Can our leaders – bosses, CEOs, politicians, generals, practices … – use hypnosis to influence us?


Do they?

Well, feel free to ask them. I'm sure they'll tell you all about their favorite influence tactics.

If you asked me, though, then I'd say yeah. Yeah, they do.

They may not even know it's hypnosis. (Try telling a CEO of a megacorp that you can teach them hypnosis and they'll throw you out of their office. Teach them “influence and persuasion” and they'll lap it up.)

But they absolutely use it.

The world is full of hypnotists – though some are better than others.

There's one technique which fingerprints I see again and again. It's everywhere because it's easy and effective.

You can learn it yourself. Whether you want to use it or defend against it, it pays to know how it works.

And you'll see it. You'll recall moments when someone did this to you. Then you'll see ways to use it and break it.

Are you ready to learn this hypnotic influence tactic?

Step one is to connect with the other person. A smile and a wave will do it. Small talk is great. If they do not like you or trust you, then nothing else you try will work.

Step two is to experience whatever you want them to experience. If you want to inspire them, then be inspired. If you want to evoke curiosity, then show them what curiosity looks like.

Go first.

Feel what you want them to feel.

There is no step three.

“What?” some of you may say. “But that's … nothing. You did not make them close their eyes and cluck like a chicken.


Now you're getting it.

Hypnosis is something normal and natural. It was not invented in a lab. It was discovered by watching naturally hypnotic people and reverse engineering the principles.

You do it all the time. But do you do it delicately, with intention?

Well, I hope you do now.

And do not dismiss this technique. It sounds simple and obvious. Most people do not do it, though. The last time you motivated someone, did you let yourself feel motivated first?

Maybe you did.

Or maybe you started listing reasons why they should feel motivated.

Which works better, I wonder?

This is how to use hypnosis in leadership: by hypnotizing yourself to control your state. It's the easiest, most effective influence technique in hypnosis.

And the best part is you have to use it for their benefit. Try to swindle them and they will not trust you. Try to make them feel fear and you have to feel it too.

Leave that nonsense for dictators. Real leaders bring out the best in their followers. And, by using self-hypnosis to inspire their growth, you'll bring out the best in yourself, too.