of the complex issues facing society. By altering our state of consciousness and entering a calm yet focused state, we can begin to process and comprehend the calamities around us, putting them into a clear perspective – something that is rational mind will always struggle with.

An example of this clarity that is present within us all, can be seen in the debts of why and how the floods took place, what we should have and could have done and what we plan to do in the future. Clarity you may ask? There is no clarity among these questions, in fact they only give rise to more questions, but it is only with clarity that solutions can develop. At the moment, discussions and opinions are ripe – more dams, stronger houses, better rivers etc, etc. but in peoples complicated analytical and intellectual minds there appear to be no deeper wisdom, foresight or clarity.

I do not claim to know why the floods occurred and I do not know what the next 100 years on the planet hold, but I do know that anyone who anticipates, predicts, forecasts or prophecies will be proven wrong. There are plans to rebuild things bigger and stronger, but who is to say that a repeat flood does not occur next month. I am by no means a pessimist, but believe that self hypnosis, if practiced correctly can offer people a philosophical and realistic perspective on their life and the world around them.

A true perspective understands and respects the forces of nature and even the good and bad phases that life shows us. It does not blame fellow man, nor does it try and conquer the natural elements through man made structure. All a true perspective has to do is practice trying to be itself. Whatever you lose all your possessions, are a CEO of an insurance company a civil engineer or a politician, self hypnosis can bring everyone close to the ultimate goal.

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Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss And Quitting Smoking

Through self hypnosis and the possibly limitless power of the subconscious mind it's possible – metaphorically speaking – to move mountains, not just lose weight or quit smoking. I say just lose weight or quit smoking not because I do not realize how hard it can seem to succeed permanently with these aspirations, but because I know from personal experience and from that of others who have used hypnosis to quit smoking, lose weight and overcome other seemingly insurmountable problems and habits that it can be done, permanently and quite easily.

If you're living with an overeating or nicotine habit (or both) it's probably the case that sometimes you'll feel without them, and there's no doubt that you would feel much better without them, but almost simultaneously the implications of throwing away that nicotine or comfort food crutch flash into your conscious awareness, and you experience a little mental shudder as you try to imagine what the rest of your life would be like without them. Not just today, tomorrow and the next day, but for the rest of your life.

Many weight loss and quit smoking programs tell you to take things one day at a time, and not think about the days, months and years lying ahead, but how can you not think about it?

There are no precise statistics, but I think that it's safe to assume that somewhere between 50 and 90% of all attempts to lose weight and quit smoking using the willpower only approach fail, either very soon or within a couple of months. Some smokers stop for several years but the subconscious thought patterns which kept them smoking were so deeply ingrained that they never really lost the urge, years after the physically addictive nicotine poison had left their bodies.

Similarly, with regard to weight gain and dieting, many people start out full of optimism and determination, sure that they're going to win the battle to lose weight, slim down and generally feel better about themselves. Unfortunately it's usually the case that before long this determination is worn down by the constant inner whispers telling you that there's no need to be so hard on yourself, a little treat now and then is ok, why not just have one of these delicious looking cakes or chocolate and so on.Before you know it, the diet has been thrown to the winds and you've actually gained more weight than you had before. A few weeks or so later, you resolve once again to lose weight and the whole cycle begins again.

The reason why most dieters and quitting smokers fail is because they're unaware of or have failed to appreciate the role that the subconscious mind plays in these matters. If you've convinced yourself that you need comfort food, that you'll be irritable and unhappy without it, somehow denied, then your subconscious will go along with that. You'll then come to believe that it is in fact inevitable that you'd be unhappy and uncomfortable without it, and it's this subconscious belief that sooner or later wears down the conscious resolve you had to lose weight.

Smoking addiction works in a slightly different way, partly because you first have to clear your system of nicotine, which is physically addictive. After around 4-8 days the nicotine poison has indeed left your system and you notice the physical benefits almost immediately. What you're also noticing is that your mind will not stop thinking about it. The deeply ingrained subconscious belief that you not only enjoy smoking but also need to smoke is constantly working its way into your conscious mind, creating the belief that you're condemning yourself something that you want and need, and that to go on doing so means that you're somehow punishing yourself.

After a certain amount of time, whether it's a couple of days or years, something gives way and you find some sort of justification for relieving yourself of this self punishment, wheree you decide that just one cigarette could not do any harm. Much more often than not, that one cigarette is fairly swiftly followed by just one more, and before long you're back to where you started.

