Self-Hypnosis 101

In order to learn self-hypnosis it is useful to understand the relationship between the mind brain and body. Although there are no proven explanations for the state of hypnosis, there are a few good models that will help in understanding how it works.

The reason there are not any real proofs, is that there is no proof for the concept of mind. However, when one accepts the existence of mind, things seem to fall into place in our understanding of how hypnosis may work.

The model that I believe serves best to understand the mind brain body relationship is that of the computer and the operator. A computer is a device that stores information and has programs called software that makes use of the information, or data to use its technical name.

The operator is a person who knows which software program is to be used. The operator does not need to understand how the data is stored or retrieved, that is the domain of the programmer.

If the computer is analogous to the brain, we know the brain stores data or information. There are several theories to explain how the three and a half pound brain can store as much information as it does, but the amazing thing is that the computer can juggle information in a way no digital computer can do. It can recognize the face of an old school friend who you have not seen for many years.

It is useful to consider the mind being in two components; a conscious part which tells you what you need to do under certain circumstances, like drink when you feel thirsty, and an unconscious part which does everything else. Like an iceberg floating in the ocean, the level of the ocean represents the level of awareness, anything above you are aware of, and anything below you are not aware of, the smaller part above represents the conscious part of the mind, the larger submerged part is below your level of awareness.

It seems that the unconscious part, that which is below the level of awareness, is the operator that runs the brain's software programs. I believe the unconscious is a software junkie, as it runs programs 24/7. For a very small amount of the time it runs the software that the conscious willful mind orders it to, but in the background it is running all the systems in our body.

Hypnosis is nothing more than a tool for instructing the unconscious to run a particular program or sries of programs without interference from the conscious mind. This is important because the conscious mind often does not believe the chosen programs can be run, and so may negate the effects of the unconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon. Based on the theories I have just presented, when we are not actively directing the unconscious to run a particular program, it will run programs randomly, such as our dreams.

When driving from point A to point B, if you are stopped by traffic lights, do you remember the trip you have made so far? Probably not, you were listening to your car radio, talking to your passenger, thinking about the rest of your day, yet you were able to drive safely and smoothly. It was not always like this. When you were learning to drive, you were very conscious of the pedals and the steering wheel, but you taught yourself to drive and now you do not think about the actual mechanics of driving. This set of circumstances is analogous to being in a hypnotic trance. You were not sleep, nor had you been hit on the head unconscious, but you were narrowly focused on something other than the route you were taking.

So hypnosis is a mind state in which the conscious mind is distracted and focused on something other than what the unconscious is being told to do. The most effective way to accomplish this is to be trained by a hypnotist. Self-hypnosis can then be achieved by re-experiencing the hypnotic trance merely by remembering going into the trance state.

To utilize self-hypnosis, it is best to consciously instruct your unconscious mind that you are going into a hypnotic trance, and during that time, it is to perform certain things that you want to accomplish. You are then ready for the trance. I said you need to be patient. You will need practice at doing this so do not be disappointed if it does not work at first. Perseverance will definitely bring results.

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Hypnosis Is Dangerous and I Don’t Want Anything to Do With It

Hypnosis has got itself a bad reputation. We've all seen stage shows where someone is pushed up onto the stage and, under hypnosis, does some crazy and embarrassing things. That is pure show biz. Stage hypnotists are trained to spot the suggestible people in an audience and that, coupled with the desire to conform and fit in, produces the show.

That has nothing at all to do with hypnotherapy and there are some myths that can be busted straight away

· You can not be hypnotized without your consent or awareness
· You do not lose control
· Hypnosis can not make you do something you do not want to do

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool that you can use for all sorts of things. The key thing about hypnosis is that you need to trust your therapist. Hypnosis can be thought of as a very deep stage of relaxation. It's a highly focused state, much like meditation or daydreaming. In this state it is much easier to bypass your critical conscious mind. If you do not trust your therapist a part of you will always resist.

A trained hypnotherapist can help you to easily achieve the goals you have set for yourself. We've all heard of hypnosis for weight loss, but it can be used for anything from stopping smoking to overcoming blushing, by making suggestions which go straight to your subconscious mind. That way they are more effective and powerful.

I can not understand why anyone would deprive themselves of the wonderful and powerful experience of relaxation, but if you feel that you do not want to trust someone else to put you into that state, then there are other options available to you.

If you want to succeed with hypnotherapy, then you will probably need to have several sessions. One session may work, but since you are often changing habits and routines set up over a lifetime it can take more than one session. That means cost may be a barrier. It can be expensive to keep seeing a hypnotherapist.

