Help To Create An Endorphin High

Endorphins feel good. In fact, they make you feel great. Endorphins are triggered naturally when you exercise or when you are exposed to the sun, among other things. They provide a mental and emotional sunburst, a feeling of well-being in your world.

Endorphins are things that you want to keep in a bottle and release when you feel in need of a lift. Most people do not appreciate that it is indeed possible to do this. It's quite simple really. Whenever you vividly imagine yourself to be in a situation that would normally trigger a release of endorphins, that imaginary situation will trigger the associated stored response.

You know how you feel when you watch a horror movie. Your imagination, as you watch the events unfold on screen, triggers the various emotional and physiological reactions associated with the scene. You can feel your breathing quicken, your heart begin to beat faster, your muscles tensing up and adrenalin begins to flow. It's an automatic response that interestingly is pretty difficult to stop.

Similarly, when you fall in love and you are in the first throws of falling helplessly in love, there are associated emotional and physiological responses that just happen. They are just there.

When you think of any situation that has an associated emotional attachment you find that the feeling of that emotion is triggered in response to the thought. The situation and its related emotion are embedded together in your mind. So as you recall the situation you also recall and re-experience the emotion.

And so you can see why I say that it is easy to bottle up some endorphins and then release them at will. All you need to do is to intentionally take advantage of the way in which your mind works and how your mind and body naturally interact.

This can be made even more effective with the help of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation. It has no negative side effects and is easy to use simply by listening to a hypnosis mp3 download. The reason why hypnosis will increase the effectiveness of your intentional endorphin lift is due to the access hypnosis brings to your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is the part that acts automatically and spontaneously. It is the part of your mind where deep -oted automatic thoughts and behaviors are stored. Hypnosis also allows access to greater creativity as you tap into this part of your mind.

So with hypnosis you can add power to your visualizations and more deeply imagine situations that give you an endorphin burst. Not only that you can use post-hypnotic suggestions to embed the ability to trigger an endorphin release more easily and automatically. You really can bottle up your endorphins and release them at will. Hypnosis makes the process easier.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads for health, happiness and well being.

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Help To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Most people accept that as they get older there is likelihood that their blood pressure could become a little higher and that the usual treatment is to take the relevant medication prescribed by their GP. This provides an easy and effective solution.

Some people however, do not like to take medication unless there is no other option available to them. Here these people look around for alternative or complementary treatments and leave no stone unturned in their quest to find a natural treatment path.

When one has a physical symptom the instinctive tendency is to look for a physical antidote. So diet, exercise and vitamin supplements are the most traditional routes that people go down when seeking to help themselly naturally. That said, many do recognize that stress levels can impact upon blood pressure and this realization alerts them to look for methods of relaxation as well.

Hypnosis has been shown in medical research to be extremely effective as a method of relaxation and stress control. It has also been shown to lower high blood pressure.

Hypnosis is beneficial and effective in lowering and managing blood pressure for more than one reason. Firstly, it is a state of relaxation and this in itself aids a reduction in high blood pressure. Secondly, hypnosis can be effectively used to treat matters of stress.

Hypnosis allows access to your subconscious mind, which is the part of the mind where instinctive and automatic thoughts and behaviors are stored. Thus you can identify patterns of thought and reaction that result in a stress response and instigate alternative methods of coping. Without hypnosis this would be nowhere near easily achievable.

There is also a third way in which hypnosis can help. Hypnotic suggestions can be utilized to stimulate a physical response of lower blood pressure. Your mind works on your body in the same way as your body works upon your mind.

There is a constant interaction of information being fired backwards and forwards between your mind and your body. Thus suggestions can be made, whilst in hypnosis, to stimulate a physical reaction within your body.

And so for anyone who is seeking a natural approach to lowering blood pressure or in managing blood pressure hypnosis is a great complementary approach to this quest. It is natural and there are no negative side effects. Hypnosis is also easy to use simply by listening to a hypnosis mp3 download.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads for health.

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Help To Boost Your Immune System

We are constantly bombarded with information about vitamins, supplements and complementary health ideas. Whether we act upon that information or not is a matter of individual choice. Some people are more health conscious than others. We have our own individual attitudes on the subject and prioritize complementary health accordingly.

Whether or not you are proactive in terms of promoting your own health and wellbeing, I am sure that almost everyone would like to be fit, healthy and well. Like everything else in life you no doubt weigh up how you want to be versus the cost of achieving that goal. When I say cost I do not simply mean the financial implications; I am including time, taste, energy, effort and every other element involved.

When contemplating the cost versus reward equation it is inevitable that the majority of people end up acting the things that seem the easiest to incorporate into his or her lifestyle. Many things that could be done to help boost your immune system end up getting overlooked or ignored, if only for the simple reason of lack of time to research what could be done.

One very simple thing that everyone could do to boost immune system functioning, at little or no cost in terms of time or of a financial nature, relates to how your mental processes affect your body. There is a constant two-way flow of information between your mind and your body.

The two are inexorably linked. Just as a physical ailment has the power to affect your mental and emotional equilibrium, the same applies in reverse. Your body reflects your thoughts. So a very simple thing that you could do is firstly to become alert to this fact and secondly to choose to intentionally direct your mind to promote good health in your physical body.

