Self hypnosis has become a technique that millions of people have utilized to help them fall sleep faster faster. Not only will self hypnosis help a person fall sleep, but it will also help that individual stay in a deep sleep. If this method of therapy is used correctly, then anyone can learn to fall sleep and stay sleep for the whole night.

In order for a person to self-use hypnotherapy in order to fall sleep, the first step is to lie flat on one's back with the hands resting at their sides. This position will allow a person to feel more open to sleeping. Beginning with the toes, simply make your way up to the head, all the while clenching and relaxing the muscles.

For example, when starting with the toes, clench the entire foot, hold for a few seconds and then release. If one repeats this at small intervals and with different muscle groups, then one will begin to feel their body relax.

While using self hypnosis for assisting in the process of falling asleep, one thing to remember is to breathe. Just as breathing techniques are used in yoga to help one center, the same premise is used during hypnotherapy for self-use.

After a person regulates their breathing, they should then begin to take deeper breaths while keeping the mind and body completely relaxed. Many want to keep their eyes closed during this phase, but a person should do what is comfortable and open them if necessary.

After the mind and body are relaxed, individuals should then imagine themselves at the top of a building. After this, they should imagine them in an elevator that is beginning to descend downward. As the floors pass by, one should begin to count them. For example: one, I am becoming sleepy, two, I am even sleepier, and so on and so forth.

At the end of the descent, a person should tell them that they are so sleepy and relaxed that they need to go to sleep. If this suggestion of self hypnosis is applied every night, then the process will become easier with each passing night.

If one uses self hypnosis correctly, then many good results can be achieved. A person will fall sleep quickly and stay asleep easily as opposed to just laying in bed, waiting for something to happen.

Laying in bed can actually be more tiring than the act of self hypnosis. In the end, no one wants to be over tired the next day. Sleep should be a healing process and not a hurting one.