It has been noticed that the stress in the under 30s age group seems to have increased. The cause behind this is financial and money worries. This has occurred because of the current economic climate, where businesses and struggling to continue and credit is restricted. The result has been an increase in job security worries and ability to continue to fund an acquired lifestyle.

Research based on feedback from the Family Doctor Association has shown a marked upturn in Doctors who prescribes anti-depressants to the under 30's for stress related reasons. Some 20% of under 25's are currently unemployed. This is a significant percentage compared to the UK's unemployment rate of around 8%.

It is compounded by many people in this age group never having experienced lean times before. They may have gotten used to jobs being plentiful and credit that is easily accessible. Most of their adult lives would have been built on the background of rising employment and house prices that only appeared to go in one direction; upwards.

The slightly older generation of 30 years or more, would be able to remember the tougher times of the last recession of the early nineties and may have been able to draw some comfort, if not hope, that recesses eventual end and things do improve.

Of course believing that the goods times will return does not provide an immediate solution when you are going through the difficulty of job insecurity and the financial implications of job-loss.

Seeking help from your doctor is the normal course of action and the solutions offered by doctors are counseling and / or medicine such as anti-depressants or sleeping pills.

Another effective means of reducing stress and worry is the use of self hypnosis. The state of hypnosis brings about a feeling of deep relaxation. It is a natural remedy to modern life's stresses and strains, worries and anxieties. Most people would agree that when they feel relaxed, the world sees a better place and their ability to agree and be motivated is higher.

Unfortunately, some people use substances that also bring a state of relaxation but can become part of the problem. Some people will use alcohol or recreational drugs to gain a sense of relaxation and calmness. Unfortunately, this solution may be used too often and become part of the problem. Excessive use of alcohol can decrease motivation and lead to depression.

Self hypnosis as taught by an experienced hypnotherapist, can help anyone to learn how to release stress and bring about a sense of calmness and relaxation. In doing so, the ability to sleep may be enhanced, as worries are less likely to lead to insomnia. Also, feeling calmer and more relaxed may also lead to feeling of coping more effectively and confidence.