Self Hypnosis – Basic Strategy and Tips

Hypnosis has a long and dubious history in the minds of many people. From television, movies, books and various other forms of entertainment we have seen it dramatized in many ways; from the comical to the suspenseful to the downright horrifying. Through there is some basis in reality, hypnosis is really not exactly as it has been depicted. You simply enter a very relaxed state of mind, as you would through meditation, and become very open to suggestions and ideas. In hypnosis, you can either have someone aid you in the relaxation of your mind or you can moderate and enter this altered state of consciousness yourself.

A practical tool for stress management, self-hypnosis is basically the same concept as meditation. You relax your body and allow the stress hormones to subside while keeping your mind distracted from the unanswerable thoughts that trigger the hormones. Meditation and self-hypnosis differ in that meditation works through mantras and affirmations to help in confidence building. An affirmation is simply a positive statement based upon rational thinking that we speak in order to push negative thoughts from the mind. Self-hypnosis can be a much more intense experience.

Self-hypnosis may be difficult to master, but with practice it can be done and can be very beneficial. First you will need to find a quiet room here you will be undisturbed for at least a half an hour. Lying down is not recommended as you may end up falling asleep instead of hypnotizing yourself. Find a nice comfortable chair or sofa and do not cross your legs or arms. Because you will be in the same position for a reliably lengthy period of time you will want to remain as comfortable as possible.

Shut your eyes and try to clear your mind of the negative feelings, anxiety or stress. It may be difficult not to think at first; thoughts may tend to intrude. Do not try to force out the thoughts but be an impartial observer of them instead. This will get them to just slip away. Be aware of your body; feel the tension. Start at your toes and imagine the tension is just falling away slowly and then vanishing. Imagine freeing each part of your body in this manner one at a time. Start with each toe and then work your way up the body. It helps to visualize the parts of your body becoming lighter as they release the tension. Relax the toes, the feet, the calves, the thighs, the hips, the stomach, and so on and so forth. Relax each portion of your body ending at your head and face. Focus on your breathing; take deep breaths, slowly. Imagine tension and negative feelings floating away in a dark cloud as you exhale. When you inhale imagine good energy and bright light entering.

You are now extremely relaxed and you should take a moment to appreciate it. Imagine you are atop a flight of stairs with 10 steps. Halfway down, at step 5, you see water. Imagine stepping down each step very slowly; start at ten and with each step feel yourself move and take a step downward. Count as you descend each step. When you reach the water, feel its coolness on your skin as you descend. Feel the water move higher up your body as you continue down the steps. When you are fully engulfed in the water you are now fully relaxed and ready to start addressing your issues and questions. When you are ready to come out of it, simply ascend the steps.

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Master Hypnosis As Well As Its Numerous Secrets!

A lot of people these days are thinking with what covers the power of Hypnosis? There are numerous articles, content and courses that have been written about the issue that the limitations seem to be confusing and sometimes misleading. Some master hypnosis so they can hypnotize other individual, some are mastering hypnosis to hypnotize their friends just for revenge, and so master hypnosis to really understand their mind condition and also themselves, some master it to determine how their mind perform.

So what basically is hypnosis? Technically, it is a practice through which essential idea producing the powers of the mind are bypassed and cross-wired, to produce and reach a much logical, perceptual and analytical environment in the mind. A lot of people usually do want to master the hypnosis, and they all have diverse reasons. Other people master hypnosis about simple fact because they want to delve and see, what is the reality, what is actualize, what is subjected, in hypnosis world. People obtained out of the courses that they opted for are beyond what they could ask for. For example, they discover that they can pre-hypnotize others, just like that; a person can even interact subliminally with the use of hypnosis, a person can actually hypnotize anyone while out on a date! It is not hard to master hypnosis.

There are several articles, catalogs, internet courseware that are readily available and tender free training for hypnosis, although other are scams. Be sure you will master hypnosis from a certified organization.

Going back to the issue at hand, hypnosis is typically referred to as a changed condition of mind or sensibility – but this is not the reality. A lot of speculated hypnotic condition indicators recommend that hypnosis can be achieved without relaxing – this is called the walking hypnosis and it's a confusing tool, while going for an interviews, out on a dates, closing various business transactions, or trying to seduce your partner to forgive you, accumulate your pain inception, or even less pain, a many more! With this and several reasons, hypnosis, however remains a very argumentative matter, albeit anyone who desires to master hypnosis can perform so, while altering for the numerous training for hypnosis classes available in market these days. To master hypnosis, does not waste time or even resources, a lot of people master hypnosis as a hobby class or master hypnosis just as to bluster. Just by yourself you can master hypnosis, to discover more check out the site.

