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Hypnosis – A TV Programme Uncovers the Uses of Hypnotherapy (Part 1)

A recent television program mandated by the BBC set about investigating hypnosis with an attempt to discover what it is and what is possible through being in a hypnotic state.

The program's investigator was Professor Kathy Sykes of Bristol University. Kathy set about discovering all she could about hypnosis from its use as a form of entertainment to its possible therapeutic uses.

Kathy attended a stage hypnotist's show and appeared fascinated by the antics of the participants who “volunteered” to be hypnotised. The stage hypnotist's show and the use of hypnosis could be perceived as an extremely powerful form of human control. After all the participants were doing things in a front of an audience which they may ordinarily have chosen not to do if they were not in hypnosis.

However after the stage hypnotist confirmed to Kathy that he could not make people do what they did not want to do. So it begged the question, “were the participants just going along with the idea of ​​being hypnotized rather than being hypnotised”? Indeed a further question might be “does hypnosis exist”?

Kathy then visited two events. One was a hypnotherapy session to help a Birmingham police officer to stop smoking. This was a one-to-one session with a hypnotherapist. The second event was a weight watchers type evening. Here a hypnotherapist asked for a volunteer and helped her to perceive chocolate as not being the delight she had always thought it.

Some months later Kathy went back to check on how the ex-smoker and ex-chocolate lover were doing. Although the ex-smoker had started smoking again he had cut down the amount he smoked and was only smoking socially. His police colleagues, who had also had hypnotherapy to help them stop smoking had been more successful. The lady who loved chocolate had also ate chocolate since the hypnosis event but had also cut it down significantly and admitted that chocolate did not have the same hold over her as before.

So in both cases experiencing hypnosis had seemed to have a positive effect on each participants desire to change a habit or behavior in their life.

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Learn Self Hypnosis – How Do I Learn Self Hypnosis?

You may already know the benefits of self hypnosis; you know that it is the fastest and easiest way to relieve or remove stress from your life; you know that with self hypnosis , you can change your mental patterns and easily remove any dependency to addictive substances but the question still remains, for most people, “How do I learn self hypnosis ?

What I am about to reveal to you in this short article may shock some readers but, please bear with me. My purpose is to open your mind to a reality that you may not have even remotely considered and give you a new way of looking at the concept of self hypnosis.

You see, you do not really have to learn self hypnosis because you already know how. The better question would be, “How can I use self hypnosis to achieve my goals?” Let me explain:

Think back to a day when you were a young child sitting in a classroom listening to a boring lecture on a topic that you cared little about. It may have been a warm, Spring day. The sun is streaming through the window beside your desk and you can feel its warmth on your face. Suddenly, as if by magic, you are no longer in that classroom. You are sitting next to a clear lake over a hundred miles away. Remember how real that felt? Remember how relaxed and at peace you were? At that point, you had just placed yourself under a self-induced trance.

Now, let's take it a step further. If the teacher, instead of slapping you in the back of the head, recognized what you had done and addressed you in a soft, soothing tone of voice, she might have said, “Today is a special day for you. find it very easy to learn and, for the rest of this day, you will soak up knowledge as a sponge soaks up water. Now, when I count to three, you will very nicely come back to this bedroom and begin to learn. … Two … Three; Wide awake now. ” She would have given you a gift beyond measure. Such is the nature of hypnosis .

The point is, we are all born with the ability to induce trance in ourselves. Unfortunately, this ability is not cultured and, over the years, we tend to forget how. It then becomes the job of the self hypnosis trainer to supply the lessons needed to effectively use the methods.

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Utilizing Self Hypnosis to Manifest What You Desire

Self hypnosis is a modified condition of consciousness in which the brain's activities are lowered. This state of consciousness gives you a feeling of relaxation.

As long as your mind operates at a frequency lower than the usual, hypnosis can be properly done. When your mind is subjected to self hypnosis, it becomes open to suggestions.

It is the Subconscious Mind that is responsible for every aspect of your Being. It creates your reality and is responsible for manifesting everything in your life.

The Subconscious Mind accepts suggestions or thoughts from the Conscious Mind. It will execute suggestions without question. This is why it is so important to be mindful of your thoughts.

Often there are obstacles to achieving your highest potential. Maybe you'd like to quit smoking, lose weight or have more confidence in yourself. Maybe the addictive habit of smoking or eating unhealthy food is more than you believe you can overcome. You simply can not convince your Subconscious Mind of just how wonderful and how powerful you truly are!

