What Actually Happens in a Hypnotherapy Session?

The hypnotherapist's aim at a session is to guide you into a relaxed hypnotic state.

In this relaxed state the conscious mind takes on a more passive role and the subconscious mind becomes more receptive to suggestions.

You will only accept suggestions that are right for you. You can still reject suggestions and are in control at all times. A hypnotherapist can not make you do anything in hypnosis that you would not do outside of hypnosis.

The therapist will take a detailed case history, so that they can learn more about you. This helps the therapist in deciding the methods that they will use to guide you into hypnosis.

Once the therapist gathers all the information they require about you, they will then explain hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is a safe naturally occurring state. We all go into hypnotic states every day, some of us more than others.

When you are engrossed in a book or watching a film, you are in another world, you are in a hypnotic state. You are aware of your surroundings, but are more focussed on your inner world. You are in your imagination.

When hypnosis is depicted in a film or in the media, it is often shown to control people or shown in some evil way. This is all nonsense. You are not controlled in any way with hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a wonderful state of mind. It is creative, it is relaxing, it is powerful
You can go anywhere in your mind. It is the only place where you have control. You can not control or change others, but you can change yourself.

When you go to consult a hypnotherapist they will guide you into this hypnotic state and use a variety of techniques to help you make makes. In this relaxed state your subconscious mind is more receptive to make changes.

Consultations usually last around one hour and several sessions may be required depending on the condition being addressed.

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Weight Loss Self Hypnosis – A Real Thing

Sigmund Freud once said that dreams are fulfillment of one's wishes. It is pretty much a tall order because, whether we like it or not, we do not live in the dream world. In the real world, if you are fat, people will affirm that you are fat. There is a way, however, to tap into the power of the mind and miraculously make you lose weight faster than you thought. Through weight loss self hypnosis, there is no need for expensive memberships in gyms or following those sickening fad diet programs.

How does, you ask, weight loss self hypnosis works? Well, let's start with self hypnosis. It is the power to train your own mind to do what you exactly wish. In the medical field, there is an enthusiastic atmosphere for self hypnosis as a less-harmful alternative to chemical anesthesia. Using proper techniques, you are no longer susceptible to pain and discomfort while in a trance state. In other words, you are trying to tell your mind that pain is just a made up perception. The battle begins and ends with the mind. Beyond the medical field, self hypnosis is also beneficial to other suggestions and expectations. You can train your mind to relax and concentrate with unbelievable ease through self-hypnosis. Ultimately, you are going to live a happier life with self-hypnosis because you can be in control of things and situations if you want to.

The application of self-hypnosis to the goal of weight loss is easy. You can train your mind that you are full even if you have not eaten yet. Or to be blunt about it, you can tell your mind that one pudding is enough for dinner. And then, you can tell your mind to relax and sleep. This great power of weight loss self hypnosis should come with responsibility, though. You should not overdo it and risk your own health.

Taylor Starr teachers self hypnosis and its endless applications in Underground Hypnosis Course. Starr has worked for years underground to get hold of fascinating knowledge about hypnosis.

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Treat Stress and Anxiety Using Self-Hypnosis

It is detrimental for us to suffer from stress. If stress left untreated, they will pose serious to our long term health. Ambition, competitiveness, and motivation from society around you will create stress. From one person to another, the effect felt can differ greatly. Some people react to it positively and it depends on how people perceive external events. A major stress even for one person may be just a minor nuisance for another.

When you expect something, you will get anxiety. Various people in your life expect different things out of you. You also are expecting things differently in your life. When expectations are not fulfilled the way you want it to be, anxiety will crop up.

Hypnosis can help you to relief those problems by working with your thoughts and perceptions. What you perceive in your mind is what you get in the world. Self hypnosis is getting more popular as more people find hypnosis powerful enough to relief them. It is natural, easy, does not involve any use of drugs and it takes only a small small amount of time and effort on your part.

The first step in using hypnosis for treating stress and anxiety is to be aware of the problem you are facing. You must be able to identify all the goals you want to achieve in order to solve your problems.

Secondly, you must understand what self hypnosis is and why it works before you even trying to use it.

