We have all seen it before, the Hollywood version of hypnosis, the usual weird looking guy swirling a pocket watch in front of the person he is trying to hypnotize and telling him to do his bidding. Well it may be entertaining but it is quite far from the truth.

Unfortunately this cinematic representation of hypnosis is what's causing people to doubt the power of hypnosis and to be afraid to try it. They are afraid that if they get hypnotized that they will be in the control of the hypnotist. This notice is also far from the truth, the fact is even in hypnosis the person being hypnotized is always in control, whatever it is the hypnotist says or commands, if the person does not want to do it they will not do it.

However, whatever we say it will not change the misconception done by Hollywood. But the good thing is you can do self hypnosis, you can by yourself put yourself in a trance and hypnotize yourself to be a better person. Below I have listed down some basics steps on how to do self hypnosis.

Step 1 – Find a quiet place where there is no disturbances.

Step 2 – Sit down in comfortable chair and begin to say to yourself that you will start to relax.

Step 3 – Stare at a specific spot on the wall, this is called 'eye fixation', then tell yourself quietly that your eyes are getting heavy and that they will start to close, and that they will only open when you tell them to .

Step 4 – Now take deep breaths, your first 3 breaths is to relax yourself, the next 3 is to move on to hypnosis state and the next breaths is during the state of hypnosis.

Step 5 – Start from your head or at your toes and part by part relax each body part, relaxing the muscles and taking away the stress.

Step 6 – Once you have completely relaxed count to 10, each count taking you closer to a place where you feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable. A place where you feel happy, a place where anything you want can come true. Really feel the place take in the wind, touch things, act like you are really there.

Step 7 – Now start to say positive suggestions to yourself, things that you want to change, habits you want to change, habits you want to stop.

Once you are ready to step out of the hypnosis, just count 10 to 1 while telling yourself that you have enjoyed the relaxation and that all the benefits of the session will stay with you. Once you have reached one, wake up and enjoy the benefits of self hypnosis.