The key to permanently breaking this cycle lies within the subconscious. With motivation, hypnosis / self hypnosis has been shown consistently to be the best and most effective method available for reaching and reprogramming subconscious thinking patterns which cause you to believe that you need and want to smoke or overeat. Through relaxation, visualization and positive suggestion hypnotherapy or self hypnosis downloads can reach and influence the subconscious and replace these negative thoughts patterns with positive ones, leaving you with no desire whatsever to smoke or to eat more than your body actually needs.

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Self Hypnosis Technique for Weight Loss

For centuries, hypnosis has been used by men to treat many diseases as well as psychological problems. Doctors and practitioners of alternative medicine are one in saying that hypnosis is an effective clinical tool to correct many problems. Smoking, for example, which is a habit considered hard to break can be cured by hypnosis. By definition all hypnosis is a self hypnosis because you yourself are an active participant in it. It does not matter whether you had another person performing hypnosis on you, but is still your mind that is the subject. And for hypnosis to be successful it needs your explicit conscious consent. Hypnosis can be done also for people who have difficulty making their diet program work. Here are some simple Self Hypnosis Technique for Weight Loss you can use to help you with your weight problem.

First of the Self Hypnosis Technique for Weight Loss is to be in a place where you can have peace and quiet. Ideally you should be in a room where you could be in a comfortable position also. It is recommended to wear loose clothing while doing this. If you want you can listen to slow music so that you will be relax and your heart beat will be able to decrease to 60 beats per seconds. Your muscles must be completely relaxed and your mind free of any thoughts. To attain this you must not be within reach for any distraction. You can also leave behind your mobile phone.

When you attained the total relaxation and freed your mind from any thoughts, the second Self Hypnosis Technique for Weight Loss to imagine yourself freeing from your body. Daydreaming is a form of self hypnosis so you have an idea on how to do it. To be effective command your body and mind to achieve the weight lose program that you wanted. Hypnosis has been proven very effective in altering the mindset of the person after hypnosis. You can do this Repeatedly like you are saying a mantra in a slow, repetitive and meditative manner. When you gain consciousness you will now have the determination to practice that weight lose program you have always wanted.

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Advantages Of Hypnosis

Perhaps you have traveled someplace and then got there forgetting all the memory of your trip? Or maybe you may have already been extremely drawn in some show on TV and you failed to see someone asking you? Or depending just noticed yourself looking straight from the windowpane, suddenly lost inside a fantasy? Well then, you certainly have been through something similar to hypnosis.

Such commonly transpiring way of thinking is an extremely centered condition of awareness. Could be an external target, when it comes to that interesting Television program, or maybe an internal form, just like a fantasy.

Hypnosis forethermore, pertains to approaches designed to purposely yield those particular states of your memory. Whenever we are within them, our individual self-conscious, way of thinking and thoughts needs a set back, while the subconscious thoughts grows more accessible. You will be subsequently within a stronger position to understand something totally new, and also you can easily simply just generate your overstretched reasoning reasons a substantially required rest.

Just what exactly are classified as the potential benefits to hypnosis?

Cleaning For Your Body and Mind

Hypnosis is actually a deeply calming state, therefore the benefits associated with this are apparently numerous to list out. Similar to closing down unnecessary applications which were kept operating on your hard drive, doing it clears out mind jumble, enabling you to reflect as well as deliver the results even more clearly. Furthermore, it minimizes stress and anxiety, improvements vigor, improves the body's defense mechanism enabling individuals in order to recover more effectively.

Get Rid Of The Detritorial aspects

Individuals usually go to hypnotists to eliminate undesirable practices? cigarettes, nail gnawing at, comfort and ease eating and so forth. Hypnotherapy is very rewarding, since it offers directly along with section of the brain that is maintained and the behavior inside of the spot, the depths of the mind.

Emphasize Typically the Favorite

Hypnosis can be a means of polishing and also building up beneficial behavior or even actions. If you area golf player, for example, next making use of the hypnotic state to master your own golf swing technique could clearly enhance your sport in real life.

Psychological Dress Testing

Similarly, all of the hypnotic talk about enables you to practice success in the future situations. In case you have found a presentation for the panel approaching, hypnotically run through this heading effortlessly. Once the special day arrives, the subconscious thoughts? which recognizes no distinction among actual as well as imagined occurrences? may identify it as being circumstances that you experience relaxed, sure as well as clear.

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How To Stop Drinking and Still Enjoy Yourself

Stopping drinking is something which is more frequently contemplated these days than ever before, possibly as a result of the realization that as a nation we consume far more units of alcohol than are good for us. I write this (a little tongue in cheek!) Whilst sipping a nice cool glass of Chablis whilst flying back across the pond, and a large expanse of land, to San Francisco.