The last step is to use what you have learned to actually perform self hypnosis. Keeping what you have in mind as your goal will make it easier for your subconscious mind to adapt. Multiple seasons are required if you want optimum results. It's a fact that stress and anxiety is part of our lives. The more advanced our societies become, the more pressure the more we're going to get. Be prepared for the extra pressure by knowing how to handle stress when it comes to you.

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Panic Disorder Cure – How Hypnotherapy Can Eliminate Panic Disorder

Hypnotherapy – a new way for people to be rid of anxiety and panic attacks. For some, hypnotherapy can be effective in decreasing the amount of attacks they have and experience each month.

How hypnotherapy works –

It targets the attack triggers and the psychological as well as physical symptoms associated with anxiety attacks.

How to Use hypnotherapy –

Should someone feel that they would benefit from this type of therapy, they will need to seek out someone who is qualified and experienced in dealing with panic attacks. There is not just one kind of hypnotherapy but many kinds so someone who knows how to deal with panic attacks is preferred. Panic disorder hypnotherapy deals with the psychological as well as the physical symptoms.

Using hypnotherapy for panic attacks can reduce the number of attacks a person sufferers from. It works by using the person's unconscious mind and deals with anxiety provoking situations.

The Hypnotherapist's Job to Cure

The sufferer's physician or hypnotherapist will put them under a relaxed and vulnerable state. Then, while the person is under the “spell”, the hypnotherapist will tell the sufferer ways he or she can decrease their anxiety in the ways the unconscious will respond. Then the hypnotherapist will get the subconscious to resist anxiety when faced which would normally cause the person to get fearful.

Should it be an object or certain setting that typically causes the panic attacks, then using hypnotherapy can help to let go of the terror that is experienced. Hypnotherapy, it seems, works much better than plain old medication. Why? Because the hypnotherapist can train the person's unconscious and subconscious to “obey” and understand the anxious state the person feels.

This type of treatment helps to reduce and get rid of the physical symptoms that are experienced in an panic attack. The hypnotherapist will go over the details with the patient and calm them down when they start feeling anxious and worried. After doing this a few times, the body can come into contact with the situation without a panic attack.

Hypnotherapy Works in Two Ways

Hypnotherapy can work in two ways … getting the anxiety level down to reasonable level and controlling the physiological responses in the body when it is thrown into a “pressured” situation.

Like the physiological responses that the hypnotherapist attacked, he or she can also relate the problems that affect the person's physical symptoms as well. Bringing the patient into a relaxed setting and then reviewing the situation or detail so the person will feel anxious. When the anxiety levels reaches a high point, he or she will bring it back down to focus on those physical symptoms.

Panic Attack Symptoms –

There are several signs that a person can have during physical panic attack. They are:

* Racing heart
* Chills
* Hot flashes
* Nausea
* Headaches
* Stomach upsets (including other bodily issues)

One technique the hypnotherapist will tell the patient and it should be used most often is take a deep breath to get the heart rate back down and stay calm. Doing this calms other physiological reactors. If a person can calm down while in the middle of a panic attack, then facing the situation head on will not be near as hard. It trains the body and mind to stay calm during stressful times.

Hypnotherapy is good for those who have frequent and serious panic attacks. While some people find using medications with seeing a hypnotherapist working better than going it alone.

By contacting a hypnotherapist for panic attacks, go to the local healthcare professional.

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What is Hypnotherapy?

We all go into a trance every day maybe reading, or watching the television, and that imaginary world can become real in your mind, in the sense that it fully engages your emotions. As you get fully engrossed in the story, your worries fade away until all you are thinking about is the story – you become highly suggestible to the positive messages the therapist is giving you.

Some clients go into trance deeply even in the first session, whilst others only experience a light trance. However for hypnosis to be effective it does not matter if you go into a light trance or a defect one. It is a truly enjoyable experience.

For hypnosis to be effective, it is very important you trust the therapist you are working with, and to feel comfortable with them, you are always in charge at all times during hypnosis. If you do not feel comfortable with your practitioner you might create resistance to your own success. This is why it is important to find someone you trust.

Some people think that they will lose control while in hypnosis. This is not so, they remain in full control the whole time. They can not be made to do anything against their will (unfortunately this is probably because of the misconception of stage hypnosis). No one can get stuck in hypnosis, and no one can be made to say or do anything they do not want to do.