One very powerful thought that you could affirm to yourself upon a daily basis is that of turning up thermostat that controls your immune system. You can in this way give your immune system a mental boost. This is incredibly simple to do and does not cost you anything at all. Although simple to do, this “treatment” has an incredibly powerful reach and the positive impact can be really amazing.

This mental boost to your immune system can be made even more powerfully effective when used in conjunction with hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation that at the same time allows access to your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is the part that acts automatically and instinctively and you draw from this part of your mind every moment of the day and night without even being ware of it. To listen to a hypnosis recording that is designed to boost your immune system is again very simple to do. If you were to do this at night as you fall sleep it would not take any time out of your day and would also most likely ensure a great night's sleep as well.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads for health, including help to boost your immune system.

PS Discover how you can relax and focus your mind with hypnosis. Grab a free hypnosis download from my website now.

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The Effects of Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis A Key to Relaxation And Better Productivity.

When I was a student I became aware of time constraints. For example I would commute from the Montreal suburb of Dorval to Loyola College. It was about a 20 minute train trip. I would occasionally scan a newspaper, if anyone left one on a seat, or I would study a bit. But, to be honest I would usually just gaze out the window let my mind wander. One day I came across a book in a store that featured Self Hypnosis. I was intrigued and I decided to buy the book. It was a memorable decision. Later in my dental care I attended a couple of medical level hypnosis courses.

Some might call it meditation instead of self hypnosis. I believe they are close in characteristics. Some have referred to hypnosis as altered concentration. The goal is to limit one's stimuli and focus on both identifiable and pleasant sensations. It can almost be called a clearing of the mind and allowing uncomplex ideas to set the pace and dictate one's thoughts.

I used my increasing skills in self hypnosis to learn how to take quick naps. In fact I think it helped my studies as I progressed through University. I could take a 30 minute nap and wake a bit sluggish but usually that would wear off quickly and I could begin studying.

The technique, I found practical for me, was to find a comfortable place to sit. I would close my eyes and visualize a situation where I had in fact sat down after a pleasant stroll. I would allow my mind to wander to my feet and visualize the comfortable feeling of relaxation, as if I had just taken off my shoes. I did not always do that in fact, it was more of a legendary act. I would feel the tingle start in my soles at the toe level and slowly move to my heels. Then up my legs to my calves. As the visualization of one area in relaxation moved up the body I would allow the previous areas to become uncomfortably numb, not a Pink Floyd song mind you, a physical numb …

As the relaxation spread up to my hips the scope of the relaxation enlarged to take in a larger region, circling the body from back to front and up the back to the chest area. I discovered that when I got to the rib cage a deep and slow inhalation followed by a deliberate relaxation exhalation cave me a satisfying feeling of 'sinking' into the chair which I was in. The neck was a welcome area, as by now my body was very restful. The face and head were the climax of the procedure, I would have the thoughts of relaxation spread around the face in small increments, the chin, cheeks, forehead and temples in sequence. By now I was either asleep in a restful state or very near that.

One negative, as I noted, was that I often woke from these sessions with a bit of a feeling of sluggishness, even feeling a bit down. I was in the medical library at McGill when I came across an article on hypnosis. They discussed this situation. Their advice was to include post hypnotic suggestions as one began o relax. Mine was to suggest that when I awoke I would feel alert and very positive. After a few trial sessions this began to work excellently. In fact I trained myself to go into a deep hypnotic state in under 3 or 4 minutes and 'sleep' for 30 minutes. It was a regular after supper routine when I was at McGill. I would have supper, make my way to the library, find a nice comfortable chair and go into my routine.

I guess I was less than inconspicuous. I was at a party that some friends had invited me to attend. A cute gal came up to me and said, “Hey I know you … you're the guy who sleeps in the library” As good fortune would have it my classmates were inside ear shot and had a great laugh. In fact for some time I was known as the dental student who “slept around”. All good fun, and to this day I can take a quick nap when the opportunity presents. I feel it is worth learning how to relax this way. I have read that some high tech companies are encouraging staff to take quick afternoon naps and work a bit later. From an article I read the practice is popular and productive. I do not have scientific evidence on this but I know I can renew my energy after my 'self hypnosis' initiated naps.

Dr Michael Pilon

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Hipknowsys: Kool Knowledge System – No Hype Hypnosis – Simpson Substitution

There are probably as many methods in hypnotherapy as there are individuals working in the field. Subtle though the differences may be, one thing is certain: the therapist Must feel comfortable in her / his own skin if the client is to gain maximum benefit. It can take a while to find one's own niche; I was certified in 1982, and have coined something of a motto based on what I found most helpful in the introductory stage: It's no fun without it's fun! Word-play is a favorite, as evidenced by the title of this article, and as you may already know from my original songs. Humorous, helpful insights are everywhere, and, with apologies to all the highly skilled hypnotherapists around, with the word “hypnosis,” (coupled being Greek to me) how could a self-respecting word-play fan possibly resist tailoring it to a more comfortable fit? Not with those three juicy syllables!