There are recently 2 categories of beliefs, condition and non condition hypnosis that areiable for the study about the modern day of hypnosis. State beliefs focuses on the fact during hypnosis there is a changed condition of sensibility involved and this changed condition is the center of hypnosis alone. Non-condition beliefs though are based on the issue that hypnosis is just a non-trivial psychological method, typically categorized as concentrated attention of mind, strengthened by the expectations. Large words, people know, however there is a consistent study going on in hypnosis field and some of this study usually ends in form in courses of hypnosis training, that aid you master hypnosis are typically misleading. If anyone really wants to master hypnosis, try this one or

So, what does an individual who has been hypnotized has to tell about being hypnotized? Well, these people, estimated 79% of them feel or instated encounter a changed or altered condition of mind, commonly, after they wake up from hypnosis, they find themselves calmer and much relaxed. For one's part, before you can hypnotize, you need to hypnotized yourself during the primarily series of practices in hypnosis training class, you might feel blank, like a switch that is turn on and off, the way you want to seize it, and you will be mindless in answering the questions. It is more so a condition during which you are much in sedated condition of your mind. When you woke up you will feel like you are required to do anything because your energy is sufficient. Keep in mind that it is refreshing to master hypnosis and better try it on your own. So, are you willing to master hypnosis? You need to answer this question.

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Hypnotherapy – Is That Serious?

Today, we will cover together the topic of hypnotherapy in this short article. My purpose is to make an overall overview of this technique without going to much into the technique in itself.

First, thing first, what is hypnosis? To be gentle, hypnosis is a relative state of relaxed awareness. What the specialist said it that hypnosis mix the concept of having a relaxed mind and in the same time having a straight focused attention on a specific task. The definition is not easy some people say that you are sleep and others say that you are disconnected and unconscious. However, researchers have identified a specific state of mind when you are fully open to suggestions or alpha state. During the session, you are alert and more sensitive to your environment.

The second question you may have about hypnotherapy and hypnosis is: is it dangerous? Yes, this is an important question to ask. This is a wrong question. The real question should be your hypnotist serious? Think of it a minute. If you are going to do a hypnotherapy then you must select a serious and a qualified hypnotist. You can ask and seek for a practitioner with a professional registration. This is the minimum to evaluated at the very beginning.

If you love TV then you should be a little afraid about a hypnotherapy session because you may believe that hypnosis can work against you and may push you doing anything against your will, right? That's true and not true. First on TV, this is a spectacle and the volunteers are most of the time very excited and over fully open to do the job. They are more open to suggestions. That's the first point to mention. But the key point you have to remember is that your body, your mind and your awareness work for you. It's nearly impossible to make you do something against your will, your value and your belief. This is the basic. Frankly, what can do a hypnotherapist if you do not enter voluntary in his office for a session? You have the control not him.

That's driving us to an important fact to know: when people try to fake you and to diminish you, be aware that they are trying to manipulate you and to destroy your values, and your believe. You can not hypnotize someone if they have “strong” values ​​and believe. Be smart.

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How to Learn Hypnosis For Free

A lot of people have been suffering from stress or anxiety recently, especially with the current economic environment, and they want to find a way to relax without spending too much of their time and money. Self hypnosis relaxation techniques are the answer to this dilemma. It can be performed easily with no cost at all.

First, you have to set aside at least thirty minutes and up to an hour of your time where you will be undisturbed. Then, look for a nice and clean place to relax and check if the room is set at a comfortable temperature. You may light a few candles with your preferred scent. Next, choose the most comfortable position for you, either you can sit down or lay down during the hypnosis procedure. Always make sure that you are not crossing your legs during the hypnosis relaxation process.

While closing your eyes, you may now sit or lie down. Take some slow, deep and soothing breaths as you inhale air from your nose and exhale them through your mouth. Mentally, remember the “relax” word every time you inhale and exhale.

Another way to achieve relaxation is by imagining yourself at the bottom of stairs with a doorway at the top. As you climb up the stairs, you will feel relaxed. First timers may find this method difficult but once they have mastered it, they can achieve relaxation.