Fortunately there are no shortage of tools and resources you can use to perform self hypnosis at home. There are books, videos and articles available to teach you how to hypnotize yourself. Or you can buy pre-recorded hypnosis sessions for a fraction of the cost of a session with a professional hypnotherapist. The beauty of these is that you can use them every day, so even if you find it difficult to get into trance you will find it easier and easier every time. That way you have more chance of achieving results.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help you with everything from simple relaxation to extreme pain management (from childbirth to dental surgery). It needs a bit of a time commitment, but its easy to do and can be inexpensive. There are no side effects but it can give strong, long-lasting benefits.

So what are you waiting for?

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Tips for Better Self Hypnosis

Learning and using self hypnosis can be a life-long skill. It can be surprising how much you can benefit because of this simple stress management practice. The feelings of relaxation and calmness can be benefit alone never mind the other positive life changes that can result from taking control of your stress levels.

When you practice self hypnosis regularly and want to get the most from your time, it can be useful to remember some principles for enjoying effective self hypnosis sessions such as: –

1) Practice Increases Effectiveness and Abilities

Just like any other discipline or skill, regular practice helps to refine and enhance your abilities. You can gain a lot and notice positive changes and sense of calmness right from your first session ,. Continuing practicing your self hypnosis and you'll make a habit of releasing stress and tension.

2) Self Hypnosis is not a race

Effective and long-reflecting relaxation is not about speed or rapidity. Be patient and take your time and soon, maybe before you expected too, you will be relaxed and calm and have a sense of inner tranquility.

3) Practice Daily

If you do anything half-heartedly, you are likely to end up with a half-hearted result. Commit yourself to practicing your self hypnosis each and every day. The positive effects will motivate you to continue.

4) Where to do it?

You can practice your self hypnosis in many different places. Some people feel confident enough to do it on tube trains and buses. Some office workers take time out during their lunch break. When you are new to this relaxation process it may be best choose the comfort and security of your own home.

5) Be Fussy – Be Comfortable

Whilst you can enjoy relaxing in any place, as mentioned previously, you can boost your relaxation by being fussy about your environment. This will include requesting that no other person in your home interferees with your set self hypnosis time and potential noises such as telephone are turned off and any other disruptions are managed.

6) Settle down to calmness

Check your post is comfortable and your back and head are well-supported. Your body will lose heat so make sure you will be warm enough. The more confident you are about your comfort, the better and may be deeper relaxation you will experience.

7) Acceptance

You may find that one Some self hypnosis session is quite deep and deep and the next feathers lighter. This is okay and is a natural part of the process. Just accept that this will happen and you will get more from it.

8) Cluttered Mind- Clear Mind

Occasional your mind will seem quiet and your thoughts few and far between. You will daydream and enjoy this state of reverie. You will also have times when you mind seem cluttered and over-active. These are normal experiences and you best approach once again is acceptance of what you get at that time.

9) It's Good to Have a Set Time in Mind

It can be prudent to have a set duration before listening your self hypnosis. In doing so you are much more likely to awaken and then be able to get on with the rest of your day. If you do not set a time you may find that you enter sleep. This is fine if it is your bedtime but not so good if you have other things to attend to after your practice. Have a watch or clock that you could shortly open your eyes to check if you need to see how many minutes have elapsed since you started. After a while your internal clock will become good at estimating more accurately how many minutes have passed.

10) Flexible Self Hypnosis Timing s

It is a good idea, initially, to make the duration of your self hypnosis the same eg. 20 minutes .. After a while you can vary the duration to being longer or shorter depending on your circumstances or needs.

You have many options for gaining this relaxation skill. You can learn via online self hypnosis courses , via a book or ebook, or by purchasing a recording on a tape, CD, or mp3 download. Distance learning of self hypnosis or joining a local course run by hypnotherapy schools or workshops offered by hypnotherapists are other options.

Learn Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a wonderful state of mind to gain benefits of mental and physical relaxation and calmness. I am sure you know that when you feel calmer and more relaxed coping with life's challenges and frustrations can seem a lot easier. It provides a great way of de-stressing any days trials and tribulations and feeling more in control. All the great masters and gurus that have ever lived all used some form of mental relaxation which aided their ability to have insight and enlightenment. You can join them too.

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How the Weather Affects Your Psyche

When the sun shines most people notice that their mood is enhanced. Scientists have also noted the automatic physiological response in our brains and bodies as endorphins are released when we are bathed in sunlight; endorphins which provide us with a soothing feel-good factor.

A friend was commenting the other day that if she does not see a blue sky for a few days she feels really low. As she said, the weather does not even have to be warm; she just needs to see the brightness of a blue sky. I agree. I like brightness. Most people prefer to see a bright landscape as opposed to a dull and dark one. Your mood is affected significantly by your environment; this is an inevitable and inescapable fact.

It's not just the sun which affects your psyche and sense of well-being. Other aspects of the weather can affect you too. Think of Aesop's fable about the competition which the wind and the sun had over the traveler who was walking along the road wearing a coat. The wind blew ever stronger and the traveler wrapped the coat closer to his body. The sun came out and very quickly the traveler took off his coat.