We spend a reasonable amount of time traveling returns and forwards, which necessitates many hours in airport lounges and sitting in airplanes. I find myself noting how many more people these days refuse the proffered alcohol and instead choose the teetotal route. We all know the negative effect which too much alcohol can have upon ones health, abilities and equilibrium. Equally, the benefit of passing on the wine, beer or spirits is emblazoned quite vividly in our minds.

One has to have sufficient personal, individual and unique motivation to even considering stopping drinking let alone carry through with that intent. It has to be your own personal desire. People do what they want to do, be it to choose to drink or to stop drinking, enter a relationship or walk away from someone who they had been involved with.

Those who find that their relationship with alcohol becomes more important than their other relationships absolutely have a greater motivation to quit drinking altogether. If you only drink a couple of glasses of wine every day or so you probably have little motivation to stop drinking; in fact, you could probably argue that there are greater benefits to drinking alcohol in that moderate quantity than in giving up completely.

But there are also those who fear stopping drinking. I have seen clients over the years who have asked to be hypnotized so as to feel as if they have been drinking when they are out socially (when in fact not a drop of alcohol has passed their lips) because they do not want to seem “boring”. I find that quite sad really. I mean, let's face it, we have probably most of us been in a situation where everyone around us is the worse for wear because of drinking too much. Did they make sense? Were they interesting? Usually not! And yet here the non-drinker is, feeling afraid that he or she will be perceived as boring!

There can be many fear when one contemplating stopping drinking; you may feel uncomfortable or missing in confidence. You may well feel that you no longer fit in. And this may be why you see a lot of teetotalers starting afresh, leading a new life with new friends and companions in a different environment.

It is certainly undeniable that to stop drinking entails a change of lifestyle, and when looked at in reverse you can see how much easier it is to stop drinking by changing your lifestyle in a major way. This is especially so for a reclaimed alcoholic; your mantra becomes “out with the old, in with the new”. It is your health and your life which is on the line and, if you have made your own firm decision to quit drinking, this is what you really do. An alcoholic is not known for moderation!

This can be a difficult pill to swallow for some old friends, colleagues or acquaintances who may feel that they have been abandoned or not yet shown consideration in the process. But everyone is on their own path through life and they have to do what is best for them. Again, I reiterate, people basically do what they WANT to do. And it has to be said, if you were a real friend, or cared for that person in a genuine way, you would give them your blessing and wish them luck, health and happiness in their new life. It may well be a difficult task, but it is one which you would willingly do.

It can also be difficult for a friend from the past to appreciate that this person who they thought they knew could change so much; they, after all, do not often get to see the entire transformation. When they knew this drinker, alcohol was probably a constant mistress, and many things may also have been hidden from them. They can not bring themselves to visualize this person as a sober, healthy and happy individual who is totally in control of his or her life.

Speaking for myself, I do not find non-drinkers, teetotallers, reclaimed alcoholics (or whatever label you wish to use) in any way boring. In fact, they are a breath of fresh air; they are articulate, interesting, almost pedantically truthful (that's part of the process of overcoming their alcohol related weaknesses), and extremely strong people (they have won their battle and they know it) … and as an added bonus they are always capable of driving home safely!

Reverting to the question of whether it is possible to stop drinking and still enjoy yourself, the answer is an unmistakable “yes”. Life is immeasurably better, healthier, happier and a whole lot more fun once a person finds their own strength to kick their old excessive drinking ways. Bye, bye old mistress, onwards to a new life.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads for health and well being.

PS Discover how easily you can focus your mind with hypnosis. Grab a free hypnosis mp3 download from my website now.

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Use Self-Hypnosis and Visualization to Stop Smoking

There are many different methods one can use to stop smoking. Some people have tried the nicotine patch. Others have tried medicines. And yet another group of people have tried to rely on their own willpower and quit cold turkey. While some people have succeeded using these methods, many people have failed. It is then that they turn to self-hypnosis to help them quit smoking. Using self-hypnosis to turn your views about smoking within your subconscious mind is the most effective treatment to end smoking addictions.

Self-hypnosis consists of several main components, some of which include relaxation, scripts, and visualization. Relaxation is vital to being able to hypnotize yourself. One of the first things that you will be taught when being taught in self-hypnosis is how to relax and open your mind to suggestion. You will also be taught key phrases or suggestions that are geared towards stopping you from smoking that you must tell yourself repetitively. You will also be taught visualization which is extremely important in the process to quit smoking.