Hypnotherapy is therapy using Hypnosis to treat many conditions including stress, anxiety, panic, phobias, smoking over-eating, binge drinking, lack of confidence, fear of examinations, irritable bowel syndrome, and sports performance. It can also help with relationship difficulties, natural birthing and much, much more.

In fact hypnotherapy is pleasant and relaxing, and it is extremely enjoyable. So unlike a visit to the dentist, a hypnotherapy session can often be something to look forward to!

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How to Stop Pulling Your Hair Out – Hypnotherapy For Trichotillomania

Compulsive hair pulling is a great way to put your gorgeous locks through the wringer. The disorder that causes the compulsion is trichotillomania (TTM or trich for short) and it impacts millions across the globe. This condition is not limited to the hair on your head. Some people pull out eyebrows or lashes, pubic hair, or body body when dealing with this disorder that some define as an obsessive compulsive disorder while others call it an anxiety disorder.

Getting to the Root of the Problem Not Necessary

Fortunately, if you are one of the millions of people that sufferers from trichotillomania you will not need to end countless hours of expensive sessions with a psychiatrist to find a cure for your condition, though that is certainly one way to do it. The problem with that is that there are no guarantees involved no matter how many years you devoted to seeking a cure. Since you do not need to go this route you should be glad to know that there is an easier way to fix the problem without the head games commonly associated with counseling.

Treating Compulsive Hair Pulling

Perhaps the best news you will ever discover about compulsive hair pulling is that it is highly treatable. This means that you have several options available to help you access this compulsion-even without first discovering what exactly is the cause of your problem. The treatment process is not one that will have you changing your life, spending massive amounts of money, or drinking foul potions for results.

Using NLP and Hypnotherapy to Treat Trichotillomania

NLP or neuro-linguistic programming used either alone or in conjunction with hypnotherapy is an excellent choice for raising your problem of compulsive hair pulling. In fact, the same types of approaches are used for this as are used for breaking other habits and compulsions. You can even find hair pulling treatments through hypnosis that address anxiety issues that may be the root of the problem. You will not need to go through painful childhood memories to find out. You can simply go through the hypnotherapy process to treat anxiety along with the process for overcoming compulsions and you will find the mental merit to resist those compulsions.

Why does NLP work when other attempts have failed?

Because habits are large mental. NLP puts your mind in the position to make the necessary changes. If you are wondering how long this process is going take, you can now relax. Rather than months or years of weekly sessions that have proved to be fruitless you should be guided to find that you will only need about 4 sessions that last around an hour each to see real results for your compulsive hair pulling problem.

Are not you ready to move on with a life that is free of the painful need to pull your hair or the constant necessity of covering up the hair loss that results from your obsessive behavior? Get the help you need for compulsive hair pulling today and move on with your life unhindered by compulsions tomorrow.

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How to Stop Teeth Grinding – Hypnotherapy to Stop Grinding Your Teeth

When you suffer from teeth grinding – Bruxism you will find that there are more problems than you may realize that come about by your tooth clenching habits each night. This dental problem can take a serious toll on your overall dental health that may result in real health problems down the road.

Difficulties Treating Bruxism

Since this is a subconscious problem, it is nearly impossible to treat with traditional methods. You will need to think a little bit outside of the box in order to get real help in the form of teeth grinding treatments. With the right sort of treatment you can force your nighttime grinding habits to grind their way to a complete stop. This allows you to have a restful night of sleep and urges other dental problems from arising. If you want to save your teeth from deterioration that goes along with teeth grinding – bruxism you will take active steps now to minimize the impact this illness has on your teeth.

Treating Tooth Grinding

It's already been mentioned that this is a difficult problem to treat through traditional methods of treating dental problems. The primary reason is that it is something that is done on a completely subconscious level. You are not even aware you are doing it, especially since it most commonly happens while you are sleeping. More importantly, it is mitigated by stress. When you are seeking relief from teeth grinding bruxism you should also make a concerted effort to reduce the amount of stress in your life as well. One word of caution, the more you concentrate on not grinding your teeth, chances are the more often you will do it. Without of course you consider other methods of reducing stress and relieving anxiety.

NLP and Hypnotherapy as Teeth Grinding Treatments

Sometimes the best treatments for any condition are those that do not immediately come to mind. Finding alternatives to the traditional types of treatment can sometimes be the best route to true healing. The same can be said of using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), self hypnosis, or hypnotherapy to treat the stress and anxiety that often exacerbate the impact of teeth grinding bruxism on your teeth.