How does the wind affect you? Some people love the wind, other people do not. I personally find that the wind irritates me; I dislike the feeling of being pushed around (especially when I'm trying to putt and want to stay still and stroke the ball gently along the line!). If there is a lot of wind I feel as if it's fighting me; it disturbs my calm and tranquility, and in a sense interferees with my peace of mind.

I know that this is not the point of Aesop's fable; that is to do with kindness affecting more than severity. But even in this fable, the wind is portrayed as severity and negativity while the sun represents kindness and positivity.

We use many terms in day to day language which reflect our instinctive reactions to the weather's effect on our psyche. We say “He's a warm person” or “She's a cold person”, “I'm feeling bright today” or “I'm feeling dull today” or we may observe that a person is “whipping up a storm”. These are just a few examples of us acknowledging that the weather has an intrinsic effect upon us.

For most of us we can do little about the weather conditions in which we live. We take holidays when we can; we “travel to the sun” to get a winter time break if we have the necessary resources to do so, in terms of both time and money. But what can you do if you are stuck in a dark, damp, windy place and just can not get away? How can you boost your mood and lift your spirits to counteract the instinctive effect of the weather upon your psyche?

Many people who suffer from SAD use light boxes. That's one thing that you can do. Other people focus on exercise to lift their spirits and to release endorphins for a boost to their sense of well-being. Some people eat their favorite foods or go to the movies or watch a comedy.

There are in fact many things that you can do to help yourself to feel a little brighter. One of the easiest things is to use your imagination to allow yourself to mentally drift off to a warm and sunny place. This is amazingly effective and easy to do with the help of self hypnosis mp3 downloads.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in self hypnosis mp3 downloads for health and well being.

PS Discover how easy it is to focus your mind with hypnosis; grab yourself a free hypnosis mp3 from my website now.

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Golf: It’s All In Your Mind – How Self Hypnosis Can Help

Are you spending too much time and money on golf lessons to perfect your game? Have you reached that “glass ceiling” that becomes impossible to break through? Do you need to gain the “self confidence” to improve your swing or make that long putt? Self Hypnosis can help you to master all of this by training your mind for those crucical moments on the golf course. After all, Tiger Woods is well known to have used hypnosis to help him become the master golfer he is today. It is suggested that he started using this technique from around 13 years of age. In Tiger Woods preparation, he imagines himself producing that perfect swing and playing the perfect shot, then does exactly that. He will rarely hit bunkers or obstacles out on the fairway because in his mind creates a mental images, so to him, they are just not there to hit.

With Self Hypnosis you could be sitting in your office or relaxing at home and still improving your game. Using a self hypnosis CD, you can teach yourself how to subconscious relax, focus and see the whole stroke in your mind, before taking each shot. It will also give you the confidence to take on the more challenging courses, difficult strokes and putts, while teaching you not to be intimidated by your surroundings or playing partners.

Products like training CD's and teaching Guides from ex professional golfers will teach you their techniques on how to improving your technical game. So will private lessons from your club pro be very useful to learn the techniques you'll need to play better golf . However, these products and guides can not fully prepare your mind and give you the correct mental approach when you are about to play that all important shot! Remember what the great Bobby Jones said: “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course … the space between your ears.” Golf is a mind game! How many times have you seen professional sports men and woman interviewed, saying that they were “In The Zone” that their mental approach to their sport was in total focus.

By helping you with your “Mind Game” you will be able to concentrate, relax and focus giving you the all round self confidence. You will have the mind power that is need to complete all of the other skills you have already mastered. Self Hypnosis is the answer to being playing a better game of golf, by using the power of your own mind. By having a hypno CD you can take the opportunity whenever time or circumstances allows and you will become all round a better golfer. By using a professional hypnotist to guide you to this higher state of mind, all risks are removed, not only is your wellbeing in safe hands, but your golf is too. By controlling your physical body and so by programming your subconscious mind, you thinking is in a more positive state, your game improves. Your playing partners will soon be begging to know the secret of your new found success, not wanting to be left behind.

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Common Myths About Hypnosis – Is It For You?

When I say the word hypnosis to you, what is the first thing you think of? It's probably some guy running around a stage thinking he is a chicken. However there is a world of difference between a Hypnotist performing a stage show and a person going to see a Hypnotherapist to take part in a course of hypnotherapy.

What Is Hypnosis Used For?

Hypnosis has been used for years to treat such things as phobias, fears, addictions, mental disorders, depression as well as to enhance sporting performance. A lot of our habits, behavioral behaviors and actions are a result of fears, past experiences and deep-rooted beliefs we hold about ourselves and the outside world. Our attitude, thinking, beliefs and habits have been formed over a period of years, a result of what we have learned, our upbringing and our past experiences. It can be very difficult to change these things with just willpower and action, this is where hypnosis can help. It can change our thinking and behavior permanently, helping us to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Common Myths About Hypnosis

Am I Being Brainwashed?