When you have reached the top, open the door that leads to a place of relaxation. It can be a castle, a garden, a beach or any place that can be relaxing to you. Once you have reached your “Happy Place”, your stress and anxiety will be relieved.

You do not have to perform this process everyday, but being able to relax for a long time using self relaxation hypnosis is enough to relieve your stress and anxiety.

Also remember that if you have a relaxation session planned and you have to miss it, do not worry about, this will only make you more stressed, forget about it and wait for the next one.

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How to Hypnotize Yourself Quickly and Easily – Perfect For Confidence Building

Most people develop an interest in self-hypnosis because they want to be able to live a life of greater fulfillment. They warn to accomplish certain goals that they currently seem unable to achieve; so they have this notice that there must be “a better way” to manage stress, control one's weight, stop smoking, and so on.

Self-hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind which can be defines as a heightened state of concentrated concentration (usually described as trance), with the willingness to follow instructions (also called suggestibility).

In that essence, yes, self-hypnosis can help you to have a better experiential and emotional understanding of yourself; and the more you understand yourself, the more likely it is that you will be able to create a more fulfilling life.

But how do you go about it? How does one hypnotize oneself?

There are two different ways you can do self-hypnosis:

1. Lie down, relax and “think” through the hypnosis procedure outlined below; and

2. Listen to pre-recorded hypnosis session – either something that you've recorded or one that you have bought.

Almost all hypnosis sessions start with a relaxation procedure. This makes sense because how can a session work well if you're all wounded up and tensioned.

Sit or lie down. The idea is for you to feel comfortable so you can do either as long as it makes you feel relaxed. One requirement though, is for it to be somewhere quiet, where you're not likely to be disturbed. You should not do this if you are doing something that needs your full attention and concentration such as driving, or operating machinery. Turn off your mobile phone or set it to “silent”.

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End Procrastination – Ending Procrastination Using Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is one of the best tools available to end procrastination for good. Self hypnosis simply refers to the practice of suggesting what needs to be done to the point where the mind of the person becomes one with the task and all other distractions fall away. The best way to end procrastination using self hypnosis is spending some time reminding yourself of the importance of the task and the rewards that you stand to gain by completing them.

If you have something very important to do them first off clear your mind of every thought. This also means removing any thoughts regarding the job. Now slowly imagine that you have completed the task and are being applauded for having done it well. You can really imagine anything you like; a raise at work, a new car, a better job, or whatever that particular job will result in. Let it see into you until you are one with those thoughts.

The next thing you need to do is ask yourself what is the simplest thing that you can do towards making that goal a reality? The answer to this will depend upon the kind of work that you must do; however in most cases people quickly realize that the simplest thing that they can do towards getting the work done is getting started. Quite frankly, the secret to end procrastination for good is to get started on doing something. When most people get started on doing what they have been dreading for so long they quickly realized that all their fears were baseless and were simply the product of the imagination.

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Let’s Chill

Let's talk about stress- that nasty 6 letter word. Stress is a psychological and physiological reaction in our mind and body to an internal or external stimulus. Stress is just fear – it's that simple! The thing is we all still have the same reaction to a perceived threat that our ancestors did when they were being chased by a saber-toothed tiger. We go into fight or flight. Our pulse races, muscles get tight– we get downright irritable. Even though there is no saber toothed tigers around these days, our bodies have the same response to whatever we may find threatening. It could be our boss (you secretly suspect that he or she has fangs), our jobs, deadlines and life in general.

Now I'm going to give you guys something to sink your teeth into. One of the fastest ways to relax and tap the power of our inner mind is through self-hypnosis. It's time to take control of our lives and let go of our negative thinking and emotions. Now, here's my assignment for you. Just 5 minutes a day to tune into yourself and RELAX. Get comfortable and remember for these next few moments, no one wants anything from you. This is your time.

Begin by inhaling deep down into your belly. Just let it all hang out. Imagine that you are breathing in Peace. On the exhale feel yourself blowing out all fear and negative thoughts. They are just flowing right out of your body. Repeat this three times or more.

Now as your mind starts to soften say to yourself “I am calm, confident and relaxed.”

Begin to vividly see yourself calm, relaxed and in control, handling everything that comes your way with efficiency and ease. Feel the positive emotions and satisfaction this brings. After a few moments, tell yourself you are “Coming back feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for a fabulous day.”

Self-hypnosis is powerful. All you need is yourself and couple minutes to uplift your mind and change the quality of your day.