Results are actually perception shifts, and must be consciously chosen before being committed to the automatic pilot that is the subconscious mind. Analogies (parables) and music are two very powerful tools in pleasant self-hypnosis. They are my purpose for writing and recording such music, and the intent in writing my two books, Sing Yourself a Miracle, and The Parable of the Stars.

Symptom Substitution?

Freud introduced the theory of symptom substitution, which contends that the alleviation of one symptom (such as an undesirable habit) will likely be replaced by another, which simply substitutes for the vanquished problem. Not a very fun idea, is it? Because of its negative underpinnings, together with Freud's inability to satisfactorily explain this phenomenon, the Symptom Substitution theory has been largely reverted in modern psychology. It is not very helpful to say such a theory is true without being able to say why it is true, and this is where Freud fell short.

Simpson Constitution

We will explore this further later, but for now, let's try a new, heretofore unheard of, hopefully amusing approach: substituting Simpson Constitution for Freud's Symptom Substitution. In this concept we first consciously choose to identify with the Lisa Simpson personality if we suspect we have a bit too much “Bart” in us. Or-vice-versa-if we are fed up with emulating sweet little Lisa but can not seem to help ourselves. I've always had a little Bart in me, which I'm happy with, but would not want any more than I have. A Homer makeover is not currently available, and please do not contact me if you are thinking of becoming an OJ copy-cat.

A Course in Miracles

Just as Buddhism (and now also Quantum Physics) teachings that the world is illusory, yet can not explain why we choose to live the illusion, so too Did Freud's Symptom Theory theory only raise further questions. In the 1960s Dr. Helen Schucman, a psychologist at Columbia Presbyterian University in NYC, working with her Department Head, Dr. William Thetford, began compiling a three-volume set of books titled A Course in Miracles, that would give very clear answers to why we choose to live an illusion, and, at the same time, the purpose which Freud's Symptom Substitution serves.

Buddhist and Freud Riddles

Here is a quick clue-a personal example that gives an insight into both the Buddhist and Freud riddles: I was talking with a Catholic Priest about smoking; he told me that he always gives up smoking for Lent, but smoked the rest of the year. My reply was that he was getting it all backwards; he should smoke during Lent and give it up the rest of the year. Why would I say that? I think he did not get it-later later, if he thought about it, but not at that time. Another clue: what is the purpose for Lent in Catholicism? In that answer lies both the purpose for Symptom Substitution, which eluded Freud, himself, and also the reason Buddhism fails to give for going to live an illusion. Happy quantum leaps!

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Three Steps to Get More Willpower

How do I get more willpower? That is the question that a lot of unsuccessful people ask. There are scientific reasons for not having willpower, but there is also psychological reasoning behind the lack of will power. However, there are three steps you can take to create more will power in your life.

The search to get more will power is not further that the space between your ears.

You perceive yourself as helpless against the call of the extra cookies, the recliner or cigarettes. If feel that if you only had he will power to lose weight, quit smoking or just have the power too break some habits you could do it. Just the fact that they are asking how to get more willpower you will not have will power. Take no excuses. Excuses are just a reason to allow you to be unsuccessful.

The brain has set these neural connections where they allow them selves to be drawn in to the same patterns and behaviors that they are trying to break. The harder you try to resist the cookies they go back for one more. The whiff of cigarette smoke will draw you to the frenzy of you need one. Yes, cigarettes, sugar and other chemicals do have reactions that make your body chemically crave these products. However, your brain can over come these desires.

For example: cigarette nicotine will stay in your body for about 72-96 hours so it is not the nicotine calling you to the cigarettes but the situation around the smoking.

The company of smokers out on break or the relaxation of slowly inhaling and releasing the smoke is what you really crave. This is compounded by the fact that you now think about cigarettes and your lack of will power will make you anxious. Eating sugar actually does make you feel good at the moment, but has side effect of putting on the pounds. It is easier to sit in the recliner and surf through the channels complaining about nothing to watch than it is to get up and accomplish a task.

If you complain that you have no power, then that is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You have to believe that you can do it. You have to have faith that you can do it.

Step one: Say out loud to yourself. “I command my subconscious mind to direct my will power to be strong and exceed the desire to … whatever” Say it out loud to your self to you believe. Never say you have no willpower.

Step Two: Meditate for at least 5 minutes a day. This can be before you go to bed, when you get up or when every you want. Breathe in through your nose as deeply and slowly as you can. Slowly breathe out through your mouth. Keep you focus on your breathing. Listen to the air going in and out of your body. As you breathe you can visualize all the power coming to your body and all the negative habits going out.

Step three: Control, Alt, Delete. Control yourself, seek alternative and delete the bad actions that you want to get rid of. Control your surroundings, control your thoughts, and know you do have the ability. Do not go and buy lots of bad snack foods just to prove you can do without them. Do not go and be around smoking or record television shows that waste your time. Do not set your self up for failure. Delete the obsessive thoughts of the object or behavior you are trying to control. Do not allow you mind to keep thinking about what it would feel like if you just did not have the will power. It is no longer a battle. Do not ask why do not I have will power, but I have the power to do this healthier habit.