Visualization has many benefits to self-hypnosis. By mentally imagining that you are performing an activity, you are more able to easily perform the real thing. When first practicing visualization in self-hypnosis, many people find that they can create pictures of themselves as if they are watching themselves on television. This is known as dissociated visualization. This technique is an effective tool in the path to helping you stop smoking because you are imagining how you would like to be smoke-free. Once imagining yourself in that activity as if it is a real event is achieved, it will make the desired activity more of an inevitability.

The first step in using visualization to help you stop smoking is to become clear about the fact that you are going to quit. The intended exit is that you will no longer be a smoker. You can use your natural creativity and imagination to think of images and ideas that would appeal to you emotionally. These emotions are the key to success because the more emotionally charged a hypnotic suggestion, the more likely you will respond quickly to it. You can use words that engage emotions such as “vibrant,” “sparkling,” “thrilling,” “wonderful,” “powerful,” “radiant,” “loving,” “generous,” “exciting,” “delightful,” and “Beautiful.” The more vivid and dramatic the image is, the more effective it will be since visualizations are suggestions. First, imagine the tobacco smoke. Imagine that it looks, smells, and tastes very bad. You can use associations with the smoke that depict how bad it is. Some of the common negative things that are used as association to cigarette smoke is garbage or a smelly shoe.

Using self-hypnosis and visualization to help you quit smoking really works for many people. They find that using their imagination to create desired change is simple, powerful and effective. By using visualizations you are able to see yourself after the change has occurred and more easily meet your goal of being a non-smoker.

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Stop Over Eating With Self-Hypnosis

It may be no surprise to you that diets do not work for many people. This is because although we would love to look and feel better, there is something inside of us that is telling us to eat. It is telling us to fulfill that urge to snack and make ourselves happy for now and worry about tomorrow later. This is exactly the reason that self-hypnosis is becoming one of the most popular and effective ways for losing weight.

Self-hypnosis creates a state of heightened awareness and suggestibility where we can influence our behaviors and provide ourselves with post-hypnotic suggestions. With it you are able to tell your inner child that the road to happiness does not go through food. We can make the decision to lose weight and actually do it. To use self-hypnosis to help you to lose weight you must first state clearly and positively in your mind what you want and then make a decision to achieve it. You should devote the initial session of self-hypnosis to making this decision and about your challenges with your weight. Never have any doubt that you can lose weight.

You can also explore the reasons that you would like to lose weight. Whether it is for health reasons or wherever you would just like to be more in shape, the reason is up to you. Also think about a motive for losing weight. Would you like to be able to be active longer then you are currently able to be? Is it so that you can fit into the clothes that you once loved? Now decipher the reasons why you overeat, eat the wrong foods or snack during meals. How do you feel emotionally when you are eating the things that you are not supposed to? What emotional need is overeating filling for you?

It is very important that you realize that it is not the self-hypnosis that is going to be the thing that loses weight for you. Once you start hypnotizing yourself to lose weight, your body is not going to magically speed up your metabolism. With self-hypnosis you are changing the way that you think about food and eating. You will have the ability to stop that little voice in the back of your head that tells you that eating that one thing will not make a difference in your weight. You will be able to take control of your subconscious which so well wants to control your behavior.

When you are self-hypnotizing yourself to lose weight, visualize yourself making healthy food choices. Tell yourself that you will exercise today, that you will make the time for it and fit it into your schedule. Think about the weight goals that you would like to achieve and set your mind to achieving them.

It is for these reasons that using self-hypnosis to lose weight is so successful. Many times being on a diet it is a daily struggle to not eat the things that you really want to eat and eat healthier. But with self-hypnosis, you are changing your thinking and leaving the struggles in the past.

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How Self Hypnosis Works

As children, we had the ability to concentrate on a specific task without all of the “messiness” and distractions in our subconscious that we have today. Think about it – we all agree that we get smarter as we age but a baby that is less then a year old can learn complicated actions like walking, talking, eating with a spoon, etc. For the poor souls that have to relearn such actions after a serious accident when they are older, it takes them much longer. As we age, we learn things like when you fall, you get hurt, and it is difficult to ignore such ingrained beliefs. By using self-hypnosis to clear our subconscious, you can give yourself a different way to train your brain and learn a new action that you once thought impossible. It is the subconscious that is responsible for shaping a person's personality and emotional drive.

