Your mind is an amazing piece of equipment. What you feed it is what it churns out. Our whole body's functions, reflexes and emotional reactions reflect what our mind perceives as universal truths. Take faith for example, the healer is not more powerful than the person needing healing, but it is the latter believing that the former can indeed heal him or her, or that he or she can really be healed that possesses the true power to make healing possible. Having that powerful tool sitting on each of our shoulders is indeed nothing short of a miracle.

Of course, there are people whose minds are more powerful (or developed) than others, but all of us have inner strengths that we can tap when the situation calls for it. Now I'm sure your question is, “how do we tap these inner strengths”?

No, you do not have to constantly put yourself in great danger nor do you have to pound your brain to a pulp to get your inner strength to manifest itself. Simply finding your purpose and focusing on this will allow you to gain or call on your inner strength to help you take control of your life.

I know this is easier said than done because sometimes life just throws a lot of curve balls at us. We get distracted and we sometimes miss the forest for the trees. Life is really like that, nothing much you can do but stay focused and persistent. The good thing is it can be done, although it might take a lot more work for some than others. Still, the prospects are a lot better this way than going through life as if you are wandering through a desert not knowing which way to go.

Using self hypnosis is a good way to keep you at it. When you have a clear picture in your mind that shows you have achieved what it is you have set your eye on, it is just so much easier to stay motivated because you are giving your mind and body the encouragement and support it needs. And we all know how good it feels to feel supported and encouraged, right?

Another thing about visualizations is that it helps us to draw up a process flow or a map so that we can point our mind in the right direction. Think of it as your compass.

Knowing exactly what you want to achieve lets you chart out your goals in accordance with achieving that purpose. When you have your goals written down for you it is so much easier to identify the things you need to do to achieve them, right?