You do have the power to change your bad habit. How you can I improve willpower when the answer lies within you already. How to improve will power is to take steps to believe that you have more will power. If you believe that you have just been given the gift of willpower from your higher power. Thank God for your gift.

You now how the willpower to achieve any goal you desire.

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Are You Feeling Sleepy?

From this title, I could either write as the Mum of two young girls (one who keeps falling out of bed, the other who is just learning to sleep through the night …) But many of you know about this feeling, so I thought I'd write about something you may not realize. So lets call it:

Are you feeling sleepy? How to put someone in a trance.

You will need:

  • 1 pocket watch on a chain
  • 1 swirly pattern picture
  • 1 sharp black suit

Oh no, sorry, that is my Christmas list!

Seriously though, lets start by realizing that we all go in and out of trance all day. It is a perfectly natural state, in fact it helps us deal with our lives. As we daydream, we are processing what is happening to us. Our minds 'wander' and we find ourselves thinking about anything and everything. (There is a technical term for this, but I do not really worry about technical terms here!). Around a third of the kids in a class will be in a trance at anyone time! But they need to be, or they would never learn what the teacher is saying, or deal with the strains and joys of being at school. In a trance, your brain is working over time, burning white hot, working harder than your heart -we just do not consciously realize that much is going on.

Yes we all go into a trance, even those of you who have been told you can not be hypnotized (and by the way, you can, just come and see me or one of my colleagues at the Observatory Practice!). Just think of all the times in the day when you go off in a daydream, while washing up, while driving, while jogging, swimming, dancing, walking, listening to the radio, while someone is telling you about their holiday in great depth. .. I could go on!

So, in order to go into a trance you must be focused on one thing, an activity, a noise, something visual. This allows your mind to relax, and the subconscious part of your mind to takes over. You are not 'under' 'out' or 'somewhere else'. No, in fact this subconscious mind is more aware, in control and capable than your conscious mind. You are fully in control, and are able to bring yourself out of a trance at any moment you should wish to (imagine for example how quickly you react when a sheep jumps out in front of your car, even though your mind was 'elsewhere' …).

So how do we do it? Well, we ask you to lay on a rather comfy couch (much comfier that it looks generally!), I have to admit, we do play plinky plonky music (it helps), and ask you to close your eyes (again, it helps ), then we talk to you in a way that allows your body to relax, to become comfortable (you could do this at home by reading someone a story). You listen to us, or the music, or the traffic, either way you find your mind wanders and hey presto! So there we have it, I've told you 'the secret'!

You've probably worked out that what's really important for us as therapists, is how we use this trance, what we talk to you about before and during the trance that really helps you make great strides in life. Of course we have very effective ways of being able to deepen your trance (by our choice of words), so it is particularly relaxing and productive when you are working with a hypnotherapist. At the Observatory Practice, we use Solution Focused Hypnotherapy that mixes the clinically proven aspects of a few therapies with the power of trance, to help you feel less anxious, happier, sleep better, have better relationships … again I could go on, but I will not … after all, I would not want to send you into a trance …

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How to Hypnotize Someone in Five Seconds

Delivering strong suggestions through metaphors or stories is one of the oldest and most popular forms of hypnosis that can be seen used just about everywhere today. If you have every listened to and effective public speaker of preacher delivering their sermon you have been on the receiving end of Ericksonian hypnosis.

An effective speaker will usually begin their talk with a joke, or interesting story relating to the target topic which delivers a message. A prime example of this would be the old old story of “The Boy who Cried Wolf”. This is a story of a shepherd boy who was guarding his flocks of sheep. Several times during one particular evening he shouted, “Wolf, Wolf!”. People ran to his assistance only to find that there was no wolf and the boy was just lying to get attention. Later on in the evening an actual wolf did begin attacking the flock and when the boy yelled “Wolf, Wolf!”, The villagers did not run to his assistance thinking that we was just lying again and the boy perished.

This is a classic form of Ericksonian hypnosis that can be told to a child that has a problem with lying. Rather than being told to stop lying directly which would have made the child shut off mentally, this story is something that the child can relate to. By relating to the young shepherd boys continual lying, the child will realize that if he continues in this manner that it will ever get him in trouble. This story is a wonderful covert way to have the child accept suggestion to be honest in the future if he wants people to believe him.

In addition to stories, entertaining jokes with a morale and even Fairly Tales one of the most common and effectively used methods of hypnosis can be seen in the way of parables. Many religious groups and books utilize parables to get their readers to follow positive suggestion or conform with little to no resistance. Therefore the authors of these parables could have been seen as some of the earliest practitioners of Ericksonian hypnosis.

Try it the next time your child or someone you know requires assistance in the way of positive suggestion. Think about the desired end result or goal and simply develop a story line incorporating fictitious characters to attain this goal as a result of the story, challenge or struggle. You may possibly even develop an entertaining joke or anecdote which can have the same result.

Here's one of my favorite ones that I have used throughout the years at the beginning of many church sermons and even sales presentations. “There was once a busy ant hill in the woods, just outside the green of a community golf course. ants began scurrying around frantically not knowing what was happening. Of course in the game of golf, the ball must be played where it lands so the golfer took aim at his ball, swung and missed it completely.