The technique of hypnosis has been around for a while. We all remember the pocket watch dangling in front of someone's eyes slowly leaning back and forth. But the real goal is to use self-hypnosis as a therapeutic technique to cure ourselves of whatever might be holding us back in our well-being. This may be any number of things like smoking, being overweight, a fear of public speaking, being overly shy, etc. By using hypnosis, you are able to concentrate on a specific thought in order to change your habits.

Anyone can be hypnotized but its effectiveness depends on how much you will allow yourself to accept the hypnosis process. Regardless, the process of hypnotizing oneself is fairly simple. The hypnosis process centers around several basic steps. It is the way that these steps are realized that differs from technique to technique. The first step in the hypnosis process is to achieve complete relaxation. The mind is capable of many different levels of “sleep”. The state of sleep that you are in when you hear your alarm clock in the morning is much different than when you are under anesthesia and are under an operation. The level of relaxation that is required for hypnosis is somewhere between being awake and being sleep. The second step in the hypnosis process is to concentrate on a phrase, an idea, or a suggestion. This is a more heightened state of concentration than you practice on a normal day. Once these steps are achieved, you will become immobile during hypnosis. You will also experience a heightened of all five of your senses. It is called “hyperawareness” and it happens naturally when a person is able to increase their concentration during complete relaxation. You will also experience REM, or rapid eye movement. This does not mean that you are technically sleepy. Under self-hypnosis you are able to wake yourself up at any given time, which is not the case when you are normally sleeping.

The key to using self-hypnosis to change your bad habits or struggles is to allow your willpower to push you into submission. Your subconscious provides the initial momentum to do something but it is your consciousness that provides the willpower. Without willpower big changes in your thinking would not be possible. Hypnosis itself would not be possible without the willpower and commitment to try it until you are successful.

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Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Are you tired of your daily struggles with trying to stop smoking cigarettes? Are you tired of that increasingly worse hacking cough that you experience in the morning and the loss of your ability to climb a staircase without getting winded? Maybe you have known for a long time that you need to quit smoking cigarettes, but you know that quitting will be more of a hassle than coughing and being winded, and you are intimidated by what will happen to you if you try. By using self hypnosis to treat yourself of your smoking habits you are able to bypass all of the negative experiences of going through the withdrawals of nicotine. You will not substitute your habit of smoking with another habit like eating. You will not get cranky or experience any of the other symptoms that so many cigarette smokers have gone through on their way to a healthier lifestyle.

Self hypnosis allows you to dip into your subconscious mind in order to train your mind to do the things that your willpower is struggling to accomplish on its own. How many times have you heard yourself or someone else say that they have a lack of willpower? You have a lack of willpower because it is your subconscious that controls your emotional drive and your habitual behaviors. Without your subconscious on board with the program to quit smoking, your willpower does not have a chance even if your conscious mind has already made the decision to quit smoking. Self hypnosis can help you to get your subconscious mind to go along with your conscious mind. By using self hypnosis you are using powerful motivators for wanting to quit smoking, which will increase your desire to smoke.

Using self hypnosis to quit smoking requires you to enter into a complete state of relaxation. You will need to find a room or space on a daily basis that is quiet and void of distractions to practice complete relaxation. You must then formulate self hypnosis scripts of positive phrases that you will repeat to yourself over and over again during your relaxation. There are a few tips that you need to think about when you are creating your self hypnosis scripts. First off, always keep your phrases in the present and positive. Plus, remember to use the word “I” in your sentences. To help you stop smoking you can use phrases like, “I am in control, cigarettes are not a part of my life”, “I will not smoke for the rest of my life”, or “I have made the decision not to smoke and I am happy with that decision. ”

Studies have shown that self hypnosis is one of the leading and most successful ways to quit smoking. By using self hypnosis to help you in your desire to stop smoking, you will find that your subconscious mind will soon absorb the idea, and within a few days, you will be living a smoke-free and healthy life once again.

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Conversational Hypnosis Tricks

Conversational hypnosis is hard to perform, much less master, but when you master it, the only people standing between you and your goal are those who stand their ground with what they believe in. There's no harm in trying, though, so you might want to have a few tricks up your sleeve for a hard to crack person. This is what this article will be doing and by the time you're reading this, you may have something new in your arsenal of persuasion skills.

Conversational hypnosis, or covert hypnosis for short, is the process of tapping into the subconscious of your target through words and gestures. It is dubbed as covert hypnosis because your target is not aware that you are working your magic on him. There are three tricks to a successful covert hypnosis ops; and they are gaining trust, not talking too much, and maintaining a veil of mystery. If you should talk, try to talk them into focusing their attention away from what you're doing.