By using NLP to train you to relax the vagas nerve you the tension in your jaw will automatically be relieved in the process. If you want to make a really big difference in your dental health and end the grind of teeth grinding for good, then you might want to consider the benefit of hypnosis to help you achieve your goal.

If you have had enough and are looking for a quick solution to your tooth grinding problem you will be glad to know that relief from night time tooth clenching is much easier to receive than you may realize. As few as two sessions, about about an hour long each, can bring about genuine results that you can feel for teeth grinding bruxism-are you ready to end your nightly grind?

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How to Achieve Radiant Health – Self Hypnosis For Health

Chances are that at some point in your life you have needed a little help with health. No matter how much care you take when it comes to eating the right foods, getting plenty of exercise, and avoiding germs there always seems to be something that comes along and attacks you. What would it mean to you though, if you could find a way that automatically guaranteed your continued health?

Health Care Costs

With the cost of getting help through medical science rising ever so rapidly, it is no wonder that so many people are turning to alternative medicines and treatments. Many of these treatments and healthy living products have been used effectively for centuries. After all the advances made in medical science we are still seeing a rising number of people turning to the cures of the past for modern medical dilemmas.

Importance of Good Health

It's probably obvious that good health is one of the most important things you can have. Every aspect of your life is affected by your overall health and mental well being. It does not only lead to a longer life but a greater capacity to live life to the full while you are here. Good health means energy, vitality, and a desire to do the things you find enjoyable. In other words, good health is good living.

Physical Fitness and Diet Help with Health

Perhaps two of the most important indicators are diet and fitness. This does not mean that you need to be a perfect size 6 or have 6-pack abs in order to be healthy. What it means is that you need to be in the tip top physical condition and eat foods that are going to provide the fuel you need to operate at peak performance.

Perfection vs. Adequate Protection

There is no one size fits all potion for perfection so keep this in mind when seeking help with health. Getting the right vitamins and nutrients is important though and exercise insures that the blood is flowing freely enough to deliver these nutrients where they need to go.

Mind Over Matter
The mind is a curious tool that is probably the most under utilized instrument in the history of man. Learning to harness the power of the mind over common things like getting help with health and feeling healthy, through self hypnosis, can give you an amazing advantage in life. This alone makes it worth trying. When you consider the impact this can have on your wellbeing, there is no reason not to put the power of your mind to work for you.

What Will it Take?

Are you ready to begin learning how to put self hypnosis to work for you? Do you realize the potential consequences to your physical health and well being that you can enjoy by learning to hypnotize yourself? Get the help with health you need before it's too late by learning to hypnotize yourself for radiant health today.

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How to Hypnotize Yourself to Improve Your Sport Performance

Everyone wants to be able to improve their sports performance and learning how to hypnotize yourself to achieve this is not as crazy as it sounds. The best athletes in the world have a desire to be the best and work tirelessly to achieve this. The smartest athletes in the world train their technique until it is instilled in themselves so that even on a crappy day they can still compete at a high level and allow their self conscious to take over.

So when learning how to hypnotize yourself you must look at what you need to improve about your performance. Is it driving to the finish and not giving up to soon or is it a technique issue where it needs to be improved. If the issue is about your self drive then you need to analyze yourself and remember what thoughts go through your mind when you are giving up. Remember these thoughts because these are the thought patterns that you must change and self hypnosis can help. You must use hypnosis to make your reactions to these thoughts a stimulant to do the opposite of what you normally do. Here is an example of a Rugby player:

It is the 70th minute of the game and you are defending, the opposing player breaks your tackle and is running for the line. Thoughts in your mind are I am so tired, he is so fast, the game is over and I can not catch him. This is where the use of self hypnosis is used to change your reaction to these phrases. You start your mind to think I want to work harder, he is fast but I am faster, the game is never over. Self hypnosis makes these reactions the only option that you give yourself to the information processing in your mind.

The other way to improve your performance is using self hypnosis to make you technique improve. Technique is incredibly difficult to master because your mind has to process so much information at the same time. Self hypnosis helps this because it allows your mind to react to your thoughts and suggestions without argument. I will use an example of learning a back flip.