This is where self hypnosis can help. Self hypnosis can help draw out the power which is already within you. Through directed hypnotic methods, self hypnosis can help change the way you think about yourself, and even change your physical health and appearance.

Self hypnosis is the act of achieving an induced state known as Alpha.

Alpha is a light trance-like state that most of us experience through the day without even realizing it. Some refer to it as being on auto-pilot. For example: You can drive to a familiar place while thinking about other stuff. (please, do NOT include chatting on your cellphone in this activity!) Yet, you subconsciously know when and where to turn. If an animal should dart out in front of your car, you would be able to react and stop quickly.

During the Alpha state you are 200 times more influenced by suggestions. In Alpha, your mind is slowed down just a little, your focus is narrow, your breathing is slow, and you are relaxed. You are open to receive and provide positive information to your Subconscious Mind.

It is the Subconscious Mind that invokes The Law of Attraction. . . thus, attracting and extremely discerning that which you want, or not, into your physical reality. Again, your thoughts, and your feelings that you wrap around these thoughts, play a major role in what you attract into your life.

Whatever it is that you feel could make you a happier and more productive person is within you. When your innate strengths and abilities are recognized and thought forth you can be and can achieve that which you desire. Self hypnosis can help with this.

We can and do create our own reality through the power of our Subconscious Mind. Self Hypnosis is simply a tool for 'purposefully' implanting specific beneficial suggestions into our Subconscious Mind.

With all the things that self hypnosis can do, it is no wonder that it is considered a powerful tool in achieving different endeavors that we humans have. Through self hypnosis, you can set your goals and undergo changes in your consciousness that can help you reach your objectives.

Self hypnosis can assist you with manifesting into your life the conditions you desire!

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Self-Hypnosis For Stress Relief

Most of us experience stress at times in our lives and often this is a perfectly healthy reaction to external factors such as having a new job or moving house. Sometimes, there are no major events going on in your life, you are just very busy and have begon to notice that you feel anxious more often or there have been some changes in bodily sensations such as an increased heart rate or shoulder tension.

I am a hypnotherapist, Herts and when clients present at my hypnotherapy practice in Hertfordshire, stressed out, one of the first things we do is to take a look at their routine. Usually we find that the client has little or no time built into their routine to relax. Commonly clients that are feeling stressed, will report that even when they try to sit down and relax they find this incredibly difficult and only feel comfortable when doing something. Often the time set aside to chill out, gets pushed aside and housework or some other chore takes over. When you are used to rushing around it can be really hard to switch off and change pace. This is where hypnotherapy, Herts, can help you ensure you experience a specific period of regular ring-fenced time out. In this article, I will provide tips for self-hypnosis, a valuable relaxation tool.

Self-hypnosis is easy to learn and can really make a difference to your quality of life. The benefits of a good hypnosis relaxation session roll over into your everyday life and you could find yourself feeling much calmer generally. Heres how you do it:

1. Find somewhere comfortable to relax and sit or lay down, ensuring that your arms and legs are uncrossed and relaxed.

2. Begin to focus on your breathing, taking relaxing deep breaths in and slowly releasing. As you are breathing in, imagine to yourself that you are drawing in positive resources and as you breath out you are releasing any tension and worries. Sometimes, if you tune in to the sound of your breath in and breath out, this can help you to get relaxed.

3. You may want to close your eyes now or before this, either way is fine. The next step is to get your body to relax. This is important as we know that you cant have a relaxed body and an anxious mind at the same time. There are various body relaxation techniques to try. One that I like, is to imagine a small ball of warm light (sometimes it's the sun) hovering just in front of your forehead. You can then guide this warm light, around your body from your head to the tips of your toes, imagine how it massages, soothes and releases tension in each body part, down to every tiny cell as it moves. The more specific you are the more relaxed you will become. For example, imagine how even your fingers nails become more relaxed. If you find that any worries pop into your mind during through your relaxation time, just acknowledge them and then let them float away.

4. Next you can imagine yourself at the top of ten steps. You may already have planned what will greet you at the bottom of the steps. Make sure its somewhere lovely that you will become so relaxed just by being there. Take your time to move down each step in your imagination. For each step, say a positive statement to yourself, such as I am becoming so deeply relaxed now. Use your imagination to make this experience as vivid as possible. Fully engage your five senses.

5. Once you reach the bottom step, you can spend time just relaxing in your chosen place in your imagination. Perhaps it may be a lovely garden, a forest or a beautiful beach. Again use your senses to fully appreciate the sounds, feelings, smells and sights unique to your chosen place.

