When we say hypnosis, the first thing that comes to peoples mind is a weird looking guy in a turban, swinging a round metal thing in front of someone saying weird things. Well that is the Hollywood version of hypnosis, but in reality you can do it yourself, you can learn self hypnosis and improve yourself with the aid of hypnosis.

A lot of people are scared of hypnosis because they think that they will have no control over the hypnosis and that they may end up being controlled by the hypnotist and they will be made to do things they do not want. This is actually the opposite, in hypnosis, the person being hypnotized is always in control and that the hypnotist can never make someone do something they do not like.

However, some people still do not like the idea giving total control over someone else, so they want to learn how to do self hypnosis. Actually, self hypnosis is very easy to do any one can do it as long as they are willing to put in the time and the effort to make it work. Below are steps to simple self hypnosis techniques you can do.

  1. Find a quiet place where you will never be disturbed during the process.
  2. Sit down in a comfortable position and start saying your mantras or personal words.
  3. Now stare at point in the wall and then suggest to yourself 'as I stare at this point my eyelids will get heavy, they will get really heavy that they will close and they will stay close till I tell them to open'.
  4. Take deep breaths so you can start to relax and enter the state of hypnosis.
  5. Say to yourself how long would you like to be in a state of hypnosis. This will teach your body clock to wake up when you want to.
  6. Now imagine you're going to a special place, count from 300 to 1, or until you reach that special place where you are safe and comfortable where everything you want can happen. Smell the place, taste the air, the water.
  7. Once you have reached that state, start to tell yourself positive suggestions that will improve your personality, remove addictions, and uplift your spirit.

Once you have enjoyed hypnosis and you are ready to wake up, count from 1 to 5 while telling yourself that you have a wonderful experience and you are now feeling refreshed and positive.

Remember this is just the basic steps, there are more ways and methods you can use to help improve yourself with hypnosis.