When you learn the technique of a back flip (feet to feet) you must throw your straight arms to the sky while you jump, after jumping you must drive your arms down and tuck your knees to your chest. Now when learning this technique the most common thought going through someones mind is I do not want to land on my head. Self hypnosis is used to make your mind only focus on arms to the sky, jump and tuck without hesitation. This can allow you to learn a back flip in one session instead of taking a month to overcome fear.

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Getting High, God’s Given Natural Ability – An Alternative to Drug Abuse and Alcoholism?

Through Self Hypnosis it is now possible to quit abusing marijuana, drugs and curing alcoholism. Self Hypnosis makes it possible for an individual to recall and convert past marijuana and alcohol induced highs into God given rights and abilities, thereby avoiding the desire to toke or drink.

James Allan once said, “A particular train of thought persisted in, be it good or bad, can not fail to produce its results on the character and circumstances. , yet certainly, shape his circumstances. ” The same holds true for the attitudes you carry in your mind.

Getting high a God given right and ability that is to be encouraged not discouraged. Self hypnosis concepts can provide teens and adults alternatives to marijuana, alcohol, drugs and alcoholism to provide and maintain a daily natural “High on Demand” that is healthy and legal.

As I talk about Getting High the word HIGH is used intensively. So it is important to understand the meaning of the word High, which has both positive and negative connotations. The word high as discussed here, refers to a state of mind which I believe is positive and one we would all like to attain. That politically correct state of mind that conjugates what I consider God's given abilities to feel relaxed, confident, patient, creative, energetic, along with heightened concentration, self discipline, awareness with the ability to step outside of oneself to be more objective and to accomplish ones dreams and aspirations.

With the above thought in mind, I would like to introduce individuals to the concept of Self Hypnosis and Self Improvement CDs as an alternative method for teens and adults, to quitting and or avoiding drug and alcohol abuse, while developing “God's Given Natural Ability of Getting High. ” These Self Hypnosis and Self Improvement CDs concepts focus on Cannabis Memory Recall, Alcohol Memory Recall and Natural Memory Recall.

The concept behind these memory recall self self-denial and self improvement is to make it possible for an individual to recall and convert past marijuana and alcohol induced highs into God's given abilities to feel relaxed, confident, patient, creative, energetic; along with heightened concentration, self discipline, and awareness while being healthy and legal.

Self Hypnosis is a powerful brain enhancement tool, and it's FREE. Hypnosis in its simplest form is an extremely relaxed state of consciousness, a moment in time when one's critical judgment is set aside. One's critical judgment is that logical, questioning and or pessimistic part of the psyche. It is that critical judgment that can create negative walls preventing one from believing in their true potential. Negative critical judgment can cause anxiety, fear and frustration leading to drug and alcohol abuse, thereby preventing anyone from access to their natural God's given ability of getting high.

While in such a hypnotic and relaxed state of mind, the conscious and subconscious mind are open simultaniously. During such a state the mind is susceptible to positive suggestions, and in time those positive suggestions will be more easily accepted and become a part of one's enhanced state of mind or psychological nucleus.

Hypnosis and self hypnosis have been used for thousands of years. Certain healing therapies practiced by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese practices also utilized hypnosis. Self hypnosis designed for marijuana, drugs and alcohol works with the same effectiveness as other successful hypnosis programs used to build confidence, relax, quit smoking cigarettes, cure alcoholism, increase memory and positive thinking, etc, etc, etc ….

These marijuana, alcohol and natural high self hypnosis & self improvement concepts are designed to make it possible for an individual to recall and convert past marijuana and alcohol induced highs into God's given abilities to feel relaxed, confident, patient, creative, energetic; along with heightened concentration, self discipline, and awareness and it's healthy and it's legal.

Coming from a marketing and sales background I have learned that POSITIVE self critique is a must in daily living. Working as sales executive, marketing to Fortune 500 companies in New York City, I was affordless self help materials including; books, audio tapes and the insight of motivational speakers. To top it off, I desired the ultimate control of my mind, my thoughts and my life. To accomplish this, in 1985 I studied self hypnosis and graduated from the “New York Institute of Hypnotherapy.”