6.Finally, once you have relaxed for your chosen period of time, or you feel good and want to go about your day, reverse the process, imagine yourself walking back up each step, becoming more alert and awake, with each step, telling yourself you will be ready to open your eyes and go on with your day, feeling great, when you reach the top step.

That is how simple self-hypnosis is and with practice you can really let your imagination run wild, and try different relaxation methods to see what works for you. Sometimes it can be useful to visit a hypnotherapist for a few sessions first to developing an understanding of what the hypnotic experience feels like and to discuss how you can begin to develop your self-hypnosis skills.

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Self Hypnosis Downloads – Are They Worth It?

It's tempting to go for a selection of self hypnosis downloads . After all, many of them are available for about the same price as a share of a pizza.

But should you download a hypnosis track or is it safer to visit a qualified professional?

Both options work. A good hypnotherapist would always be my preferred choice because they can tailor your session to your exact needs. But a professionally recorded hypnosis download is a very good “second best”, with the added advantage that you can play it over and over again, something that's not always as easy to do with a one-to-one hypnosis session.

If your work schedule makes it difficult to book an appointment with your local hypnosis expert, downloading an MP3 file will probably work almost as well as a one-on-one session. Anything that is not quite as tailor for your needs as you'd like it to be will be made up for by the fact that you can play the session as many times as you want.

There are also instances where you just need something solved now, this instant. For instance, you may be asked to travel for work. If you've got a fear of flying, that could make the trip to say the least. A few listeners to a hypnosis MP3 that deals with the fear of flying could be enough to make the trip bearable and stop you from turning into a quivering wreck.

If you've never experienced a hypnosis session before, then a self hypnosis download will give you a great introduction to the technique.

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How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Most of us are familiar with the image of hypnosis described by stage act hypnosis. The guy who is hypnotized into thinking he can not lift his leg off the ground, or is made to meow like a cat or bark like a dog. So how can something that appears to be bluntly embarrassing to the subject be used to help someone in therapy? The answer lies not so much in what the subject is asked to do during hypnosis but in the trance like mental state that a person enters during hypnosis. That hypnotic trance uncovers the unconscious mind, which is exactly what psychotherapists are after during many of the stages involved in therapy.

One of the keystone principles of modern psychology is the distinction between the conscious and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind is the everyday stuff we think of when we say “mind”. It is the everyday feeling, thinking, judging right and wrong, analyzing, looking, listening and decision-making. The unconscious mind is what we do not see. It is the automatic programming behind the scenes that makes the conscious mind possible. Only a small amount of information can be in the conscious mind at one time, the rest is unconscious mind.

A good analogy is to compare your mind to a computer. What you see on the computer screen is like the conscious mind. You basically only see it one screen of information at a time. You can go through a lot of screens of information very quickly but it is still only a small amount at a time. The programming inside the computer is like the unconscious mind. It is the programming inside that makes everything you see on the computer screen possible. Most of us never see the programming without accident or if something goes wrong and the operating system spits out some computer jargon. Generally, when common everyday computer users see the computer programming in this fashion it is a bad sign and the computer needs to be fixed. Here is where the analogy starts to break down. In the modern world if computer programming goes wrong we usually just reload the program and reboot the computer. You can not do that with people's minds. But sometimes when a computer goes wrong a programmer has to get at the programming and change the program to get the computer functioning properly again.

In the same fashion, sometimes people get off track in their lives and can not seem to get unstuck. Sometimes a therapist has to get at the unconscious mind of those people to see what went wrong in the programming that characterized the conscious day to day problems. Hypnotherapy not only provides access to the unconscious mind but also provides a tool for helping to fix the problem. The same power that allows a stage hypnotist to get people to do strange things can be used to help reprogram a person's unconscious mind to correct the problem feelings or behavior. To be sure, the human mind is not nearly as easy to fix as a broken computer but hypnotherapy provides the therapist with a powerful tool to help.

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Self-Esteem Hypnosis Helps

Do you lack confidence? Are you unwilling to reach out to others? Are you related to face other people? If so, then you have a need for increased self-esteem. You may want to examine how to use self-esteem hypnosis.

Ask yourself, what sort of messages am I hearing in my mind? Are they positive messages? If you find that your head is full of negative messages, then you have found one way to increase your self esteem. Hypnosis can force your mind to concentrate on sending positive messages. Consequently, you can benefit from self-esteem hypnosis.

Do you find that you frequently scold yourself? Do you find that after you have made a small mistake then you tell yourself something like, What a Goof's You need to force yourself to put an end to such self-depreciation. You need to examine how you can gain with self-esteem hypnosis.