The simplest form of covert hypnosis I can cite is funnyman Jeff Dunham. Dunham is a ventriloquist stand up comedian, and if you have not seen him before try watching him for some laughs. Dunham exchanges words with his puppets with funny dialogue, and the audience becomes enchanted with the puppet to mask whatever else the ventriloquist is doing such as moving the leg of a puppet so it would fall out of the podium; a situation the puppet will react to.

In a nutshell, covert hypnosis masks your ulterior motives with flowery words and body language. This stealthy approach to hypnosis is essential to its success. Blow your cover, and your act is predictable. It is possible to recover, however, but only if you maintained an aura of mystery. For instance, if you spoke little but there are tons of meanings in your words, your mishap could be dismissed as nothing but a thought borne out of paranoia. If you have gained the trust of that person, your misstep will most likely be unnoticeable.

Talking too much can cause you to say something you did not want to say. This betrays the trust you established in the beginning, and your target will think of you as nothing more than a fraud. When all these three tricks fail, you have little to no chance of recovery. It's important that in conversational hypnosis, you try to protect these three. If you have not established these images of yourself yet, you'd best be going.

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Hypnosis Self Confidence Boosting – The Power of Repetition

Hypnotherapy typically spans for weeks, depending on how well you respond to the treatment; that is, how well your subconscious is taking the suggestions being embedded and turns those mindsets to influencing behavior. If the treatment lasts too long, the affirmations end up being recycled. This is not a bad thing, since repetition does not have a good effect on the mind; or rather, the subconscious mind. With hypnosis self confidence methods, repetition is a powerful tool.

Some students have a different style of studying for their exams. Others would really study and get to the root meanings of all things, while others would simply read their notes over and over again. When exam time comes, the latter group of students can perform pretty well; not due to how they understand their lessons, but because they remember where they read the information, along with things such as the area of ​​their notebook where a specific formula was written and the like.

This is the “same but different” concept behind self hypnosis treatments that use repetition. We have two important parts in our brain – one that handles thoughts and one that handles our reflexes. Having low self confidence is a thought process. We think too much of what might happen if we do not do good in a particular task – a sign of anxiety – and it affects our actions. Hypnosis aims to embed ideas into the deepest vaults of our minds with repetition, so actions can be performed almost automatically – a reflex, if you will.

Repetition, while not usually explained, is present in self hypnosis. Self hypnosis mp3s are played back over and over until you believe that “you can do it”. Other methods of self hypnosis involves writing your feelings down and reading it out loud over and over until you actually believe it and start feeling good about yourself. Some hypnotists would usually ask you the same questions over and over despite giving the correct answer so as for you to really “feel it”.

That being said, you can do simple hypnosis self confidence methods on your own; although it may be a difficult process for you since you will most likely stumble in finding good affirmations to increase your self confidence levels. It is still doable, though. If you're not getting any results, you can always undergo hypnotherapy with a professional.

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Subliminal Messages With Hypnosis – The Power of Words

Learning About Subliminal Messages Hypnosis

Subliminal messages with hypnosis are a rare combination in hypnotherapy. In conversational hypnosis, however, it is used frequently. The good thing about subliminal messages is that it can bypass the mental defenses that the “mark” has, as opposed to conventional hypnosis which involves a lot of sessions just to ease the person into the hypnotic trance to, say, remember a memory that he or she has voluntarily repressed. Of course, conversational or covert hypnosis works differently than with your usual hypnosis. It involves a bit of manipulation and a lot of words to utter so the subliminal messages can be safely hidden in your conversations.

Do words have such a power? Yes they do. Ever heard of reverse psychology? It's similar to that. Covert hypnosis is often regarded as a mind control tool. Picture this scenario: a guy who you know has the hots for your girlfriend asked you to give a letter to her, claiming that the letter is of utmost importance. He would then go on to ask you to, under any circumstance, avoid reading the private correspondence and goes on to blabber about how the contents would be just between him and her.

What would you do? Chances are you will be bothered so much that you will take a peek at that letter. If you do not, your mind does not rest easy and you'll end up conjuring a lot of bad scenarios that you and your girlfriend will certainly fight over. If you take a look and find that it is nothing more than a friendly letter, you'll feel ashamed of betraying your girlfriend's trust or something to that effect. Either way, your mind is being messed with.