Upon graduating and certification I began studying and researching the reasons why people as well as myself enjoyed smoking Marijuana. The answers from those surveyed were not all that difficult to appreciate. The initial result was that no one smoked pot to get depressed, it was to get High. Considering the politically correct and God's given connotations of being high, I said to myself, “I wish there was a way that an individual could recall, convert and maintain all the positive feelings of being high on pot without all the negatives effects. asked myself why just pot, why not alcohol and why not just being high on life? The answer memory recall self hypnosis, relating to marijuana, alcohol and natural highs to help teens and adults to overcome drug and alcohol abuse by maintaining a natural “High on Demand. ”

In conclusion, self hypnosis is a free Brain Tool that any teen or adult can use to begin to feel more relaxed and confident through self hypnosis. An individual can become more patient as their ability to concentrate increases as well as their natural abilities of memory recall. Through self hypnosis anyone can improve their ability to easily remember information of their past and skills that they have stored. They can master the ability to focus their energy allowing them to move more quickly and accurately towards their goals, while avoiding drug abuse and alcoholism. With self hypnosis teens and adults can have a mind altering alternative to Marijuana and Alcohol abuse to provide God's and maintain a daily natural high on demand that is again healthy and legal

Come and learn more about Free Brain Tool visit the author at www.freehigh.net

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We Can Self-Heal Any Disease Without Doctors

Have you seen the amazing documentary The Secret? There are a lot of wonderful life stories told by various people who changed their lives themselves in it. One of the stories is about Morris E Goodman, or Mr. Success, as they call him. This man survived after his airplane crashed and he himself got several injuries. His spanish was broken, he was totally paralleled, but he managed not only to survive but to completely recover and become world-famous. He wrote a book The Miracle Man: An Inspiring True Story of Motivation & Courage about how he made it and now he is reading lectures all over the world.

Can people get cured from AIDS or cancer without any medicine at all, but only with power of their mind? Or with a prayer? There are real examples. In June, 2007 a 40-year-old man from Malawi claimed that he got cured from HIV. Also everyone heard the story of Matthew Manning who got healed by God.

Now what about cancer? Some years ago I saw a Discovery Channel program in which they told a story of one teenager. The doctors diagnosed some form of tumor into his brain which was incurable. But this boy did not fall into despair. He liked Star Wars and he started to visualize his brain tumor as the Death Star. He visualized his white blood cells as Rebel X-Wing spaceships attacking this Death Star. In 2 or 3 months his tumor disappeared completely.

This is what Akrit, a unique boy from India says about his research in cancer healing:

“I actually made my discovery when I was eight. I did it by reading books on cancer and getting information from the internet. modification of genotoxic drugs. ”

So now the question is – is it possible to modify and repair the malformed genes? The people who overcame their diseases say: “Yes, definitely”.

As for me I use this method of meditation when I have a toothache or something like that. All you need to do is just imagine your pain as a dark ball, for example. Visualize beams of light that strike this ball and small pieces of dark that come off from it and disappear forever.

Or imagine that your pain is a ball of light and use your mind to miniaturize it until it becomes a tiny dot. Then take this dot and throw it away from your body into the space.

I hope that these examples of really existing people and their self-healing will help you to overcome your disease.

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How Sports Hypnosis Enhances Peak Performance

To many individuals, the term 'hypnosis' may conjure up images of a magician and a skeptical audience member. In this scenario, the magician casts a strange spell upon his subject, likely rendering the subject helpless at reacting to a predetermined stimulus. Sometimes every time the subject hears or says the word 'dog', he has been subconsciously instructed by the magician to react by barking. While many people associate the term 'hypnosis' with magic, the fact of the matter is that it is a very real theatrical state that can be used to heighten senses in a variety of situations, including sports hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been used as an effective form of healing for many centuries. By being induced into a state of deep relaxation, an individual is able to release every day tensions and worries and, instead, fuel energy into an intense state of focus and concentration. Current research and evidence support the notification that hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool in dealing with a plethora of ailments, conditions, and neuroses. Maybe it is time that we, as a culture, start looking at hypnosis as a valid form of physical and mental health treatment?

Sports hypnosis is a legitimate coaching method that has enabled many athletes to enhance their performance abilities. From a very young age, many of us have been taught to believe in the power of positive thinking. Coupled with confidence, being positive helps to develop and nurture a determined mindset. Without these two attributes, a solid work ethic, and incredible inner discipline, then one can not expect easily or automatically achieve lofty goals. Sports hypnosis can play a role in strengthening all of these qualities while simultaneously helping an individual to create a new set of rules for success for one's subconscious mind.