As a result of this swing he killed half of the ants on the hill but the ball remained right in the middle of it. The golfer swung again and once again missed killing all of the ants but two. As the golfer began his swing for a third time, one ant looked at the other and said, “brother if we're going to save ourselves, we'd better get on the ball !.”

This amusing story always greeted a smile to many of the faces in the congregation although they were also able to relate to the message that they had better get on the ball as well. It was delivered in a way that was accepted and had them open-minded towards my talk on the topic. If I had simply started my talk by telling the audience that they had better get on the ball, I would have been giving my talk to a closed minded, even rebellious audience.

This is your formula of hypnotizing anyone in five seconds. Just decide on your desired message and begin telling an amusing story or metaphor as a way to deliver it.

Happy story telling.

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How Athletes Use Hypnosis to Win

Athletes are always very competitive in nature wanting to win the gold medal every time they join competitions. Being more motivated than the rest of the group is actually a competitive advantage an athlete which can have that make him bring home the bacon. Some athletes fail to take home the gold medal probably because they are not as motivated to as the one who got it. There are many ways nowdays that athletes do to help them stay motivated and ever get their goals. Hypnosis is one that has proved to help many athletes achieve their goal.

If you want to find out how athletes use hypnosis for the extra edge, you must understand first the process of how they use this therapy to athletes. Yes, athletes are being hypnotized to help them achieve their goal and win.

First concept that you need to understand to find out how athletes use hypnosis is the use of imagery. Hypnotists use flashes of positive images to athletes to send them signals and stimulate the deep, unconscious level of the brain. Something called muscle memory is used by hypnotists to stimulate an athlete's mind. They use images of a good performer so the athlete absorbs the hints of success of that athlete. The athlete then reinforces the image to his body and mind which he then connects to his performance. This helps the body and mind of the athlete to act in harmony that helps greatly in improving the athlete's overall performance.

The next concept you need to understand to find out how athletes use hypnosis to win is reducing stress to help relax and keep your mind positive. Hypnotherapy greatly helps in relaxing the mind thereby releasing any negative thoughts. By promoting the influx of positive thoughts the athlete becomes more focused and motivated on delivering a great performance. Emotions are also in control so he can focus on delivering a great performance.

Third concept to find out how athletes use hypnosis to win is clearing your mind. This therapy helps in releasing any negative thoughts and only positive thoughts are entertained. It helps the athlete release any unhealthy, dark emotions that he may have which can hinder him from delivering a great performance.

Building self confidence and self esteem is also a part of the package that athletes can have through hypnosis. This helps the athlete pick all fears and blocks which can hinder him from achieving his goals. By building self confidence the athlete becomes more motivated and determined to really win because he knows he can win.

Lastly, to find out how athletes use hypnosis is to understand how it helps the athlete focus better. This therapy allows the athlete to focus more on his performance more than anything else. It helps channel other feelings and emotions away so he can focus all his energies into his goal of winning the gold medal.

These concepts to find out how athletes get a mental advantage prove that hypnotherapy can indeed help athletes achieve their goals and keep them motivated all through the game. But in order for this to be a successful therapy, you need coaching.

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Ten Steps to Prepare for a Comfortable, Natural Birth in a Hospital

The smile on the face of a new mother as she first meets her new child is unbeatable. However, the process of labor, and arriving at the point of being able to meet your baby, is not always easy. A safe arrival for mother and baby are paramount to all mothers. Adequate planning and preparation for your mind and body can often ensure that the birth is not only safe for mother and baby, but calm, comfortable and natural as well.

Following are the ten steps that are needed to be considered for a comfortable, natural birth:

1. The Choice of Practitioner:

It is important for you to choose the right practitioner who will attend you during your pregnancy and labor. Look for a care provider who is supportive of natural birth. Beyond tolerating the natural birth techniques, look for people who are most likely to encourage and support these techniques during the labor. If possible, try to find out about the previous results of natural birth experienced by other clients of your care provider. Were they happy? Did they feel they were listened to? Supported?

2. Suitable place for Birth:

There are three common choices for you while deciding the place for birth:

• Home birth
• Hospital
• Birth Center

Choosing a suitable place to give birth is no doubt another significant decision. Therefore, aim to get the opinion of previous patients and suggestions from your care provider before selecting a place for your natural birth. Taking a tour of hospitals and birth centers in your area can also assist with making a decision. Being comfortable and familiar with the environment prior to you birthing day can assist with your relaxation while you are preparing for your labor.

3. Preparation for Childbirth:

You are going to find plethora of classes concerning childbirth. The main goal of these classes is to prepare you for the upcoming event, by giving you tools for the day, managing your expectations and providing you with a basic working knowledge of the birthing process. You can prepare your body for labor through these courses, which is a big help. You can learn about labor support, relaxation and managing contracts. You may also have an opportunity to participate in a tour of the birth suite of your hospital, so you know what to expect.

4. Preparation with hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is a series of birth preparation classes that can assist you in preparing for your natural birth.

Hypnobirthing works on the philosophy of “fear tension pain syndrome”. That is that fear causes tension and tension causes pain during labor. The notion of hypnobirthing is if you remove the fear associated with childbirth, the income can often be a comfortable, calm birth, free of stress and pain.

