Hypnosis hypnotherapy is a great debate that has been around for almost as long as the concept of hypnosis has. Those who choose hypnotherapy over regular hypnosis may end up paying more for the service, however, the therapy might last longer and in the end, the results may be more fulfilling. Before one jumps to any conclusions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, both concepts must be fully understood.

The hypnosis hypnotherapy debate must begin somewhere and the most logical place to start would be with the very fundamental aspects of understanding each concept. First, one must define it. Hypnosis is when one is placed in a relaxed state that allows the mind to open up to suggestions more readily.

Who exactly is giving the suggestions depends on whether one is undergoing regular therapy or hypnotherapy. With the regular therapy, a hypnotist who may or may not have formal training is usually giving directions. For therapy purposes, this may become a little tricky.

The debate heats up when one begins to discuss the clinical hypnotherapy element. Hypnotherapy is when therapy is performed on a larger therapeutic scale. Hypnotherapy hypnosis is administered by someone who has extensive training and is a qualified professional who has spent many years learning and honing their craft.

Those who become hypnotherapists have undergone rigorous training and they are usually accepted in the same league as doctors and nurses. They also have a code of ethics that they must follow. This is the main difference in the debate; who actually performs the this type of therapy and what education do they have?

Hypnosis hypnotherapy debts may have been raging for a long time, but the choice is up to the patient. It is the patients choice to choose a hypnotist who is more educated on the subject or not.

In the long run, a hypnotist will more than likely charge more for their time compared to one who took a quick class for a couple of weeks to learn how to hypnotize people. However, a clinical hypnotherapist will more than likely be a better choice in the long run and the results will be more effective.

One thing to remember is that one's freewill, will never be manipulated by the debts or by the act of hypnosis itself.