Would not it be amazing to be succeeding in all areas of your life? What would look like? What would it feel like? Most importantly, does it seem possible to you? Read below to find out more on how Hypnotherapy could help with that.

Various people are making statements along the lines of “I always have great friendships, but I struggle with relationships, I'm just not meant to meet somebody”, or “I'm love to move forward with my career but I do not have what it's required to stand up and present to a room “or” I'm awful with money, I am not the kind of individual that's productive at business, I can not ask for it. ” These sort of statements are generally provided as “facts”, there's a specific resignation that this is “simply the way things are”. These statements are incredibly restrictive to individual growth. Said enough times, with enough confidence, they turn into self-fulfilling predictions, an idea after all is simply a chronic thought. These type of statements are the antithesis of magnetic, indeed they are repellent to you.

Of course, some things come much easier to some people than others. If you grow up with supportive parents who had a stable, solid relationship, it will probably be much simpler for you to attract and choose a nice partner than someone who grows up with the opposite. Does this mean that the individual who has experienced a negative, withholding, stressful or traumatized home can not find a good partner? No, but in many instances, the individual will need to work on healing these wounds in order to do that. They may not have naturally aced it with ease previously, but with the right work, focus and devotion to facing it, it is completely possible and extremely likely that they'll attract a fantastic partner.

The reality is, if there are areas of your life that are not working regardless of your continuous, mindful endeavors and desire to make it so, there will be a reason. Underpinning your irritation at not being able to move, develop or ace this particular field or fields of your life, there'll be strong subconscious opinions and patterns keeping you back. It is not, contrary to popular belief, down to your lack of “luck”. “Luck” is an interesting one: good luck often occurs when one's subconscious wishes are aligned with their conscious desires. When this happens, people can really begin to move forward freely, unobstructed, appealing to what they want and going for what they want from a place of positive yet enjoyable anticipation. This is not to say life is without its challenges, but they'll be better problems for one to overcome, not those of being stuck in a loop of frustration and inner resistance.

If something still is not working and has not worked for long, then it's essential to both bringing awareness to it and fully own it. Without this, there's little hope of true, transformational change. Sure, it may be less difficult in the short term to wish things were different, or wait for a strange external solution, or continue blaming other people, outside circumstances, destiny or your “poor luck” but how is that working out for you?

One must differentiate between tough external circumstances in life which call for change – ie moving jobs, leaving a tough relationship or getting out of a toxic environment of any sort, typically once these externals have been resolved wellbeing and joy can come back, and what are long servicing, unhelpful and stubborn patterns in an individual's life. Admitting and facing these areas usually takes real courage, but there is a viable alternative if you do want to have the best life possible, if you want to look back and say “I really are aced that!”.

If you are not ace-ing it, try facing it, you have nothing to lose but the pain of old boundaries and it will give you the possibility to become your best possible self.