There is a heavy emphasis on regular relaxation and self hypnosis practice to assist in preparation for the big day. You will also learn correct breathing techniques for the labor and birth of the baby.

If the mother is deeply relaxed, physically and mentally then the female body can go about doing the job it was designed to do – that is to “give birth.”

Hypnobirthing classes are also a wonderful opportunity for the father or birth companion to learn skills about how they can help facilitate the calm and natural birth on the day. Many father's report feeling prepared and more involved in the birthing process after attending these classes.

5. Natural Childbirth Labor Support:

There are many couples who choose to go through the birth of their baby privately together, without the support of other family or trusted friends. There are also many couples and cultures that encourage lots of significant friends and family to welcome the birth of their baby. The choice is always between you and your partner.

A doula could be an option to consider if you do not have a partner or are looking for extra support.

A doula provides non medical support, and is an advocate for the birthing mother.

6. Learning the Correct Positioning for Labor:

Learning different positions for labor and birthing can increase your comfort and in some cases the speed of delivery on the day. Familiarizing and practicing these positions before the day is important. Your midwife, who is experienced in delivery, will also likely suggest helpful positions on the day. Remaining active during the early stages of labor can also be helpful. If possible walk around, change positions and use the birth ball when needed to enhance your comfort. Positions for labor and birth should be covered during your childbirth classes.

7. Consider the Alternative Remedies for Pain during labor:

There are various alternative therapy techniques that help you through labor pain. These methods are mostly taught during your hypnobirthing classes or by a doula. Some of these techniques include:

• Heat or cold packs
Relaxation music
• Aromatherapy
• Correct Breathing techniques
• Avoid Pushing

Nowadays, most hospitals are happy for you to play music of your choice. However you should check what music playing facilities that they provide if any, otherwise you may have to provide your own.

Check with your hospital or rental center if they allow aromatherapy within the birthing suite as some hospitals have their own policies regarding the use of these oils. Turn off any burners for the decent and birthing of the baby, as the strong fragrances can sometimes be uncomfortable for the baby.

Practice with your biring partner what styles of massage you enjoy before the day, however, you should prepare for change styles and adapt where necessary. A massage tool can be helpful to take to the hospital to tie your partner when their hands get tired. Use non fragranced massage oil, as its best if the baby is introduced to mum with her natural odor.

Avoid pushing once it is time for the decent of the baby. Focus on slow, deliberate breaths, directing your energy down. Take your time. Give your body time to open up and accommodate the baby when it's ready.

8. Relaxation and Breathing:

Many birth attendants, and care givers will tell you that the best birth's they have witnessed are from mothers who are “calm, relaxed and in control of their fear”

Gentle, but deliberate breathing can assist with bringing about a relaxed and centred state.

There are a few different styles of breathing:

• Lamaze breathing
• Basic relaxation breathing
• Abdominal breathing for delivery
• Hypnobirthing breathing

If you undertake hypnobirthing classes you will be shown the correct way to breathe for a comfortable, natural birth.

You may also learn breathing techniques in your childbirth education classes.

Above all, the most important thing to do is to “keep breathing”, gentle calm breaths.

Holding the breath while trying to push can often only slow the process down.

9. Water Birth:

Water births are not uncommon, but not all hospitals have the facilities for water birthing.

Depending on where you live, you may have to consider a private birthing center, or a home birth with a midwife, if you want to participate in a water birth.

If you are thinking of having a water birth you will need to discuss this with your hospital or birthing center prior to your birthing day.

Use of shower or a bath tub in labor can be a helpful natural pain relief method. Angling the shower head on the top of the belly or the back during labor can provide some comfort.

10. Read a good child birth book:

Reading a book on natural childbirth is a vital step for preparing for a comfortable childbirth.

It can help you to know what to expect and prepare you for your birthing day.

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Does Hypnosis Work To Stop Smoking and How Does It Work?

Why do a lot of people smoke? There are many reasons. Peer pressure, boredom, the need to experiment and even self expression. These are just a few of the many explanations why people engage in this kind of habit.

To quit smoking is a great challenge. But it is surely one of the best things you can do for your health. Smoking is a life threatening habit. It is the main cause of cancer. It also increases your predisposition to major heart attacks, strokes, lung problems, and other health conditions, which includes bone fractures and cataracts.

If many non-pharmacologic interventions have not helped you kick out the habit of smoking, do not lose hope. Consult your physician if hypnosis is an advantage for you. Studies shows that hypnosis can help people quit from smoking.

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is characterized as a changed state of awareness wherein people appear to be sleep or in trance. Clinical hypnosis is utilized to handle some physical and psychological problems. For example, it is usually performed to assist patients control pain. It is also utilized in many different kinds of conditions like weight problems, speech difficulties, and addiction problems.

Hypnosis consists of at least a single session which lasts between sixty to ninety minutes. It is believed that during hypnosis, the person is relaxed and focuses more, and is more open to listen to suggestions- like giving up smoking, for example. During hypnosis, the person is not entirely unconscious but is still cognizant of the surroundings.