Hypnosis to train the mind

Are you proud of something that you have achieved, some skill that you have acquainted? If so, then you should consider using hypnosis to train your mind to focus on that achievement or that skill. If you can not think of any achievement or skill that you posses, then you will want to concentrate on one of your virtues. This exercise is much easier if you use self-esteem hypnosis.

There is one final reason why you will want self esteem hypnosis. That is the way that hypnosis can help you to form a healthy attitude about your mistakes.

Think for a minute. How do you now look at you mistakes? Do you see every mistake that you make as a disaster? This is no way to work toward an increased self-esteem. Hypnosis can help you to end that harmful practice. Hypnosis can help you to look at any mistake as a journey toward improved behavior. Let's look at the implications of that fact.

When you have tried hypnosis and have managed to realize that every mistake helps you to improve yourself, then you will have reaped the full benefit of hypnosis. You will have found a way to increase self-esteem with hypnosis. You will now be more confident and more willing to reach out to others. You will have an absolutely new attitude about your potential as a person.

Rex Truman is a writer who has studied hypnosis, and shares his findings with people who want to know more about this therapy at

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Self Hypnosis: Why Learn Self Hypnosis?

What I'm about to tell you in this article will probably be the greatest gift you have ever received. I want to give you the motivation to be selfish; to do something for yourself that will bring great joy and meaning into your life. I want to introduce you to a science that, once learned, will change you completely. You need to learn self hypnosis.

The mind is the most powerful tool known to man. It can create; it can dream; and it can heal the body at an incredible rate. The key to using this fantastic organism is learning to focus its energy properly. This is not as hard as you might think nor does it take long years of study. As a matter of fact, self hypnosis can be learned and applied effectively in as little as two weeks.

With self hypnosis it is possible to completely remove pain, to lose weight, to stop smoking and prolong life by reducing stress and controlling your heart rate. All this is made possible through accessing your subconscious mind.

The reason for accessing the subconscious is simple. The subconscious mind controls all of your involuntary actions, or the things you do not consciously need to think about to function. Take for example your breathing. You do not need to think “take a breath” every time you inhale. Your subconscious does this for you automatically. The goal of self hypnosis then becomes the bypassing of the conscious mind to access the subconscious. This is where the changes can take place and everything becomes possible.

Think of your subconscious as a computer. It begins programming itself at conception and continues until the day you die. All of your memories, all of your emotions and all of your ideology are stored in your subconscious and remains on file until you need to draw on them to complete a required action.

You have probably already experienced this on more than one occasion. Maybe you were completely lost in thought when someone knocked an object that made a loud, sharp sound when it hit the floor. Without conscious thought, you immediately ducked and made an evasive maneuver to avoid injury. That is the power of the subconscious. It acted to protect you without any conscious direction or thought on your part.

By using self hypnosis you will be able to open those files and make positive changes in your life. You will no longer have to suffer with baseless fears or phobias and finally, you will feel in charge.

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Stage Hypnosis Versus Hypnotherapy Home Study Course

Not a few people have the impression that hypnosis is some sort voodoo or ingenious trick run by stage hypnotists like David Blaine. This false image was created by mainstream media and man's natural fascination for the unnatural.

Ever wonder why all captured footages and photos of UFOs and the Yeti are blurred and almost unrecognizable? It's because man would rather entertain the unnatural side of things for the mere fact that it's unnatural and unheard of. That's exactly why hypnosis and self hypnosis, despite being accepted as a wing of professional medicine, it's still welcomed by a lot of raised eyebrows caused by our innate preference for the unknown.

To settle this myth, let's look at the big difference between clinical hypnosis and the stage hypnotism many people are familiar with.

While watching stage hypnotists perform, recognize some of the techniques they utilize. First the performer requests for volunteers from the audience. These are people who might well have had a drink or three, and their inhibitions are reduced, or someone who's actually part of the whole act.

Let's assume it's the former. Onstage, the performer will try to select those volunteers he or she feet will most readily comply with commands. Those who are judged to be “fighting” or “resisting” will be dismissed. The showman is often very adept at reading body language and other minority signs that indicate that the subjects want to do as they are told and put on a good show.

After the performer has carefully culled the group to a competent of willing participants, the show begins. Whether the entire group is really hypnotized or not does not matter. The participants may be in a trance, they may believe they are, or they may simply act as if they are hypnotized. Once they are on stage, there is a powerful pressure to go along and not “spoil the show.”

