Ah, the good old resolution, that fateful act of self-improvement. Yes, it's time, once again to try. As the New Year rolls around the most popular resolutions fill the heads of the ever-diligent who promise, attempt, and most often fail to improve their physical and mental well-being. Steadfast acts including eating healthy, losing weight, exercising, quitting smoking, and just stopping old annoying habits leading the lists. Most efforts are doomed from the very start.

The average time it takes the conscious mind to change a habit is around sixty days. Yes, sixty days of hard work, diligence, and frustration. Yet, nearly fifty percent of the American population will indulge in the dream-like fantasy of succeeding. Statistically, twenty-five percent fails after a meager thirty-day stint. While, nearly twenty-nine percent will have failed after two weeks, and thirty-nine percent go down at the four- week mark. Failure leaves them frustrated, feeling doomed, and agitated, ready to go back to their old status-quo until next year.

There is hope if one is willing to expand their horizons. A common reason people fail at keeping resolutions is a simple case of intent. It is not a deliberate case of personal sabotage. Or is it?

The conscious mind works within certain parameters and depends upon the subconscious mind to keep it on path. The subconscious mind is the keeper of our habits, emotions, memory, non-voluntary bodily functions, and imagination, acting as a sovereign inner part of the human psyche, yet giving instruction to our conscious minds. The subconscious mind works tirelessly, managing blood flow, feeding cells, kicking in emotions and habits when needed, and letting us dream and imagination, working off our five senses 24/7 and relaying messages to the conscious mind. The only way to change its modus- operandi is to retrain and refocus it.

The best method of retraining and refocusing the subconscious mind is through meditation and hypnosis. Hypnosis is purely an altered state of consciousness. Daydreaming is a perfect example, as is the immediate reaction to the brake lights of a vehicle in front of you as you drive and think of what you're going to do on the weekend. It works instantly, kicking in non-voluntary reactions before the conscious mind acts.

Want to meet your resolutions? Retrain and refocus your subconscious mind. Learn to meditate or study self-hypnosis. Better yet, attain the help of certified hypnotherapist. They're mentor you as you set your intentions and teach you how to send them directly to your subconscious mind. The suggestions, when repeated over time, will become your new reality, helping you meet your resolution goals. Bear in mind, however, hypnosis is not a panacea and results varies from person to person, but it is based on the strength of your intent and steadfast adherence to the repetitive suggestions being sent to your subconscious mind.