With the popularity of alternative medicine today, you can not help but believe in its legitimacy. Healing through the natural way is much safer and cheaper than under treatment using drugs and other traditional medicine methods.

Of the alternative medicine treatment available, sometimes one of the most effective and safest is hypnotherapy. It is using hypnosis to treat ailments and symptoms. It has been proven to cure sleep disorders, depression, being overweight. It can relieve stress, hastening healing and even control pain. Of the different ways to do hypnotherapy, one of the most convenient is audio hypnosis.

By its name, audio hypnosis involves achieving hypnotic trance by using an audio recording. This recording could either be commercially prepared, done by a professional hypnotherapist for a particular patient, or made by an individual for his or her own personal use. These audio recordings are made in several formats and may be played on any sound recording device.

Recordings for audio self hypnosis are available everywhere be it in stores or other commercial establishments. But the more popular and convenient source is through downloads from the world-wide web offering audio recordings Free of charge or for some reasonable fee. The cost for the audio records varies according to the content. Some records put more emphasis on instructing you how to calm down and do self hypnosis. Some put you to “walkthroughs” where you avail of your imagination to calm yourself. Other records just aid you to calm down so that it is easier for you to achieve the hypnotic state.

Audio recordings specifically tailored by a professional hypnotherapist for a particular user may be more expensive especially if it is accompanied by several real time sessions with the professional hypnotist. They tend to be more effective as the records reinforce the sessions with the hypnotherapist. Recording done by an individual for his or her own consumption is similar to the one done by a professional hypnotherapist for a specific user. However, it requires that the individual must have prior training in hypnosis and self hypnotherapy. This type of recording may be changed by the individual according to his wants and purposes. If this can be done to fit an individual's personality, then it can be more effective and deep for that particular individual.

How then can you really achieve the hypnotic trance through audio hypnosis? It does not need much really. Unlike video hypnosis where you have to have a television screen or a computer monitor, all you need is a quiet place and your iPod or MP3 player or some similar contraption. Ease down, and relax while you continue to tune in to the recording and let your subconscious receive the subliminal messages embedded in the recording.

Should you fall sleep, do not worry. When you wake up, it would still be in a normal way. You may even listen as you go to bed at night without the need to worry of the after effects the following morning. You may also include some break time everyday for yourself. This can be the best time of the day to relieve stress or strengthen your resolve to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.