That's basically the long and short of it.

On the other hand, those who have tried selfhypnosis attest an entirely different experience. Rather than being a form of entertainment, it's often described as an enlightening and refreshing experience.

That's because in real selfhypnosis, you are both the operator / guide and the subject. This is like being both the director of a movie and the lead actor. This deep relaxing moment provides the practiceer loads of opportunities to discover hidden inner realizations. It also allows the person doing selfhypnosis to tap into his inner reserves and bring out the answers and motivations tucked in.

There are remarkable hypnotic effects you can achieve on your own. In areas such as pain control, for instance, major surgeries have been performed with self-hypnosis as the only anesthesia.

Take the documented case of Victor Rausch (1980). A dental surgeon, Doctor Rausch had used hypnosis and selfhypnosis in his practice and was very experienced and confident with hypnotic procedures. When he had to undergo gall bladder surgery, he used selfhypnosis as the only anesthesia. The surgery was performed without complications and without pain.

Other effects you can create via self hypnosis are control over fears, increased self-confidence, and relief from allergies. A decent hypnotherapy home study course can teach a person not only how to go into selfhypnosis, but also to create pre- and post-hypnotic cues that could triggers said positive outcomes.

The hypnotic phenomenon is a naturally occurring state that virtually everyone, with practice, can learn to use for achieving goals that might otherwise be too difficult or even impossible to achieve. It is important to know that hypnosis allows you more control rather than less. In hypnosis, you are conscious of the outside world and you can react to it if you choose. How you can use hypnosis on your own is limited only by the hypnosis home study course you use and your desire to change.

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7 Simple Tips For Your Self Hypnosis Guide

Do you want the benefit of hypnosis without paying for a hypnotist?

If you want to go into the details of self hypnosis how to, think about getting a self hypnosis guide to teach you the basics.

Meanwhile, here are some valuable techniques for self hypnosis guide that you can start practicing right away, in the comfort of your home.

Practical Tips for Your Self Hypnosis Guide

1. Find a comfortable and private place, like sitting on a pillow or comfortable chair.
While lying down looks obvious, you are more responsive to hypnosis when you sit up.

Close your eyes and concentrate on letting go of stress, anxiety or fear. This can happen most easily if you simply observe your breath. Just become one with the in-breath and the out-breath.

3. Pay attention to the tension your body holds. Gradually release the tension in your
muscles beginning with your toes. Work your way up by bringing your awareness to each part of your body, all the way to your face, the top of your head. See your body as getting more and more relaxed as you do this.

4. Breathe slowly and deeply, seeing the negativity and tension leaving your body as you exhale.

5. Picture yourself at the top of a stair-way and slowly count to ten as you descend the stairs.
At the bottom of the stairs you are completely relaxed and safe.

6. Look at the issues that are bothering you. Tell yourself, “I am now ________”.
The blank is your end result. For example, “healthy and vibrant”, “happily in a relationship with my loving partner”, etc

7. Now count to ten and ascend the stairs. When you reach the top, take a minute to relax and then open your eyes.

You may wish to write down your suggestions before you start so that you are clear on what to visualize when you are in your most relaxed state.

Get creative in discovering what makes you most relaxed.

A few more examples:

Imagine that you are sitting in a peaceful setting in your beautiful dream home.

You can imagine that you're walking along a beach or that you're in some other outdoor environment, like a meadow.

Perhaps you are floating inside a peaceful white cloud.

Or cradled in the safety of a strong loving caretaker

This kind of visualization helps with the self hypnosis induction process and actually help you feel more relaxed quicker.

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Can Hypnotherapy Really Help Relieve Your Anxiety?

Can hypnotherapy help you gain relief from anxiety? Just what is hypnotherapy? Does it really work? How is it used by the medical community to help treat anxiety and panic attacks?

Hypnotherapy is technique that uses guided relaxation, intension concentration, and focused attention to put a person in a trance like state. In this state the person's attention is tightly focused so that the events happening around them are blocked out temporarily.

In this naturally occurring trance like state the person may be able to focus better on specific tasks or thoughts. A trained therapist may be able to help a sufferer of anxiety or panic attacks while they are in such a state. The therapists can explore the patients thoughts, memories, and feelings and learn how they contribute to the patients anxieties.

While the patient is in this induced trance like state, they may be more open to suggestions and may discuss memories more openly. This can help the patient cope more effectively with the causes or their anxiety or panic attacks. Hypnotherapy is usually used as an aid to counseling by the therapist.