In the hypnosis session for smoking cessation, a patient is requested to picture unpleasant results from smoking. For example, the hypnotherapist would advise that cigarette smoke smells like a truck exhaust or that smoking will make the person's mouth feeling extremely dry.

One of the most popular hypnosis techniques for smoking cessation is Spiegel's method which centers on three main ideas:

Smoking afflicts the body

Your body is needed to live

You should treat your body with utmost respect and do all means to protect it

The therapist teaches the smoker how to perform self-hypnosis, and requests the smoker to say the affirmations over and over anytime the urge to smoke occurs. The success and intensity of hypnosis changes from every individual.

Hypnotherapy is just one of the many alternative therapies acquiring wide acknowledgment at some of the country's best hospitals and medical research institutes.

Here are some tips on how to look for a qualified hypnotherapist:

a. See to it that they're trained and licensed with a present license in a health care field like medicine, psychiatry, nursing, or psychology.

b. Inquire about their professional training.

c. Beware of false claims and guarantees.

Hypnosis is really a good and powerful way to cut the habit of smoking. It is also a safe and effective way. It has no adverse effects beyond placing your money you used to pay for cigarettes back in your purse. It also brings back the health in your body, and enables you to feel excellently terrific and rejuvenated! Also with a bit of research you can find stop smoking hypnotherapy downloads online so you can use self-hypnosis without the added expense of actually going to a hypnotherapist.

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Self Hypnosis – How to Reshape Your Body With Self Hypnosis

Thinking about self-hypnosis as a weight loss solution? You're not alone. This short article will more than likely answer many of your questions regarding the subject.

What have you heard about hypnosis? Are you a candidate for hypnotism?

Because hypnotism was and has not been widely understood in the past, it was given very little credence as a viable solution for problems including weight loss. Even today, hypnosis and self-hypnosis are often considered only after one has tried almost every other alternative and failed. After enduring countless dieting yo-yos, weight loss gimmicks, contraptions, and quick tricks – hypnosis is often the last resort. Fortunately – this trend is slowly turning.

After receiving accolades from certain popular TV personalities – hypnosis and self-hypnosis are finally receiving the credit and acclaim they deserve.

If hypnosis is a real solution for weight loss, then how and why does it work?

The simplest explanation of how and why hypnosis works is simply that it puts the subconscious in control of the very things that an individual could not control consciously.

Despite what has been observed on fictional TV shows or “hypno-shows”, the state of hypnosis is not what most people think it is. It is not a trance or sleep-like state. It is actually the exact opposite. It is a state of intestine focus! A level of focus so high, that awareness of other activities and surroundings is diminished.

Have you ever been driving along and then suddenly arrived at your destination without remembering the actual drive or what you did to get there? You were obviously awake and in control of your colleges, but upon parking you became concerned with what just happened. One of two things happened – You either A) became so focused on driving, everything outside of the experience became blocked off (your peripheral awareness), or B) you became so focused on another thought or idea, your subconscious taken over the drive. In either scenario, you just became an involuntary participant of self-hypnosis. A perfectly safe, normal, and focused state.

Imagine having the ability to have this state of intense focus on demand. How do you think high achievers, those labels as “genius”, and other successful people reach their pinnacles. They have this ability. You can too. Try self hypnosis.

Now that you know what hypnosis actually is, you can probably understand how it can be a tremendous tool for weight loss. Why did you fail at achieving your goals in the past? Simple – your body and mind were focused and more intense on fleeting desires – ie chocolate, junk food, laziness, and any easier alternative to eating healthy or activity and exercise.

Hypnotism changes the focus. Your subconscious takes control and your internal focus becomes all that is healthy and active. You become a fit and healthy person instead of just trying or wanting to become one.

Want to change … finally? Try hypnosis. It works.

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Basic Self Hypnosis Information

There has always been a fascination regarding hypnosis and everything that surrounds it. The way that hypnosis can supposedly change behaviors and create suggestions is considered by many as an amazing feat. Through the years, as more and more people find out about hypnosis and its many branches, there has been a growing interest on the subject of self hypnosis. To hypnotize others is already considered an accomplishment, but if we could do it to ourselves, then what would that mean ?! There seems to be endless amounts of information regarding self hypnosis, but we thought it would be best to start with the basics.

Self hypnosis is defined as an intense state of concentration that allows the self to be open to suggestions. What may surprise many is that self hypnosis is a natural state. When you find yourself engrossed in a book, really delving into the music you are listening to, or even daydreaming, you are practicing self-hypnosis. When you get so deeply involved in whatever it is that you are doing, that you do not even notice any distractions, then that is self hypnosis!

Getting Started on Self Hypnosis

If you want to use this information to give self hypnosis a go, then you may have to subscribe to these tips. They will make self hypnosis more likely and possible.

1. Do not force yourself into a state of self hypnosis- You can not make it happen by force, you just have to allow the process to happen. Do not be surprised if you do not succeed the first time. Self hypnosis takes time and practice before it can occur.

2. There is no need to analyze everything that happens. You will be tempted to look out for signs that point to a successful self hypnotic session, but if that's all that you do, you will never get to the relaxed state that is needed. Just relax and keep on practicing. When you are properly relaxed, then you will achieve success!