What is so bad about having a clean brain? Being serious though, some people are worried that someone is controlling their mind. The truth s that the whole process is about you, and you remain in control. A therapist may help you get into a relaxed state and feed your subconscious mind with positive statements, but this is all for your benefit.

Am I Unconscious During Hypnosis?

You are in a trance-like state of deep relaxation where your subconscious mind is sensitive, alert, focused and receptive to positive suggestion. You are not unconscious at any point through the process.

Is Hypnosis A Quick Fix?

No it certainly is not, and it is not an instant cure for your problems. If you were using hypnosis to lose weight, you would still have to exercise and eat a healthy diet. Hypnosis needs to be used consistently over a period of time in order to see results, you also have to go into it with an open mind.

Hypnosis Is Expensive

As a cheaper option to having hypnotherapy sessions with a therapist, you could also practice self-hypnosis at home. There are some excellent products (books with CD's) that can help you in whatever area of ​​your life that you desire. If you do have a serious disorder or phobia, then visiting a professional should be your first move.

Open up your mind to the possibilities that hypnosis offers, it could change your life forever.

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How You Can Use Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis offers you a variety of ways to deal with your problems. Do you suffer from limiting beliefs? Do you have anxiety attacks? Do you see a lot of problems in your life? Whatever it may be, these problems can be treated with self hypnosis. All of the above, limiting beliefs, anxiety attacks and all the other problems are based on a negative emotion. It really boils down to this. As long as this negative emotion remains in your systems, you will be faced with what you would like to not have. You have to uninstall this negative emotion. It usually is a repressed emotion because you were not able to live it, to face it and you may not even be aware of it. You only have the outlet of this repressed emotion.

You do not need a neuro-linguistic programming specialist to remove your problem.

You can use the blackboard exercise for example. Or you can visualize your problem in order to remove it. In the first place, I would like to introduce you to the easy blackboard exercise.

This uses also imagination. You prepare to see a blackboard in front of you. You are staying in front of it with a piece of chalk in your hands. As you picture that blackboard, you can see yourself how you are writing some words on that blackboard, using the piece of chalk in your hand.

You can see what you are writing. You are writing the words “anxiety-free”, or “free from limiting beliefs” or “free from my problems”, according to which one applies. If you suffer from something else, you write down whatever problem is, but in the form of “no longer” or in other words, adding the word “free” to what others you. You can see these words quite clearly. You are now enjoying your freedom from anxiety, from problems, from limiting beliefs.

When you do this exercise, play some new age or meditative music. Do that for a few minutes.

As you continue looking at the blackboard, you see yourself erasing the words “anxiety-free” or whatever your problem is and whatever the words are that you have written on the blackboard. While looking at the blackboard on which the words you have erased disappear, the anxiety or whatever it is, is disappearing from your mind. It is like your mind was being cleaned like the blackboard. As soon as you can see that the words have disappeared and that the blackboard is clean, your mind will return in its normal conscious awareness.

You can see that you can do a lot by yourself In order to free your mind.

This exercise is easy to use and you can do it over and over again for whatever you want to cancel from your subconscious mind and, obviously also from your awareness.

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Self Hypnosis Training Gives Results Without Side Effects

Using hypnosis to make improvements in your life is nothing new, but many are skeptical when they hear that you can do self-hypnosis training at home to save money and get results. Many find that once they start looking into this as a possible solution, they see changes take shape. The ability to make changes right from your own home is a lucrative reason to look into this form of therapy.

Once you have decided to start self-hypnosis training, you can actually download a plan right from your own computer and start learning. You will see there are a number of ways to get your hands on the necessary resources so that you can begin this self-induced healing process, without waiting for a doctor's appointment. After you have downloaded what you need, you can start with the hypnotic treatment.

Many find that they need some help in order to start with self-hypnosis training – so you may want to look for a therapist that can help you along these lines if you want some assistance. You will be given a number of tools and resources to use that can help you out if you can locate a helpful hypnotherapist. Once you do, then try to be aware of their busy schedule. Ask them if and when they are available to help you or give you some pointers.

Some find that they get started in self-hypnosis training by reading books, listening to training CDs or other audio files. By using these other resources, you can begin to familiarize with the entire process and find a bit of help. Doubtless you will also find that these resources are not enough to get the job done, and you will need to look for further specific help in a more thorough product.

Once you begin to use some of the self-hypnosis training tips that you learn, you will have to deal with learning the process and this can be slow going up front. With a little bit of practice, however, you can find that things get much more simple to do. This is when you will likely find that your progress begins to really take off, a little at a time, but momentum quickly builds.