For the treatment of anxiety, the therapist will use techniques such as cue controlled relaxation and visualization of stressful situations while you are in an emotional state of calm and well being.

Hypnotherapy should be performed by a licensed or certified mental health professional. The mental health professional needs to be specifically trained in this area. When performed by a properly trained mental health professional, hypnotherapy is safe and will not cause the person to disclose any information he or she does not wish to reveal.

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Meditation and Self Hypnosis – What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between meditation and self-hypnosis? The short answer is, “There is not necessarily any difference.” Both take us out of our day-to-day consciousness. Both have the power to open our eyes and to create very powerful experiences and changes. Having said that, let me share some common perceptions and attitudes that typically accompany these two methodologies, and I'll also suggest a method for integrating the two.

People who study / practice hypnosis or self-hypnosis tend to be a bit more scientific. The beliefs that stand in the way of effective practice of self-hypnosis are rarely religious in nature or fervor, and so, are much easier to work with. On the downside, the vast majority of people who are interested in self-hypnosis only study it for habit control. Smoking cessation and weight loss are worthy goals, but this is just the beginning of what is possible with hypnosis. Unfortunately, this is as far as most people take it.

People who study meditation tend to have larger long term goals … goals more oriented toward real growth. Some of the descriptions are enlightenment, long term peace and happiness, merging with the divine, raising the kundalini, contacting the Holy Spirit, etc. These are much more worthy goals. The downside of meditation is the frequent lack of any scientific basis or method of change / improvement. I have not met too many meditators that have developed any structured method of recognizing feedback or improving their practice.

As far as techniques are concerned, meditation is best known for simple awareness and acceptance, or focusing and moving internal energy. Either one of these methods will eventually grant the practitioner more much balanced emotional states as well as deep emotional insight.

The techniques of hypnosis usually involve countdown methods (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) to bring the subject into an altered state where the desired changes are more easily made. Use of metaphor, trigger words, and language patterns that bypass the conscious mind are also commonly used in hypnosis.

A truly wise practitioner (a rarity indeed), can use techniques from both approaches to have deeper experiences in meditation, and better achieve their goals. In order to create a truly integrated trial that suits you, spend some time considering what you are looking to create. Then take some time researching a variety of methods of self-hypnosis as well as meditation.

One of the simplest ways to integrate these practices is to begin any session of meditation with a countdown procedure.
1. Relax and breathe deeply as you close your eyes and visualize the number 5. Take another deep breath, and visualize the number 4 as you exhale. Continue this process all the way down to number 1. The more you practice this, the more you will notice that it gets easier and easier to step into a deep space of concentration: just close your eyes and take a deep breath.
2. Now that you are relaxed and focused, bring your goals for this session into your awareness. Once it is clear, release it.
3. At this point, you can continue your normal practice of meditation.
4. When you are ready to finish, bring any goals you are working on in life into your awareness. Examine them. Affirm them. Release them.
5. You can finish by counting yourself back up to normal consciousness (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), or you can bring that meditative state with you into the rest of your life.

Whether you primary practice meditation or hypnosis, you will be amazed at the power of your results when you take the time to blend the wisdom of both paths to deepen and broaden your practice!

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Choosing Subliminal CD’s Or Mp3’s – The Real Deal For Self Help

But it is true, that there are people in business in society who are less than 100% honest and ethical in many sectors of our struggling economy. They do not need to look very far to find trusting individuals who will spend hard-earned money in exchange for promises of prosperity, health or improvement; happiness, success and even miracles! In our experience within the self-help world, we have encountered both- some genuine, and others who turn out to be selfish, aggressive organizations that are good at promising great things to good people who just need a little motivation or tools to meet their own particular challenges. Some products may be inferior; and in the case of subliminal audio, it can be hard to distinguish between effective and ineffective producers. But, as in any other market, ours requires a commitment to quality, dedication to our trade and exceptional customer service in order to prove to our customers that we are for real.

Just because subliminal audio can not be consciously heard and evaluated easily does not mean that potential clients are helpless in the choosing process. Contrary, we invite you to shop and compare. There are a company that will help walk you through the process, since not many are familiar with the technologies involved in digital, subliminal audio files and disks.

If you are considering the use of such a product, for whatever reason, there are some details you should know first. For example, who designed and created the content that you are trusting to 'whisper in your ear?' Are they qualified to compose and mix the audio that you will be using to influence your subconscious mind? This is important! Which type of subliminal messages are you buying? There are several. Is the seller open and willing to share and interact with you on an individual level? Are they discrete with regard to your choice of product and your personal data? Are they overcharging you? Do you have access to reviews from others who have tried the same products, and are these testimonials genuine? Do you have a variety of choices to make for each product? These factors and others are critical to your experience and success.