That's the power of subliminal message right there. If you specifically tell someone not to do something, chances are they'll do it. This trick is employed in covert hypnosis perfectly well. If the guy knew what he was doing, he would have certainly told you not to read the letter, but was banking on you to break your word. In essence, you've been manipulated – mind controlled, if you will – into doing something the guy wanted you to do and feel embarrassed for it.

Words are powerful, but only if it is arranged in a way that it can mean a lot of things. This is the principle behind subliminal messages. Subliminal messages with hypnosis usually do not work out well. Covert hypnosis, on the other hand, can give you a ton of advantages over someone you are “merely talking to”.

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Hypnotherapy Is Essential Aid For Cancer Patients

There are often mixed reviews about hypnotherapy, oftentimes coming from the medical profession and other sources of health care. Hypnotherapy is always misunderstood, and has not been publicized as a good treatment for cancer. The reason for this is the fact the hypnotherapy is still perceived by people based on the comical depictions of hypnosis on TV. In reality, hypnotherapy is beneficial in a lot of medical conditions. It can help people overcome phobias, quit smoking, and alleviate stress.

Modern hypnotherapists are a far cry from the comic characters portrayed on television, and are people who are actually dedicated and serious in promoting an alternative way to heal, psychologically, physically and even spiritually.

What then, is the truth between hypnotherapy and cancer? Does it really work? For these past decades, many doctors who keep an open mind about alternative ways to treat patients have promoted that hypnotherapy can actually help cancer patients recover, in many ways. Many cancer survivors who have tried hypnotherapy attest that this is what cured them. Neverheless, actual studies have shown that not only does hypnotherapy cure per se the cancer patient, but actually enhances the quality of life of people fighting cancer.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work for Cancer Patients?

Hypnosis, sometimes called an altered state of consciousness, is a condition akin to that when people are about to sleep or are just in the act of waking up. During this condition that hypnotherapists induce, suggestions are given to the patient who will find its way into the latter's subconscious mind, without the interference of the conscious mind. The things that are being said are what counts, rather than the state the patient is in during hypnosis. Once a person joins a session of hypnotherapy, this patient can often induce self-hypnosis. So when a need arises for hypnotherapy and the patient is unable to visit his or her hypnotherapist, then that patient can hypnotize oneself. For this reason, hypnotherapy may be considered a very affordable means of treatment.

Reduction of Side Effects

The side effects of the conventional treatment of cancer like chemotherapy can be devastating. Fatigue, pain, vomiting and nausea recur whenever the patient undergoes chemotherapy. Promoting a more serene state, hypnosis reduces the patient's anxiety of these effects, and more often than not, reduces the side effects of chemotherapy because of the enhanced well-being of the patient.

A cancer victim's life is really stressful. Through hypnosis, this stress is greatly reduced, so a patient's reception of his or her medication becomes actually easier. Hypnotherapy has a calming effect, and can overwhelmly improve the life of a patient battling cancer. Because hypnosis alleviates the symptoms and side effects of cancer, caregivers and nurses find that this helps them too, because it is a lot easier to care for the patient.

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Ending The Habit Of Smoking Through Hypnosis

Stop Smoking By Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been a part in some smoking cessation program and it has proved to have good results. Hypnosis might be unnecessary but it would give an extra push needed for people to end their habit. If you would like to quit smoking by hypnosis, it is quite important that you understand that there are different types of hypnosis. This article will talk about the traditional hypnosis, the self hypnosis, and the conversational hypnosis. After you are done reading this article, you would be able to decide on the kind of hypnosis that you should use to help you end that nasty habit; and if you could really quit smoking by hypnosis.

The traditional approach in hypnosis would involve an outside party which is a hypnotist. The other type of hypnosis is called self-hypnosis where you would not need anyone's help but yourself in trying to change your thoughts patterns when quitting the habit of smoking. The third type of hypnosis is conversational hypnosis. Commonly used by a lot of men trying to pick up girls at a party. Contrary to the belief, conversational hypnosis also known as covert hypnosis is more than just for seduction purposes.

All of them involve the altering of the thinking process but the different kinds may work differently. It would be quite difficult to stop yourself from giving in to your dreams when you are facing the physical addiction to nicotine. Hypnosis would help by motivating you and giving you enough reasons to resist the urge. When the processes of your thinking are changed, your behavior would change as well, so you would start experiencing withdrawal symptoms, you would get second wind, so to speak.

Through the hypnotic trance, the processes of the thought would get changed. This trance would be no more than just an intenet focus on a subject and you would be open to the power of suggestion. This hyper-suggestibility is exploited through the use of affirmations. This also holds true to self hypnosis. It is quite perfect if you would make use of audio files to supply you with affirmations. In covert hypnosis, the thinking process would have altered through manipulation of certain events to make a smoker realize that smoking is not good to the health.