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Will Self Hypnosis Work For You? Find Out If You Can Be Hypnotized Now!

You've heard it before … Self hypnosis can change your life!

But will self hypnosis work for you?

Just about everyone has heard of hypnosis, and it carries a lot of mystique. Many people fear it thinking they can be forced to do things they normally would not do (which is not true), and others embrace hypnosis for all its benefits.

Are you curious? Would you like to know if you can be hypnotized? … Well, let's find out right now with this simple test. You can take the test right now sitting in front of your computer.

To take this test, either read through this article and take it from memory, or record yourself reading the article, and then take the test listening to your recording.

Sit comfortably with your arms hanging straight down by your sides … close your eyes … take a deep breath … and slowly exhale. Relax your whole body … from your toes, your feet, and your legs … to your chest, your arms, … and your neck and head.

Now imagine there is a metal, silver-colored bucket full of ice water next to your left hand; it has a 3-inch layer of ice cubes floating in the water. The outside of the bucket is dripping with condensation.

Now imagine your left hand is hanging down submerged in the ice water. Feel all the ice cubes pushing against your hand. The water is really … really cold, and it feels like the ice cubes are starting to freeze into a solid sheet of ice.

There's a tingling feeling under your fingernails that's moving up your fingers and hand towards your wrist. It is so cold, your hand is throbbing … and starting to feel numb. The numbness is really uncomfortable, so you lift your hand out of the ice water, and the bucket is replaced with a red plastic bucket of warm water.

Your hand is starting to feel much better; the throbbing has stopped, and the tingling is coming back as your hand thaws out and gets warmer and warmer. Now, your hand is warm and you can feel the warmth working its way up your arm making you feel comfortable all over …. Now open your eyes.

This test is called the “temperature suggestibility test”.

Did your hand actually feel cold? Did it throb, tingle, or feel numb? … Was it uncomfortable? … Did your arm or the rest of you feel cold? Did you shiver?

How does your hand and arm feel now? Are they warm and comfortable?

If you experienced any of these effects, you can be hypnotized. The more real this experience felt to you, the deeper your hypnotic trance can be, and the better hypnotic suggestions will work for you.

Why does this test work?

There are fundamentally two abilities you need to be hypnotizable:

(1) You need to be able to relax and simultaneously focus your imagination?
(2) You need to be able to set out the critical, logical nature of your conscious mind enough to communicate with your subconscious mind?

If you felt the effects of this simple test, then you have these abilities. The last thing you need for self hypnosis to work for you is a desire to change and improve your life.

WARNING: Not everyone will react to this test. If you had no reaction, it could be because you are reading the article instead of relaxing and hearing the suggestion, or it could be you need more time to relax and focus. If you did not react to this test, it does NOT mean you can not be hypnotized. It just means you need to try something another approach.

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Overcome Shyness With Self Confidence Hypnosis

Overcome shyness by facing your fears is a common advice given by people that does not suffer from shyness. To overcome shyness this way does not work very well if your shyness is severe – it may in fact make it even worse because you might end up feeling even more hopeless and lost.

Reacting to social situation with shyness is not who you really are, it is just how you have learned to react over the years. It's just a bad habit if you like. A better approach is to use self confidence hypnosis to change the way you think and feel before you try to face your fears.

Being shy is often closely related to lack of self confidence and low self esteem. Using good self help therapy like self confidence hypnosis will address the problems that make you feel anxious and shy and help you overcome shyness. A lot of people have already used hypnosis as a successful treatment to overcome shyness ..

Self confidence hypnosis puts you into a state of mind that makes you relax completely. You are not sleeping or totally 'gone', but with self confidence hypnosis you are kind of daydreaming. Your body and mind is able to slow down, relax and focus 100% on the new positive ways of thinking that are being conditioned into your unconscious mind.

With hypnosis the unconscious part of your brain will break up and throw away the old unhealthy patterns that make you feel shy and help you learn new patterns and ways of thinking that will enable you to enjoy being with others and have fun in social situations.

Self confidence hypnosis works really well to overcome shyness. By consistently using hypnosis as treatment, you are reprogramming your brain with new healthy ways of thinking that causes you to actually feel more confident and less shy in social situations.