If you choose music as your preferred background, can you hear a sample first? Does your prospective provider offer nature sounds, ocean waves or Silent Subliminal technology? If so, do you know how to decide which is best for you? Again, if you make the right choices before using these excellent tools, you have a better chance at beating that fear or phobia, sleeping better or changing unwanted habits. Whatever your desire in real results might be, selecting the right tool in this quest is like any other task- it can really make the difference in your future success. It's up to you to choose wisely in such an important endeavor!

Some producers of subliminal self-help audio claim to stack hundreds of audio tracks for a simultaneous experience- that the subconscious can presumably hear each instance, using the Law of Repetition to effect brainwash the subject by volume. We do not subscribe to this method at all. In fact your unconscious mind is much smarter than that and if it detects such a trick, forget it- all bets are off, your suggestibility factor will shut down every time. Another outdated method used by some self-help companies is hiding their subliminal verbal content with volume; the loudness of the background music or sound, or noise, is higher than the words that may or may not be consciousard at times. Subliminal audio uses the inaudible frequency 16.5 KHz which can not be heard by the human ear, but the subconscious certainly hears it. That is also why silent subliminal tracks are now possible, with no music or audible sounds of any kind.

Music is important, though; in most cases, it is the best background to keep your conscious mind interested in following through with listening to each entire track (repeatedly). After performing an extensive survey of people interested in self help audio, we decided to go with New Age music as our background of choice. It is beautiful, inspirational, and it evokes deep emotions for the greatest percentage of the population. This serves to create a positive experience for the listener, making it most attractive for the subconscious to accept the subliminal message on each hidden 'silent' track. Those who reject New Age are welcome to select ocean wave sounds or silent subliminal, with which you can play other music on another device to enhance your experience if you like. Just turn the volume up on the silent subliminal CD or digital track in this instance. You will not consciously hear it, but your inner self will!

If you have ever considered attending a motivational seminar, hypnosis or pro therapy, for any reason -performance enhancement, habit improvement, or success and wealth- you might want to try our subliminal audio first- because, It's All Self-Help Anyway (IASHA )! And again, feel free to research for yourself; creative visualization really works to make each of us happier, healthier and and more successful.

Yes, that's what each of our futures depends upon- creative visualization. Nobody ever created a fulfilling, satisfactory life without first dreaming about it. Once you define the details, deeply, and believe in them, your subconscious will get you there by inner determination. Sprudio Subliminal Audio may well be the most effective, economic tool to get you motivated and keep you that way-never, ever give up!

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Yes, Losing Body Fat With Self-Hypnosis is Easy!

Self hypnosis is an easy fast way to create good habits to lose body fat. I'll show how you only need to decide to get in shape. And with the help of self hypnosis, willpower will be an issue no more.

Many dieters and exercisers do not know how much the subconscious mind needs to be exercised and nourished in order to modify behavior. Because that's where our motivations and habits improve or worsen. Modern psychology studies show that the self-defeating thoughts hidden deep within us are almost always stronger than our instincts (our conscious minds).

That's why, even though you know you should not be eating those cupcakes you do it anyway. The hypnotherapist (or self-hypnosis script or audio) reprograms your habits to make you aware of what you're eating, how to control your appetite, how much your eating, why you should move and how. All in a natural, relaxing way.

People need more answers about reducing bodyfat with hypnosis because they have questions like: How long it would take? How do I set goals? What can I expect?

Let me tell about one of my weight-loss hypnosis clients. Her body-image was shot because of how much post-pregnancy weight she had gained. So she told me what got her thinking about changing her weight-loss habits with hypnosis:

Brenda's boyfriend comes through their front door and announcements, “Honey, forget Gray's Anatomy. Tonight I want to have you snuggle next to me by the fire and help you reach a whole new pleasure plateau.”

“Am I dreaming?” she wonders. “Joe must've lost touch with reality. How could he like me now that I'm a size 18?”

So Brenda tears into her kitchen and starts throwing out all the chips, cookies and chocolate she can get her hands on. She tells herself she's got to get back to her bikini-weight. She's got to stop feeling so embarrassed about the way she looks now.

OK … What's she going to do? Count calories? Sweat? Get bored and give up after a month or two? Again !? She's tried Atkins, Glycemic Index, Mediterrean, Slim Fast, South Beach, Jenny Craig. She's moved with jazzerobics, weight training, jogging. But the excess weight still came back.