Because we tend to live our lives on multiple scripts, both positive and negative, we often allow assumptions and perceptions to dictate the outcome of a certain situation. Sports hypnosis can help athletes to create sets of rules that will inevitably enhance their chances at success. From shaving seconds off your mile time to increasing the amount of weight that you can bench press, sports hypnosis is a valuable tool in regards to helping athletes achieve their peak performance capabilities. As powerful an enemy as it can be, the subconscious mind is also a strong ally in directing one towards accomplishing athletic goals. If you do not achieve your goal on your first attempt, do not look at this as the ultimate defeat. By viewing this as an opportunity to learn and improve upon your tactics rather than viewing yourself as a victim of circumstance, you can help yourself in rewriting your internal script for success.

Sports hypnosis assists athletes in believing in themselves and in achieving the goals that they set for themselves. Enhancing peak performance capabilities is a major goal of sports hypnosis. By empowering individuals and helping them to shape the way they view their obstacles, sports hypnosis can aggressively motivate and push athletes to positive limits.

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Stop Blushing – Can Self Hypnosis Recordings Really Help Make Blushing Stop?

If you are after help to stop blushing, but so far you have had no luck, there may be a way to help you out through hypnotic techniques. These can help you to reduce the flushing to your head, ears and neck using only your own mental powers, with no need to resort to surgical procedures.

How To Stop Blushing

Blushing is a very normal, healthy thing to happen, and it is usually triggered by embarrassment. With severe cases however, you may turn red without any of the usual feelings of embarrassment, and without any other symptoms. This is a result of your brain triggering the physical response on its own.

You may think that as the brain controls this response, you have no control over it, it almost seems automatic, but this is not the case. Although these responses seem to come from your subconscious, you can control them by accessing your subconscious directly. The most direct route to do this is through hypnotherapy and hypnotic techniques, and these can help you to stop blushing.

The Mechanics Of Blushing

When your brain determinates that an emotion requires you to blush, like embarassment, anger or lust, it triggers a rush of the chemical adrenaline into your bloodstream. This causes blood to rush to the surface of the skin and as capillaries expand, the skin changes its color, especially in the face, neck and ears.

With excessive blushing, you subconscious misses out a consideration element, ie deciding whether you need to blush or not, and moves straight to the physical response to your emotions.

The main issues for people who suffer from inappropriate blushing is that they feel others notice their condition, and this makes them embarrassed, and that they enter a vicious red faced circle, and in extreme cases, they curtail their own life to hide this condition from others, and so spare themselves some embarrassment.

How Hypnosis Can Stop Blushing

Because hypnosis can connect with your subconscious, it can make adjustments to those forms of behavior and responses that are triggered subconsciously. Whilst in a hypnotic trance, you can make direct suggestions to your subconscious, and you can re-introduce the consideration element of the process, and this helps break the chain of events that causes you to blush excessively.

It may seem strange to suggest that there are techniques and treatments available that can deal with areas of the mind that are less well understood than some of the physical treatments, but these are tested and tested techniques that could make a real difference to your quality of life.

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Self Hypnosis Techniques – 5 Easy Techniques You Can Use

Are you interested in learning self hypnosis techniques? Hypnosis is a valuable skill which helps you to control your mind and your emotions. Let's look at five easy techniques you can use.

Firstly, let's discuss where you can learn self hypnosis. The best way is to have at least one session with a qualified hypnotherapist; he or she can give you instruction in self hypnosis. The benefit of experiencing hypnosis with a professional is that you'll know how this mind state feels.

If you do not experience it and try to achieve it alone, you'll be wondering whether you're doing self hypnosis in the right way.

1. Use Self Hypnosis for Relaxation when You're Stressed

Do you get angry when you're driving? Whether you get irritated or angry, self hypnosis can help you to relax while you're driving. You'll enjoy your traveling much more, and you'll be more pleasant in general.

You can also use relaxation self hypnosis when you're trying to meet deadlines – you can “expand time”.

If you're looking for a partner, relaxation self hypnosis can also help you in dating: you'll be more confident, and will be more attractive to potential partners.

2. Use Self Hypnosis to Improve Your Memory

If you're studying, self hypnosis is a great help. Not only will you remember more, you'll also improve your skill in exams.