As you prepare yourself for self-hypnosis training in your own home, prepare to find one of the most relaxing ways to make positive changes. Once you begin to put all of these different into the bigger picture, you can use the relaxation techniques to help you to maximize most issues that you are faced with in life. Hypnotherapy will help you to see results in facing and solving some of your most difficult problems without much struggle needed.

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Get a Better Sleep With Hypnosis

Do you wake up during the night and can not go back to sleep? Maybe you toss and turn for hours only to get a few hours shut-eye and wake up the next day feeling like a disaster. Do you suffer from “the mad monkey of the mind” that never wants to sleep when you do? Trust me. You are not alone. I suffered from insomnia for many years and I found my solution, hypnosis.

It is a common fact that we as humans need our sleep. Everybody should get at least 7-8 hours of continuous sleep each night. While we sleep our bodies not only recharge our batteries, but there are also a lot of vital processes that go on such as release of a very important neurotransmitter called serotonin. Serotonin regulates out mood and our metabolism during the day, as well as many other important things. So, if you are not getting your required 7 – 8 hours every night, guess what? Not only are you more likely of being in a bad mood and having you thinking slowed down, you'll also put on the pounds more easily. Sounds like a pretty bad deal to me. So let's talk about how hypnosis may help you fall sleep and stay sleep.

Sleep disorders are far too common in today's society. We live in a world where everything is going at a million miles an hour and everyone expected us to do everything yesterday. As a result of living such frantic lives switching off when we go to bed can be quite the challenge. The hardship that goes with a sleep disorder and its exhausting nature is often underestimated and overlooked. That said, just because sleep disorders are very common it does not mean you should just go ahead and live with it. Something being common does not mean that it is normal.

Sleep hypnosis is also referred to as relaxation hypnosis and is a very powerful method to help you sleep. When going through sleep hypnosis the deeply rooted causes of your tension and your brain's unwillingness to shut down are revealed. You see, unless you address the actual causes for your sleeping difficulties and not only the symptoms, you are very unlucky to succeed.

Through hypnosis you can get help with identifying the causes and realize that sleeping should not be and is not hard. Treatment is very simple, safe and non-invasive. Not only that. It lasts as opposed to sleeping tablets which stops working as soon as you stop taking them, and who wants to be taking a sleeping pill every day for the rest of their lives?

There are numerous benefits of sleep hypnosis. Imagine going to bed tried, but not exhausted and actually falling asleep. Imagine waking up the next morning feeling recharged and invigorated and the feeling lasts the whole day. Imagine coming home from work and having energy left for both your family and friends, knowing that when you go to bed tonight the same things will happen all over again.

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More Thoughts On Stopping The Smoking Habit With Hypnosis

Deciding to quit smoking is always easier said than done. While your logical mind tells you that a lifestyle change is both beneficial and necessary, your pleasure-oriented subconscious would stubbornly dictate you to go on with your blithe smoking ways. It's always a struggle between wanting to stop and wanting a deliciously toxin-filled puff.

Some would say “once a smoker, always a smoker”. This may not be true to all but the adage is certainly understandable as most nicotine addicts just could not stop smoking no matter how badly they wanted to. They could be smoke-free for a period time, but once temptations and peer pressures start to creep in they would resort back to their old habit. What could be worse is that they often do smoking more than they did before quitting.

It would seem to appear that a smoker who wishes to quit smoking is a hopeless case. If you are this person, you may very well be thinking that you're already doomed! Not really. You can actually stop smoking with hypnosis. The subconscious mind, which is the main scoundrel of a successful withdrawal, can be tamed to serve your purpose. With hypnosis, you will no longer need to face the constant struggle between your health and a cigarette.

Of course, the quitting process will not be bump-free ride. In the first day or so your craving for nicotine would still take its toll, but afterwards, the craving will just be in your mind. And that is, basically, where hypnosis can do its wonders on you. To quit smoking is to learn a new way of life with new associations.

Hypnosis can aid you in learning this new lifestyle pattern faster; giving you the needed push to pursue a smoke-free life. Instead of having the impression that smoking is a friend, hypnosis will train your mind to consider it a menace, disgust … a disease. In the process, you not only change the way you think, but also change the way you act. In some respect, it is a case of changing the mindset to break the bad habit.

By acquiring the services of a professional hypnotherapist, reinforced with self-hypnosis, one can be victorious in the struggle with cigarettes. It is important to take into account although that successive success stories of former smokers, it is never too poorly for some people to resort to their old ways and re-emerge as a smoker once again.

This usually happens after a few months, maybe a year, of stopping cigarette smoking. For this reason, it is vital to maintain or engage in periodic meetings with the therapist whenever necessary. Better yet, one may do self-hypnosis every once in a while so as to sustain the process of quitting. It's like recharging batteries once they run low or get empty.

