Are you spending too much time and money on golf lessons to perfect your game? Have you reached that “glass ceiling” that becomes impossible to break through? Do you need to gain the “self confidence” to improve your swing or make that long putt? Self Hypnosis can help you to master all of this by training your mind for those crucical moments on the golf course. After all, Tiger Woods is well known to have used hypnosis to help him become the master golfer he is today. It is suggested that he started using this technique from around 13 years of age. In Tiger Woods preparation, he imagines himself producing that perfect swing and playing the perfect shot, then does exactly that. He will rarely hit bunkers or obstacles out on the fairway because in his mind creates a mental images, so to him, they are just not there to hit.

With Self Hypnosis you could be sitting in your office or relaxing at home and still improving your game. Using a self hypnosis CD, you can teach yourself how to subconscious relax, focus and see the whole stroke in your mind, before taking each shot. It will also give you the confidence to take on the more challenging courses, difficult strokes and putts, while teaching you not to be intimidated by your surroundings or playing partners.

Products like training CD's and teaching Guides from ex professional golfers will teach you their techniques on how to improving your technical game. So will private lessons from your club pro be very useful to learn the techniques you'll need to play better golf . However, these products and guides can not fully prepare your mind and give you the correct mental approach when you are about to play that all important shot! Remember what the great Bobby Jones said: “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course … the space between your ears.” Golf is a mind game! How many times have you seen professional sports men and woman interviewed, saying that they were “In The Zone” that their mental approach to their sport was in total focus.

By helping you with your “Mind Game” you will be able to concentrate, relax and focus giving you the all round self confidence. You will have the mind power that is need to complete all of the other skills you have already mastered. Self Hypnosis is the answer to being playing a better game of golf, by using the power of your own mind. By having a hypno CD you can take the opportunity whenever time or circumstances allows and you will become all round a better golfer. By using a professional hypnotist to guide you to this higher state of mind, all risks are removed, not only is your wellbeing in safe hands, but your golf is too. By controlling your physical body and so by programming your subconscious mind, you thinking is in a more positive state, your game improves. Your playing partners will soon be begging to know the secret of your new found success, not wanting to be left behind.