Of course, you can use the memory-enhancing effects of self hypnosis even if you're not studying, to remember names, and to give speeches and presentations without notes.

3. Use Self Hypnosis to Improve Your Relationships

Self hypnosis can be used to improve your relationships. It can make you more patient around others, and less stressed.

4. Use Self Hypnosis to Manage Your Finances

Amazingly, self hypnosis can even help you manage your finances. You can eliminate bad habits like over-spending, and can develop useful money management skills.

5. Use Self Hypnosis to Achieve Your Goals

Have you set goals? If you tend to set goals, and never succeed in achieving them, use self hypnosis. There's no need to struggle using power to achieve a goal, self hypnosis can make it almost effortless.

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Why Consent is Needed For Self-Hypnosis

I have encountered a wide variety of people from all walks of life with a variety of problems.

Surprisingly, the first question the majority of people ask me when they visit is wherever I will make them cluck like a chicken. At face value this question may seem slowly ridiculous but in reality it highlights people's vulnerability and insecurity. Most people are not comfortable with the thought of a hypnotherapist (or anyone else for that matter) rattling around in their minds, pulling skeletons out of their cupboards at every turn and being let loose on all their deepest, darkest secrets. It is a common misconception that the hypnotist has total control over the person being hypnotized and could make them do things against their will.

Some people even find it unsettling to talk to a hypnotherapist / hypnotist because they believe that they may go into a trance at any moment during the conversation. Masters of the art of hypnosis, such as Milton Erickson, would find it very easy to affect the therapeutic change by a mere conversation but even in these conditions consent would have to be given.

The truth is that everyone goes in and out of trance quite naturally through the course of a day. There are times when you might catch yourself day-dreaming, your thoughts just wandering off somewhere. If a hypnotherapist happened to be sitting next to you at that time s / he could quite easily pop a suggestion through the backdoor, so to speak, and the day dreamer would never even know about it. However, if the suggestion was something that was found to be alien to that person's character, the sub-conscious mind would just throw it away.

That's why hypnosis does not work for everyone straightaway. Some people fight it, or find it too difficult to relax, but like all things worth doing, practice does make perfect and people can train themselves to relax more deeply and become more open to trance work.

To encourage self-hypnosis find some time and sit somewhere comfortable. A bed is not usually a good place to do this exercise because our sub-conscious minds tend to link beds with sleeping and it would there be too easy to fall sleep. Once sitting comfortably, in loose clothing, find a spot to look at – usually a spot slightly higher than your line of vision is good because that induces a feeling of eye strain, helping towards your goal of eye closure.

At the same time as looking at the spot, become aware of your breath and consciously follow the breath in and out, slowing down the rate of breathing, your pulse, your heart rate. It is a good idea to keep an arm raised from the elbow, sometimes resting on the arm of the chair. This helps prevent you from falling sleep. If you start nodding off to sleep the arm drops and this acts as an alert to keep you awake. There comes a point after starring at the spot for a while that you will want to close your eyes. You can do this as soon as you feel you need to, and by so doing your attention is drawn to an inner focus since a large portion of external stimuli has been shut out.

Deepening techniques can vary and these can be a personal choice. Often counting down from 10 to 1 is effective. Or, you can use larger numbers, for example starting from 300. Because these are more difficult to remember they tie-up the mind more precisely and for this reason help promote a trance state. Other techniques you can use involve re-living a moment, real or imaginary, in a place you find extremely comfortable, secure and relaxing. For some people this could be in a summer garden, for others it may be a beach or just sitting in a large armchair reading a good book. To immerse yourself in the setting of your choice, be sure to involve all of your senses – smell the garden flowers, hear the insects buzzing around and feel the touch of a gentle breeze across your cheek etc.

As you deepen you will discover an optimum time to open yourself to suggestions. It is important to know before you begin the self-hypnosis exercise what suggestions you want to give yourself. These suggestions need to be thought of in the present tense and in positive terms. For example, it would be wrong to say “I do not want to smoke any more”. A better suggestion would be “I am now smoke free”.

It is a worthwhile exercise for anyone to try some self-hypnosis. At the very least it will aid your relaxation and if you then want to go on and seek professional hypnotherapy treatments you will be much more prepared and a successful outlet very much more likely.

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