Stop smoking with hypnosis and relieve yourself from the stress of quitting or withdrawal. Hypnosis by a professional, as well as, self-hypnosis can equip you with better coping mechanisms; thus trying to be smoke-free need not be burdensome and difficult to handle. With hypnosis on one's side, the battle with cigarettes can be won with ease.

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How to Write Hypnosis Induction Scripts

It's a fact that effective induction is crucial in the overall success of a hypnotherapy session. It can make or break the entire session. To understand why this is, it's important to realize what an induction is and what we're trying to achieve by doing a hypnosis induction.

Induction is the part of hypnosis in which your subject in taken into a trance. Now while there is such a thing known as an instant induction (handshake), what we'll be discussing is a preliminary induction. This is the type used by therapists because it's more comfortable for clients and is done by gradually relaxing your subject. What we're effectively aiming to do is take the client from an alert state to one of selective attention in which your subject can focus closely on the hypnotic session. Our two key aims then are to generate relaxation and focus our clients' attention on the goals of the session in hand.

Without it or with an infectious version of it, your subject might only be in a slight trance or none at all. This means your subjects' unconscious mind will not be open to your suggestions, lessening the effective of the treatment by a reasonable amount.

So how do you carry out an effective induction?

There are effectively 4 Steps. If you use each of these steps in the way I describe, you'll find your subject drifting off into a deep trance in no time

1. Relaxation
2. Creating Confusion
3. Vivid Visualizations
4. Step Downs

Let's look at each step in turn.

1. Relaxation

We start by getting our client relaxed. There's a number of ways to do this and some hypnotists will even do some pre-hypnosis relaxation. This is where they get their client to do a series of actions to get them in a more relaxed state for therapy. One effective way of doing this is to direct your client to tense then relax muscles in each part of their body. While this is effective, it's really only necessary when dealing with clients who are more on edge.

When the hypnosis session gets started, the easiest way to start this relaxation process is by instructing your subject to take deep breaths. This is a highly effective technique and is used in a variety of medical fields to calm people down. Indeed, it's taught to anxiety victims to help them remain calm when their anxiety strikes. Tell them to take around 3 or 4 slow deep breaths. If you wish you can also tell them to visualize the air flowing down to their lungs like water flowing down a stream.

The second method to achieving this step is having your client fixate on a certain object. Tell them to make out every part of the object, all the detail and what the texture would feel like if they touched it. This calms the mind and starts eliminating outside stimuli.

The final way I'll be explaining is progressive relaxation. Start by telling your client to pay particular attention to each part of their body in turn and feel the muscles in that area relaxing. You can start at the foot and move up the body. You could tell them to imagine a ball of light or a certain color moving through them and relaxing each part of the body it touches.

Regardless of the approach you choose, your client should be now relaxed and ready to move further into the process.

You'll want to tell your client to close their eyes at this point, if they have not already. People love been directed when relaxed. It also removes the worry. People think you close your eyes when you're been hypnotized but if you do not tell them to them 'they worry they're doing it wrong and it will not be effective. Your aim is to make them feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

2. Confusion

Next we're going to create some confusion in your subject. This distracts them and allows us access to their unconscious so that we can proceed with the session. In order to do this, direct your client to start counting down from a high number such as 300. While they're doing this, you'll proceed to the next step, giving them another direction and making them lose focus on the task. It's important to tell them not to worry about losing their place and to simply continue from the last number they can remember.

3. Vivid Visualization

Now you're going to set a scene for your subject to imagine. You want a bright tranquil scene that screams out calmness such as a beach, forest, park or a stroll in the garden on a hot summer's day. You'll want to tell them to imagine this setting in every vivid detail from the feel of the grass or sand beneath their feet, the smell of the flowers, and the vastness of the ocean in front of them, the feel of the breeze gently brushing them to the sound of the ocean or birds in the sky.

This is where your knowledge of the client comes in handy. If you know of one, you can use an experience they've actually had to strengthen the process. If not just use what you think works best based on the clients' personality.

What we're doing here is strengthening the relaxation and focus before we place them in trance.

4. Step Down

Next it's time to pull them into trance. This is where we get their focus fixed on the session. This is where you tell them to imagine walking down some sort of path or stairs. Just make it relevant to the scene you created above. You could have them walk down the garden path getting deeper and deer, more relaxed as they go. You'll then start counting down from 10 or even up 1-10. With each second count you'll tell them they've taken another step and are getting deer and deeper into trance.


Let's go through the process again. Firstly, you'll start getting your client relaxed and making them fees as if you understand their problems and can help them through it. You'll then go through each step of the 4 step method in order. This entire process should take around 5 minutes and it'll leave your subjects' unconscious open to suggestion do not write if you write down your script that you should rehearse it and make it sound natural rather than reading it aloud, otherwise it will not be effective.

