For those of us who have been addicted to cigarettes for many years, the thought of giving it up sounds like quite the challenge. Smoking has become like a good friend of ours and letting it go feels like a loss we just can not stand to handle. We all know that the smoking can and most likely will shorten our lives significantly; however, actually letting it go is a totally different story.

The “quit smoking” market is flooded with aids that supposedly help you quit overnight. You might be one of the few that succeeded with the nicotine patch or the medicines from the doctor and if you did, well done! There is only one problem. For the vast majority of us it does not work because having a patch on or taking a pill helps, but it sure as hell does not give us the same pleasure as the cigarettes. In addition, as soon as you stop the patch or the pill, it stops helping, and you do not want to be added to a patch for the rest of your life as it can become very expensive.

Your brain consistant of two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. Think of the subconscious as the older of two brothers, the one who has the loudest voice and tends to always get the last word in. 75% of all brain activity is transported out by the dominating subconscious, meaning that it goes on behind the scenes without us knowing. In particular, our subconscious brain deals with all pleasure versus pain scenarios. So, if a particular activity is going to give us more pain than pleasure, your subconscious is simply going to over-ride your conscious brain and stop doing it. This is what quitting cigarettes is all about. Consciously, we all know that cigarettes are bad for us and most of us “wants” to quit. Does that mean we'll do it. Absolutely not! Because our subconscious brain associates giving up the cigarettes as more pain than pleasure and guess what, it will not do it.

As humans we have the ability to think and make rational decisions. However, the decisions we make are influenced by how our mind is programmed. If we are programmed to think a certain way about cigarettes, giving up is going to be very hard.

Self hypnosis is a great tool which provides you access to your subconscious programming and the means to change it. In simple terms, if you want to quit smoking you first of all have to change the way you think about smoking. Self hypnosis will take you deep into your subconscious mind where you have not been in a long time to make you realize what has been preventing you from quitting all these years.