Did you know that it only takes 1 (ONE) session to accomplished something that you could not do for yourself in years? Yes, Hypnosis is that effective!

Hypnosis is a powerful modality that can literally help your body to stop unwanted habits and then start healing and rejuvenating the body. It's all about the computer system that is located within the brain.

Smoking stops being fun after about 5 years and you notice how dependent you have become this smelly habit. Does anyone really enjoy the despair and mental obsession over those little white papers filled with a dried leaf that has become your best friend? It's true, it is that bad negative friend that you must take everywhere you go. Those “cigs” must be with you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and if by chance you run out, you will want to hit the panic button. That's how it was for me. I smoke many packs a day for a period of 30 years. Little did I know the power of my mind until the day I was hypnotized and stopped smoking forever. It's also the reason why I became a Hypnotherapist.

Stress creates the need for smoking or does smoking cause the stress? In this modern-day world where stress is an everyday occurrence, it is really tough to go cold-turkey. Hypnotherapy is always the last solution and yet it is the most effective approach to smoking cessation than any pharmaceutical drug invented to stop smoking.

Stress can manifest into all types of scenarios … from being miserable to being abusive. Contrary to popular belief, drugs only make the problem worse while making the pharmaceuticals big money. Before you go get drugs to be happy again, try your local Hypnotherapist first. You will be happier faster and it will last much longer!

Can you be hypnotized? Yes! The state that you are trying to achieve is one of complete relaxation as if you are ready to fall sleep. You are still very much in control as we reinforce your desires to accomplish what you set out to do.

Hypnosis is simply a form of deep relaxation that allows the client to take a journey into the imagination. The imagination is where you create a new energetic wish for what you would like your future to be like.

While in a very relaxed state, your critical mind calms down from that persistent thought that says: “I just can not quit,” or “It's just too painful to quit.” Side-stepping that critical mind lets you become determined to achieve what you thought was impossible before. It not only works well with smoking, it works well in athletics, pain management and even test taking.

Old thought patterns can be easily and lovingly replaced with new, wonderful positive thoughts which can make quitting such a positive force in your life. Just think, if you can stop obsessing about an issue, you can literally do, have, have anything. You broke the habit, therefore YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING YOU SET OUT TO DO. Your confidence level goes sky-high!

The most common issue is that clients think they will gain weight after quitting smoking. Fortunately, as the body recovers from the toxicity from smoking, there will typically be gain or loss with the weight. This is a good thing that means your body is in the process of healing. With hypnosis, you can still remove the habit and prevent replacing one oral fixation with another. The subconscious mind still has the new thought process planted so when you listened to the mp3 of your private session, one is actually able to reduce the stress that brings on the weight.

I recommend selecting a Hypnotherapist that has your mind rejuvenating your heart and lungs back to an age that you experience incredible energy and vitality. A good Hypnotherapist will also get your liver to detox your body very gently allowing a very smooth and easy withdrawal from the tar and nicotine or even heavy metals. Before you leave the office, you body is in the healing mode and will stay there for a few months.

Hypnotherapy can be used to jumpstart your body into new health. Through the science of Epigenetics, you cells can be commanded to heal. Hypnosis is the perfect modality of assisting those with cancer to help the body heal at faster speeds, especially with surgeries. Studies have been conducted that reveal hypnosis heals the body to reduce bleeding, swelling and bruising as well as speed up the recovery process 10 times faster. On top of that 10 minutes of hypnosis has been proven to actually reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

If you want to quit smoking, remove a phobia, assist in your healing of cancer or pain, then try it without drugs just by using your powerful and determined mind. It's much easier than you can ever imagine. You become a winner and will be amazed just how powerful you are.