“I can not find the motivation to do the right things after my usual New Year's resolutions,” she says.

A friend of hers, Ivy, recommended that Brenda purchase self hypnosis weight-loss audios. But Brenda's not sure they'll really work. Ivy says hypnosis is a easier way to lose bodyfat than just diet and exercise alone. (And Ivy's correct.)

But Brenda and many other people still have questions about weight-loss hypnosis:

  • “How can self-hypnosis improve my willpower?” Answer: It can help your subconscious over your deep motivation issues, which is the roadblock for many people to get things going and make it part of a new healthy lifestyle. Here are two things I suggest you need to do:

  1. If you're reading a good weight-loss self-hypnosis script (or listening to an audio) resolve to set at at least 20 minutes per day for about two weeks, and then three times per week for another two weeks.
  2. If you're seeing a good hypnotherapist for bodyfat reduction, determine to see that person for the one-hour session a prescribed number of times (usually between three to five for most people). After the session above do your homework: get your therapist to make a session audio CD for you, and listen to the induction and suggestion phases (usually 20 minutes or so) each day. This reinforces the illustration of new good habits.

  • “How does self-hypnosis work with my specific diet and exercise plan?” Answer: Ask your hypnotherapist to create suggestions that incorporate your diet goals (if you're into Atkins, have him use words like “sugar-free” and “starch-free” and “low carbs,” for instance. more than running, have him prepare words that describe how fun, relaxing and beneficial walking would have been. needs and preferences.

Here are some of the ways self-hypnosis can help everyone lose bodyfat:

  • Changes how you feel about your appetite
  • Diminishes your food cravings
  • Quiets your need to overeat
  • Encourage you to eat smartly (with colorful, vibrant and flavorful healthy smaller portions)
  • Gets you to happily move in the way you want (gently or actively-ballistically)
  • Makes it a lifestyle and not a temporary fix

Dieters tell me they often feel helpless and alone in their uphill climb towards their goal bodyweights. Good weight-loss hypnosis can be an oasis of personal strength in these struggles.

Let self-hypnosis become your secret diet weapon! Your body fat will reduce once-and-for-all, and you can enjoy a more healthy and energetic life.

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How to Get Relief From Allergies With Self Hypnosis

You can achieve relief from allergy symptoms with the use of self-hypnosis. Your intolerance to some environmental conditions can lead to allergies like dermatitis. You can get help for the pain and discomfort by tapping into your subconscious mind.

Mind Control and Allergic Reactions

Your mind and your body are closely linked even though you may not realize it. Your physical state is a manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs and this can include some problems like allergic conditions. You can achieve excellent results when you seek relief from allergy symptom using mind control.

Your mind is a vast resource that has great influence on how you feel. You may have some allergic reactions because you believe that your body will respond that way. Your thought processes actually make the condition worse.

Once you gain control over your mind, you are better able to control your allergic symptoms. The intolerance to certain environmental conditions may still exist but that does not mean that they have to ruin your life. You can get help to ease the pain by using mind control.

Stress Management

The correlation between health and stress is well documented. As you engage in mind control and self-hypnosis, you lessen your stress levels. This makes your condition more manageable. You can boost your immune system, making aggravating environmental conditions bearable.


Self-hypnosis can help you see yourself getting relief from allergy symptoms. You may imagine a situation that is typically aggravating. Your mind focuses on internal images of you working through the adverse conditions in a relaxed, comfortable manner.

Your subconscious mind does not discriminate between real images and imagined ones. Visualizing yourself feeling relaxed, comfortable and free of allergic reactions has a profound impact on your subconscious mind. It believes that you can deal with the aggravating environmental elements.

You are Not Alone

Keep in mind that millions of people in the United States have allergic reactions including dermatitis and many other conditions. You are not alone in your discomfort and you are not alone in the successful attempt to use self-hypnosis to get relief from allergy symptoms.

Complementary Approaches

The key is to remember that you are seeking relief. Self-hypnosis can significantly lessen your symptoms but it is not intended to cure a serious allergy condition. For example, you can not expect to suddenly be able to eat peanut butter if you have allergic reactions to peanuts.

You can expect to take less medication for conditions like ragweed allergic reactions and dust and mold intolerance. Your symptoms will be more manageable and you are more relaxed in various environments no matter how aggravating they are typically.

Your self-hypnosis therapy is the perfect complementary approach to dealing with allergic reactions. You can get effective relief from allergy symptoms using self-hypnosis and mind control.

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