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Becoming More of a Woman With Self Hypnosis

In recent times feminine hypnosis has had a great surge in popularity among people in trans-gender societies. It is primarily designed to help those who have sent most of their life bombarded by thoughts of who they are and if what they see in the mirror necessarily reflects what they feel on the inside. I is generally accepted that what is planned to us from our outside world has an immune impact of what we feel inside. An example would be bullying which commonly results in the bullied person being left with an inferiority complex and very negative thoughts about themselves.

Therefore, the foundation of feminine hypnosis has to be self-esteem, which will dramatically affect the way you view your appearance. In addition, it is very hard to accomplish full feminization if you do not first build self-confidence. The goal of feminine hypnosis is to reprogram your subconscious mind so that you no longer think of yourself as masculine, but rather a beautiful, prospering woman woman, inside and out. Once you are control and have access to your sub-conscious mind, you can start depicting your scripts and provide your sub-conscious mind with relevant messages. These messages that you continue to tell yourself will make your body follow in a feminine way. Using feminine hypnosis you can see fast and noticeable results that will allow you to be the lady you have always known you are.

Buried deep in our mind is where the vast majority of our transforming problems arise from. Feminine hypnosis trains you sub-conscious mind to accept the new and improved image of yourself and allows you to be and feel femininity naturally without having to consciously think about it. It is a known fact that it is achievable to transition from being a male t being a female and attain an attractive beauty. By using feminine hypnosis you old thoughts about yourself become more and more blurred every day until they one day disappear. You will replace the old messages with new ones, all leaving you with a femininity gender identity. In time, you will see your previous male habits and gestures disappearing which allows you to become more accustomed and happy with you trans-sexuality.

The process of feminine hypnosis addresses all the various aspects of you body. The mental, physical and emotional. You will have to find the feminine voice that speaks to you without sounding forced. Finding this voice can be a challenge initially, but with expert help it happens quickly and naturally. Through the use of feminine hypnosis you can alter your thinking and re-shape your life so you can finally live the life you know you always wanted to, but never had the courage to.

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Subliminal Messages Through Hypno CDs

Every once in a while I am baffled by the power of our subconscious mind. I'm sure you've experienced this as well. It often happens when you do not even realize, like after you have watched a movie and then after you start using phrases or lines from the movie. Or listening to a song while working, not paying attention to its lyrics, only to find yourself using them in your actions, thoughts or daily discussions? It happens quite often and we all experience it from time to time.

This is why some hypnotists decided to start creating hypno CDs. While normal clips or songs are not conceivable with the purpose of transmitting any subliminal message, these special CDs do just that. I know some of you might have a negative perception regarding the whole concept of hypnosis, but the truth is that it can help you in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

Just so you know I'm not talking just for the sake of it I will provide you with an example. A friend of mine could not give up smoking not matter what they tried. Until that is, they tried self hypnosis! I am not going to say it made the process easy, they still had the addiction and it was hard for them to stop smoking. But the aid that they received from the hypno CD helped them to overcome this and provided that extra bit of support they needed.

I know what your thinking, how can this change occur just from listening to a CD ?! Well, this is due to the subliminal messages in the CD. They help to re-train your brains so when you have a certain situation, such as being desperate for a cigarette, so you have a way to cope with it. There are hypno CDs for all sorts of different problems as well so it is reasonably there is something that will be able to help you. The bets part is that you can listen to them while working and cooking, or before you fall sleep at night.

No matter what you are trying to achieve, there will be a self hypnosis CD that can help you and it will have a simple subliminal message to get you closer to your goal. Of course, this is not the ultimate solution to each and every problem – you will not get rich or healthy just by listening to the tracks, but you will at least get in the state of mind which enables you to take the right course.

Most of the things which seem very difficult at first sight typically prove to be quite simple and easy to get done. Most things we fear and consider dangerous prove to be easy to conquer once we deal with them. The simple secret method employed by the hypno CDs is that they manage to tap into the incredible power of the subconscious mind. Most of our problems are only surface problems. When we manage to get over them or solve them, we realize that we had the solution deep within us all the time. We only had to look for it.

Have you seen how different kinds of music make you either more efficient or slow you down? It's quite a known fact that Vivaldi or Mozart can increase your work power by over 300%, while pop songs will slow you down considerably. A hypno CD is carefully mastered in order to provide the subliminal influence you need to achieve your goal.

If you need to conquer a fear, find the solution to a problem which has bothered you for some time, the subliminal messages sent through hypno CDs are very powerful and will help you overcome difficulties you might have. So why not give them a try, you may just be amazed by the results!

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Feminizing Hypnosis For The Woman In You

If you want to transform yourself both mentally, emotionally and physically, then feminizing hypnoisis may be for you. Feminizing hypnosis is a safe and effective tool that allows you to become the woman you always dreamed you would be. Not only can the art of feminizing hypnosis make your look and feel like a woman, it can also make you fit into the daily situations in your life. It does not matter if you are a transvestite, transsexual or transgender, feminizing hypnosis can help you all.