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Self Hypnosis Script – How to Define Your Goal

When you set out to write a self hypnosis script, you probably already have a goal in mind, but exactly how you define your goal has more impact on your success than many people realize. The more carefully you define your goal, the more effective you can be in preparing your subconscious mind to focus on what you really want and boost your chances of creating the result you want.

Here are four power questions to ask yourself when defining your goal for a self hypnosis script. Use these questions to clarify your goal and focus your subconscious mind on achieving exactly what you want.

What do you want? Write down what you want to accomplish.

What will have this do for you ? Ask this question to make sure that you have identified what is most important to you. For example, if your goal is to increase your income by 50%, ask yourself what would having that for you. If your answer is that it would give you more time with your family, you may want to focus on your real goal of having time with your family rather than making more money. Focusing on making more money could easily take you away from having more time with your family. So if you set the wrong goal you could end up sabotaging your real success. For this reason, it's important that you define your goal as your real desired end result rather than some intermediate means to an end.

How will you know when you have it? Write down the specific things that will be your evidence for success. These may be similar things like “I will lose 5 pounds by January 31” or similar things like “I will wake up feeling good about myself.” The more specific you are here, the more precisely your subconscious mind will know what you want to achieve. If you can not answer this question easily, stick with it until you have a clear answer that will give exact guidance to your subconscious mind. The more clearly you define your evidence of success in sensory terms – things you can see, hear, feel, smell and taste – the more useful the guidance will be to your subconscious mind through your self hypnosis script. Your subconscious mind really can not relate to something abstract like having an income of $ 5,000 per day, but it can relate to something sensory like waking up feeling good about your accomplishments every morning.

Where, when and with what do you want it? Define the specific contexts where you want to accomplish this goal. For example, if you want to be more self confident, with what do you want to feel confident, in what situations, while you're doing what activities? When you answer this question, you should be able to vividly imagine yourself in the exact situations and with the specific people you want to accomplish this goal. The more vivid you can image the end result, the more your subconscious mind will have to work with to create what you want.

Once you have identified your goal using the questions above, make sure that it is written in positive rather than negative terms. For example, a negative goal statement would be “Stop feeling bad about myself” while a positive goal statement would be “Start feeling good about myself.” Research has shown that people who focus on positive goals are significantly more successful than people who focus on negative goals.

This is especially true when setting goals that will be given to your subconscious mind during your self hypnosis session.

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Complete Information Guide to Know About Conversational Hypnosis to Boost Self Confidence

Conversational hypnosis is a technique that can be used not only to cast influence on another person to get them to do something, but it can also be used to greatly boost one's own self confidence also. It is a technique that can also be effectively used on oneself to cast some very great effects. Conversational hypnosis, is truly a science in itself and requires a very in depth knowledge and practice in order for one to be able to gain complete mastery over the subject. Conversational hypnosis has been used by many experts to help people get rid of bad habits like smoking and even get out of certain very traumatic experiences.

So if you also want to know how you can use the techniques of conversational hypnosis to your own benefit, then read the following 5 points very carefully and boost our confidence in various fields in life, these things are:

1. You have to start imagining the particular situation where you need a lot of self confidence and then you have to imagine yourself performing well in that situation. You should continue doing so till the time you have not developed enough confidence in your mind to be able to go through with the task.

2. When you are using these techniques you should totally avoid using words like but and try, the reason behind this is that these are not very inspiring words and imply failure, instead you have to use more motivational words that can motivate even your subconscious mind.

3. You have to mold yourself to be very positive from within and also act positive all the time, this technique can go a long way in using conversational hypnosis to boost self confidence.

4. You have to start trusting your sub conscious minds. You have to start to believe that you have everything that you need inside of you and can easily be used to go ahead with any tasks.

5. I want to tell you that the suggestions or comments given to you by your good friends, family or any person whose opinion matters a lot to you, can have a very deep impact on you, but at the same time you have to remember that in case you hear anything uninspiring from them, you should not get completely demotivated instead believe yourself and go ahead with all that you want to.

These are some of the best conversational techniques that can be used to boost yourself confidence to a large extent.

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Self Hypnosis Script – How to Create Lasting Results

Basic self hypnosis scripts are easy to write; however, most of them fail to create real, lasting changes. This article will show you how to power boost your self hypnosis script so that you can make changes that last a lifetime.

Most self hypnosis scripts are composed of direct hypnotic suggestions that encourage your subconscious mind to make the changes you want. Unfortunately, this approach is rarely successful for producing long-term improvements. It may produce temporary improvements, but often those improvements unravel over time, and you end up reverting back to your original problem.