Covert hypnosis is only something that you would be able to do to convince someone to quit the habit of smoking. It is the kind of approach that is not visible to the eyes of the smoker. Just a note: you can only quit smoking by hypnosis if you have the desire to quit. No approach will be effective if a smoker has no desire to quit at all.

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The Benefits of a Self Hypnosis Program

In today's hectic, metric oriented world it is becoming increasingly difficult to disengage from the daily demands on modern life to find and take the time to look within and find and develop our true potential. Our lives seem to be run by schedules. We must rise in time to get ready for work, get the kids off to school, commute to work, spend eight or more hours on the job, return home, help with chores, homework, dinner, maybe relax and watch TV and then go to bed and hopefully sleep well. Then the next day is the same and the pattern just continues to the point that we lose the connection with our inner self. In essence, we only use ten percent of our mind's potential on a daily basis. The rest is used by our subconscious mind to tend to our automatic needs. However, if we can tap into our subconscious mind we can actually unlock hidden potential in our inner self. Self hypnosis is the key to unlocking that potential that we can use it to improve various facets of our lives. The results could change our outlook on life in general and approach to events and factors in our daily lives such as habits, relationships, phobias, self confidence, stress, quality of sleep, etc.

So here you are in this endless cycle, much like a hamster in a cage running on its wheel. In order to start to work on discovering your potential, you must get off the wheel and make time for oneself on a daily basis to relax and break out of the daily chaos for a period of time where you can be peaceful, calm and relaxed, so achieving a self hypnotic state is possible. For most people this will be a huge challenge. It is easier said than done. If you want some quiet and mental peace of mind in your life you must create the time and find a place. As I have told many a friend and client, “You need to learn to take care of # 1 first before you can help anyone else.”

To learn self hypnosis, there are many fine books, tapes and MP3's available. You could also contact a local hypnotherapist to help train you. Personally, I used all four sources at one point in time or another. My current technique is a blend of a method on an old LP record I recorded to MP3 and the method taught by a hypnotherapist. The technique you finally choose is a deeply personal choice. No one has a monopoly on the “best” technique. Keep in mind that self hypnosis is an altered state of mind that you experience naturally everyday of your life, when you day dream, before and after entering the sleep stage and even when you drive. The benefits that can be gained from a disciplined program of self hypnosis cover a wide range. I must point out that self hypnosis, in and of itself, will not automatically achieve these benefits. You must really want to succeed and accept the hypnotic suggestions. I have listed out some of the more common uses of self hypnosis.

  1. Relaxation and Stress Relief. You can reduce or totally eliminate your stress level with self hypnosis. Relaxation is a natural by-product of self hypnosis. This is the easiest benefit or benefit to achieve from a self hypnosis program.
  2. Build Confidence. With self hypnosis you can use the imaginative power of your mind to visualize in situations where you currently lack confidence and seeing yourself being successful in those situations, such as public speaking or making a presentation. Having a positive experience subconsciously will help bolster your confidence in real life situations.
  3. Altering or Removing Behaviors. Many people have certain behaviors that they would like to change or eliminate. Since many of these behaviors are spontaneous or automatic in nature, Self hypnosis is an excellent tool to make suggestions directly to the subconscious mind to alter or eliminate the behavior.
  4. Weight Loss. This is another very common use for self hypnosis and is very popular on commercial tapes and MP3 recordings. Being overweight is reaching epidemic proportions and self hypnosis can leverage the power of the subconscious mind to help one loss weight.
  5. Quit Smoking. I quit smoking 30 years ago using self hypnosis without any weight gain. I have not smoked since. There are many self hypnosis records on the market to help anyone who is serious about quitting smoking.
  6. Removing Negativity. Beside stress, negativity, in my opinion, is the most serious flaw in our self image and our subconscious mind of belief system about things in the world in general. If you think you can not do something, you will not succeed. How easy is it to agree with the negative opinions of others? How do your negative attitudes, thoughts and feelings affect your relationships with family, friends and co-workers? This negatively does damage your quality of life. The first step is to recognize your negativities and then use self hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind to eliminate the negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones.
  7. General Life Improvement. Self hypnosis is a great tool to use for self improvement and a healthy life in many areas such as memory enhancement, increased energy, better sleep, pain relief, reduced blood pressure and a better outlook on life just to name a few.

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