The greatest wealth is health, as has been said for generations. However, obesity has become a prevalent challenge along with many people nowdays, men and women alike, especially in the United States. Approximately twenty percent of the total population of the different states is obese, and without an unofficial radical change in our attitudes occurs, it will only increase.

Although there is no direct answer as to what contributions to obesity, environment, genetic and behavioral factors may cause people to be overweight and this may include eating too much without exercise, slow metabolism, tradition and lack of self-discipline. Obese individuals are also more likely at risk with diabetes, hypertension and other respiratory problems.

With obesity considered as a problem in the society, a number of slimming options are now widely spread as solutions. It comes in capsules, teas, liposuctions, and other gym paraphernalia. There are natural ways however such as no-carbs diet coupled with yoga, dance classes, the Atkins diet or a vegetarian diet and many others. The challenge here is in sustaining a lifestyle with a healthy diet as this takes a lot of determination to say no to not-so-healthy food. This is where self-hypnosis comes in the picture. With hypnosis, we can learn how to discipline the mind and body to control certain urges and say NO or at least eat a very minimal amount of food with high calories such as French fries, chocolates, and ice cream amongstst others. This can be done by repeating a self-hypnosis script or mantra as reminder.

With hypnosis, you learn to focus your mind at your goal in order to be able to live a healthy lifestyle. This would not only be beneficial to the body at present, but as well when as your body ages. When we compare the previous generation to our present generation, our life expectancy seems to be becoming shorter and shorter because at present, there is lack of self-discipline and there are just too many unhealthy pleasures that are readily available and are easily abused.

With self-hypnosis, we can take the time to relax and de-stress despite a hectic schedule. A healthy body does not only combine a balanced BMI (Body Mass Index) but also a healthy mental outlook. We do not need to be obsessed with being fit; we need mostly to develop new attitudes that focus on positive change, not on easy gratifications.

From being obese to becoming fit requires a strong mind first and an eager body. It is strange to realize that our bodies are only waiting for our minds to come into line with what our bodies already want and have always wanted: to be active and healthy. Our bodies already know that there's more to life than just French fries, chocolates and ice cream. Obesity may be a problem, but not an insoluble problem. The best solution will be through self-discipline, a level of self-discipline that can be achieved with hypnosis, whether through self-hypnosis or with the help of a professional.