The reason this approach is rarely successful is that whatever your unwanted behavior is, it is almost always driven by deeper, often subconscious, emotional drivers. Think about it this way: if you're consistently doing something you do not want to, then there must be something else in your psyche driving you to do that.

As long as the undering drivers are still in place, they will continue to generate unwanted behaviors no matter how much you feed positive messages to your subconscious mind through basic self hypnosis scripts.

So, how can you find the difference that will make the difference? What can you change that will lead to repeating results? To answer this question it's useful to understand the three levels of change you can include in the hypnotic suggestions in your self hypnosis script.

First-Order Change Suggestions: Change a Behavior

The most obvious – and least effective – kind of change is to try to directly change the behavior. For example, for weight loss, typical first-order change suggestions might be “I enjoy healthy foods.

First-order change is like weeding a garden by breaking off the weed above the ground, leaving the roots intact. Sooner or later a new weed will grow from the old roots.

Second-Order Change: Heal a Wound

Second-order change focuses on healing or removing the driver that is fueling the unwanted behavior or belief. The drivers often take the form of unresolved emotional wounds.

For example, unhealthy overeating is sometimes driven by a sense of shame, eg, some people overeate because they feel, at a subconscious level, that they deserve to look fat and ugly. In this case, a second-order change suggestions may include “I release feelings of shame.”

Second-order change is like pulling out the weeds at the root. When the right second-order change hypnotic suggestions are included in your self hypnosis script, the changes tend to have a more lasting effect.

Third-Order Change: Create a New Resource

Third-order change focuses on creating new internal resources: ones that make the original issue irrelevant.

Continuing with the weight-loss example, having a sense of acceptance is the opposite of shame. So, hypnotic suggestions that create a comprehensive sense of acceptance – of oneself, by one's community and by the universe – will create new core resources that can naturally dissolve old feelings of shame and replace them with new experiences of acceptance. Having that core experience of self acceptance can change many aspects of a person's life including their attitudes about eating.

Once that new sense of self acceptance is in place, it is much easier to release shame and change eating habits.

Third-order change is like planting new seeds in the garden. It creates the possibility of bearing new fruit and building a new life on a truly supportive foundation.

How to Include Deep Changes in Your Self Hypnosis Script

Whenever possible, it's most effective to include both second- and third-order hypnotic suggestions in your self hypnosis script.

However, there's a good chance that you are not consciously aware of what the most effective second- and third-order changes would be to achieve your goal. The clues you need are probably buried deep in your subconscious.

So, how do you include hypnotic suggestions for second- and third-order changes in your self hypnosis script if you do not know what those changes should be?

The answer is that you make the discovery of your second- and third-order changes part of your self hypnosis script. During the self hypnosis session itself you guide your subconscious to dig down to find the second- and third-order changes you need to make to accomplish changing change with your self hypnosis script.

Once you've guided your subconscious to find the diver changes you need to make, you can then include hypnotic suggestions to actually make those changes.

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Can You Hypnotize Someone in Their Sleep?

As advertised by many fake hypnotists, who want to gain popularity even at the expense of being deceitful like saying that there are ways on how to hypnotize someone in their sleep is completely impossible. First off, hypnotism can only be done if the subject is fully awake and conscious of what is going to happen to him or her. It means sleeping during a hypnotic session will not make any effects on the subject.

The subject is in control of his or her own mind. In order for the whole therapeutic session to be successful, the subject has to willingly indulge itself or herself and be open to the hypnotism. This wholehearted attempt of the subject only means that he or she gives full trust to the hypnotist. How to hypnotize someone in their sleep is unequivocally since they need to be awake.

On the other hand, the hypnotist must be able to establish a relaxed environment for the subject. Worries should be left at a distance because it will interfere with the session. Stresses and tensions must melt away since it can eat up the mind and concentration would be affected. While preparing the subject for hypnotism, the mind must be free of any reservations and thoughts that are not important for the therapy.

Let the subject choose a position to what makes him or her comfortable. It can be sitting down on the couch, squatting on the floor, lying down on a soft bed – comfort differs from person to person. Respect the wishes of the subject.