One of the basic human needs is feeling recognized and accepted by our society. Therefore, it is very important that you have to look and feel like a woman if you are to fit in and gain acceptance. Because deep down, a woman is what you are even though you may have been viewed as a man for many years. In the blink of an eye, most people would have made their mind up about who you are and you would have left a first impression. Your emotional make-up that consist of you thoughts and emotions are not visible to other during that quick second when first impressions are formed. You may think that those internal feeling and emotions all come from the inside, however this is not the case. They are influenced by the outside effects that you interact with to a great extent. This means that all those times you have been teased and others have created a negative image of you, your sub-conscious mind will have created a negative image of yourself. After a while, the body will follow the negative lead of your mind and therefore conform to the negative image. Ultimately, this will lead to a total loss of self-confidence and potentially bouts of various forms of depression.

Now for the key solution. You should not expect other people to change their attitudes and opinions about you until you have changed the opinion you have of yourself. This is what is referred to as your self image. What this means is that you have to learn a way to disconnect from all of the negativity coming from other and rather focus on the positivity you create inside yourself. Self-hypnosis can help you achieve this and transform your mind, your body and extremely your self confidence. This is done by placing positive thoughts and images deep in your mind which will always change your brains' programming and your perception of what you see in the mirror every day.

Self hypnosis works so well for so many people because it provides you with total control over your body and the way you view it, on both a physical and emotional level. Where even drugs do not do the trick, self hypnosis can help.

You are influenced by what you see, hear and feel. Therefore we have to create positive inputs and affirmations using all of those pathways to your brain. You can say you affirmations out loud, you can create the desired picture of yourself in your minds eye and you can create the feeling you want, just by thinking about it the right way. Through repetition of these suggestions to your sub-conscious it will adopt these ideas as reality and thenby change your body and your beliefs to fit in.

Not only will your body change on the outside. On the inside you will start producing increased levels of feminine hormones resulting in a female looking body. You may be thinking right now that the same results may be achieved through HRT or surgery, however this is not the case. These will only address the physical part of your body, but the appropriate emotional patterns will still remain. This is why self hypnosis has been and continues to be the safest and most effective way to truly becoming the woman you have always wanted.

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Hypnosis: Can It Really Help With Everyday Problems?

Many of us, possibly you too, wake up in the morning and hope to hear that 'magic pill' has been invented that will cure all of our fears and phobias; but it never seems to happen. In fact, the closest many of us have come to a 'magic pill' is discovering hypnosis CDs. The question is, are they really as good as they sound? Can they really sort out those nagging fears and doubts that ruin some of the simple pleasures of life that other people take for granted?

Do you wake up in the morning and just want to spend the rest of the day in bed? You know that it's not going to take long before you start to get the stress building up. It's not always easy getting through the day, is it? Well, if you have not considered self hypnosis as a way of overcoming these problems, then you could still be years away from getting a solution that is going to work for you.

If you have been thinking about self hypnosis, but you're a bit worried that there may be some risk involved in using hypno CDs, then this is something you'll need to know. The hypno CDs you'll be looking at buying are safer than just about all of the other techniques you'll find for curing yourself of fears and phobias.

That may seem like an incredibly bold statement, but just think about it for a moment. You are not fully sleep when using these hypnosis methods, so you can stop at any time during the process; and you are not filling your body full of chemicals that you have no idea how you'll react to.

Add in the fact that you'll automatically feel a whole lot more relaxed when you end a session no matter what the self hypnosis CD is designed to aid. You also are not paying out a lot of money for ongoing treatment. Is not this now starting to look like something you should have been doing years ago?

Some of the medicines that you may take to suppress your feelings of stress or anxiety are things that you could be taking for the rest of your life. So, would not it make sense to try hypno CDs that could make a world of difference in as little as 30 minutes a day, and a couple of times a month after that to keep things 'topped up'?

Just imagine it, you put on one of your hypno CDs and it keeps you for the rest of the day. 30 minutes out of the start of your morning to see the stress disappear for the rest of the day. If you have an anxiety problem, it'll get you ready to go out and face the world; or just 30 minutes to see the weight that's been haunting you for years, start to disappear. Who would not trade 30 minutes in the morning for one month, to get benefits like that?

Just remember, hypno CDs are not some quick fix that's going to stop working if you do not use it for a day. They're designed to 'rewire' the brain and associate the things that have been causing you problems, with a better solution ie stress will no longer be linked, in your mind, to comfort eating. It may however, become linked with a number of relaxation techniques that will actually calm you down and relieve the stress you've been feeling.

So if hypnosis has not been on your mind up until now, but you've started to realize that there are many benefits from using this method, then you really should have a look at some of the self hypnosis CDs that are available and make a list of the hypno CDs that are going to make the largest difference in your life.

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