3. Get ready with all your suggestions and affirmations before starting the process. That way, you do not have to step out of your relaxed state to come up with goals that you want for yourself. Your suggestions must also be concise and positive.

How to Perform a Hypnosis Session on Yourself

1. Find a quiet place to sit or lie down. In your spot, you must learn to focus and relax both mind and body.

2. Try to count down from 50 to 0. Count at a pace that looks natural to you. With every number, you must allow your mind, your breathing and your body to relax.

3. Another trick to try out would be to concentrate on an object, such as a flickering candle or a pendulum. Breathe slowly and relax while keeping your eyes on the object.

4. Once you have achieved complete relaxation, you will have an increased consciousness that will be open and receptive to suggestions. This is the time to think about your goals and suggestions. In this instant, vocalize your suggestions in your head, focusing on it for a few minutes.

5. You are about to end your session. Do it with more positive thoughts and the knowledge that as you start to move and become alert, you do so with a positive and stress free mind and body.

6. With time and practice, you should see results from the suggestions that you have told yourself. Remember to be patient and give those suggestions time to work.

There's more self hypnosis information available on this site. Be sure to take a look at our other equally interesting and informative posts.

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Why Forgiveness Is Important for You

One of the most important elements of my hypnotherapy practice is helping others understand the need for forgiveness. Many times, we become wrapped up in the results and symptoms of our personal issues and we forget to search for the cause of these problems. For example, one may be bothered with an over-eating problem, however, that person may not be aware that the over-eating may be caused by an under issue. And that's understandable, because all they may really be looking at is the image in the mirror and saying to themselves, “I have to stop eating so much”. They begin to look at ways to correct this problem and the first thing that comes to mind is finding a diet that will help them to lose weight. The lower calorie menu may work, at first, but the weight keeps coming back. This only makes matters worse, since they now have escalating feelings of failure to add to the weight problem. Of course, eating right (combined with physical activity) is an excellent approach to weight control, but what if the problem isoted somewhere else?

We are told that in order to be “good” people, we should practice forgiveness. This is a fundamental concept in just about every faith and we know that it's better not to carry around animosity as part of our personal baggage. But to truly comprehend the value of forgiveness, you need to learn to forgive yourself, as well. This something that I look for, when working with my clients. Because what I do is a collaborative affair, I work along with my clients to discover the underlying root causes of negative life scenarios. You would be surprised at the number of times a problem has stemmed directly from a lack of forgiveness, either for themselves or towards another individual. Dealing with this discovery is simplified due to the fact that the client is in complete control of their thoughts and actions during therapy. This also means that every moment of the entire session is remembered. This is contrary to what some people may think, but hypnotherapy is not just standard hypnosis. This means that the issue is completely explored as opposed to a hypnotist who merely exerts their own over a subject, so “solutions” are short-lived at best.

After a hypnotherapy session, the client will be able to see why it's important to be able to forgive. So often, we are able to bring ourselves to forgive another person, but we can easily forget how to forgive another very important person – that's you. If you find yourself facing a difficult issue, such as; depression, smoking, weight gain, career stalls, etc., it would certainly be worth your time to investigate the issue from an internal perspective through the use of hypnotherapy. This is also why I assist my clients with being able to perform self hypnosis after their hypnotherapy sessions with me.

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What Is Medical Hypnosis?

Many psychiatrists and psychologists emphasize that a lot of people today are a result of what they were in their earlier lives. It is a universal fact that people develop most of their habits when they are young and tend to practice them lifelong. However, some of these habits are not healthy and do not define the principles of leading a healthy life.

One of the best uses of hypnosis is treating different diseases of people. It is great used to release anxiety, stress and even depression. With hypnosis, the therapists employ auto suggestion with the patient by manipulating information in the brain.

In a large number of cases, hypnosis has also been able to get rid of mental pressures. Expert medical hypnotherapists can easily and quickly hypnotize a person. And surprisingly, it does not require using any drugs. Medical hypnosis is considered a great benefit to treat various psychological disorders if managed carefully and attentively.

During the process of medical hypnosis, the hypnotherapist has to pay undivided attention to the immediate reaction and responses of the patient. The therapist uses auto suggestion to make the required adjustments in the subconscious of the patient's mind. The therapy is used to lose weight, quit smoking, get rid of stress and control various other disorders. However, the therapist must be vigilant enough that the technique is not exploited in an adverse manner.

Medical hypnosis makes use of medical healing and psychology to aid in treating mental and physical disorders, relaxation and spiritual emotion. The method has also been used to improve concentration, motivation, memory and imagination, and reduce stress and trauma. Medical hypnosis is also used to treat a wide variety of medical issues like asthma, migraine, obesity, pain due to disease, and even ease childbirth process.

When a hypnotherapist hypnotizes a person, s / he is not completely unconscious. In fact, the patient is totally aware of the events in the surroundings. The main focus of the procedure is addressing the problems and eliminating them using the best techniques.

Medical hypnosis is now practiced all around the world and many people are rushing towards it. The main reason for the popularity of this therapy is that the treatment takes a very short amount of time. Moreover, there are no drugs used in the entire process, which makes it safe for people who are allergic to certain chemicals. Also, the therapy can be used for people of all ages.

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