Then here comes the part often misunderstood by people – the sleeping state. Rumors on how to hypnotize someone in their sleep will be proved wrong now. The hypnotist will not make the subject sleep but will bring the subject to an almost sleep state. The THETA state of mind, as the scientists calls it is when the subconscious mind is in deep thinking and in a very imaginative mode. At this situation, the mind is highly susceptible and exposed since hesitation was dumped and vivid images are reflected. The mind of the subject welcomes ideas coming from the hypnotist regarding the topic of the therapy session. Let's take for instance you are in therapy because you want to quit smoking. If it is true that there are ways to hypnotize someone in their sleep, how can they hear what the hypnotist have to say?

The hypnotist will say words like: One stick of cigarette is one minute of your life burned away. Smoking does not only harm you but it harms your children as well. Bad breath, mouth sores and reproductive problems are only minor complications thought about by cigarette smoking. These thoughts can be instilled in the subject's mind so when he or she “wakes up” from the trance, there is a realization of: I must stop smoking! That is the purpose of hypnotizing someone.

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Performing Hypnosis Using a Watch

Of course, after reading this, you will look a bit amazed and ask: “Really? Is it that simple?” Well, no. Really, no, this was the 80's bad joke concerning hypnotists. In real life, unless your volunteer is part of your staff, you will never be able to make her so hypnotized; Let alone help you take over the world. Scientific hypnosis does not even use watches anymore, as they are overly ridiculous and may actually interfere with the whole process because of that.

Why on earth then do so many people act like hypnotized when on stage? – You might ask. Well, the answer is that they do not just look like it, they actually are hypnotized, but not by the watch or the illusionist's deep voice, but by the idea that they might be hypnotized. More clearly put, when you Accept that you will lose control, then get ready for that while mounting on the stage, all the hypnotizer has to do is to simply make you focus your attention on an object (be it the watch, his eyes, his tie or the mesmerizing jewelry he is wearing) and you're good to go.

Learning hypnoses is a thing that you can do by yourself, if you fulfill three easy conditions.

Firstly, use proper and extensive documentation. There are resources available online, there are many books, older and newer, written on the subject, and they are available to the public too. After the age of watch-induced hypnosis has passed, new techniques, more efficient and logical have issued. You can learn conversational hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, induction hypnosis and the list can go on and on.

The second condition for you to become a hypnotizer is actually putting that information into practice, experimenting as much as you can, using the texts you have read as guidelines for organizing your experience.

The third condition is commitment. Like any new technique, hypnosis is to be practiced every day in order to become efficient.

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Self-Hypnosis For Stress Control

Too much stress and tension can have a bad impact on your health. If you can not accept with the strains of modern life it can wear you down, so learning to relax is important. And this is where self-hypnosis is highly beneficial.

The good news is you can quickly dissipate some of these daily strains in as little as five minutes using self-hypnosis. There are two ways I'd like to share with you for stress control; one is anchoring and the other is a simple hypnotic relaxation exercise.

Anchoring is when you connect a feeling or memory to a trigger; the trigger could be a sound, smell or picture, in fact anything that recalls a memory or association.

First anchoring: In this exercise you are going to create a trigger associated with a feeling of relaxation. Whenever you are feeling stressed you can use the trigger to reduce the tension in your body. It is ideal when you need to relax but are not in the right location or circumstances to go into a trance.

Exercise: Close your eyes and relax, really relax, and tune into the comfort inside your body.

As you become more and more comfortable, allow your mind to drift back to a time when you felt really relaxed and free of any stress and tension.

Notice how you felt, what you saw around you and what you heard. Allow the feelings to spread and deepen.

As the feelings intensify, gently hug your right wrist with your left hand. Make sure the feelings of comfort are strong, as you gently squeeze your wrist. Now relax your hands and let your mind clear.

Now gently squeeze your wrist and notice the feelings of comfort and relaxation coming back to you. To reinforce this anchor, repeat it each day.

The second technique is to use self-hypnosis (trance) to help you control that daily tension and stress. Here is a completely natural way to go into a healing mind / body state that is ideal when you are alone and have a few minutes to yourself.

Exercise: Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor and your hands on your thighs.

Now, gently bring your awareness to your breathing. Just notice the natural rhythm of your breath without trying to change it.

As you continue to relax, tune into the most comfortable part of your body. As you do this, imagine the comfort spreading deeply through your limbs.

While you continue to focus on this comfort, find yourself relaxing more deeply. This is a simple way to center yourself and release any daily tension or stress.

Practice this technique for five to twenty minutes two to three times a day.

I bet you feel a lot better for it.

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