Hypnosis For Weight Loss: Why Does It Work?

As much as one-third of Americans are overweight, and that number keeps growing. In fact, obesity has become such a problem that it's been declared an epidemic by the World Health Organization. Many people who are overweight exercise and diet maniacally, yet, see their best intentions and effort, many still struggle to stick with their regimen, which creates the frustrating cycle of weight loss and gain gain.

Hypnosis for weight loss, when combined with nutritional guidance and regular exercise, has been proven to be a helpful tool when it comes to breaking the cycle of yoyo dieting. It allows those who really want to change their habits to stay motivated, which can help create a significant weight loss that lasts. In fact, studies in reputable scientific publications such as the International Journal of Eating Disorders and Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology all show an increased success rate for those who incorporated hypnosis into their treatment, compared to those who did not.

When it comes to dieting, many people manage to maintain their focus and willpower when they have an upcoming event that mandates that they lose weight. We've all seen that one excited bride who managed to drop 30 pounds before her wedding, or the guy who drops some weight before an upcoming reunion. These major calendar events motivate us to adhere to our weight loss routine until the goal is reached. The problem with this approach is, though, it only works in the short term, because in time the wedding, reunion, swimsuit season, or whatever event it is, passes and with it goes that motivation. As a result, the weight comes roaring back.

Many people think that being hypnotized means being trapped inside of an inescapable trance without free will. But the reality is, when you are in a hypnotic state, you're simply in a highly relaxed and focused state of mind. In fact, we go through this state frequently throughout our daily lives, such as when we get engrossed in a great book or movie.

In this focused state, you are highly receptive to hypnotic suggestions, which, when provided by a clinical hypnotist, can be taken to heart in order to influence behavior and perceptions in many positive ways. Hypnosis works for weight loss by helping people maintain motivation in the long term. For instance, instead of picking a date by which you need to be X lb. lighter, your goal is being at that ideal weight for the sake of it, along with all the positive effects that come with it, such as it'll make you feel, both physically and emotionally. This goal is not limited by a calendar date on which to stop, which helps minimize the risk of yo-yoing.

When it comes to longterm weight loss, there is no magic pill. The best solutions are the simplest: eat less, exercise more, and, finally, do not drop the pounds for the sake of a single day. Instead, lose weight for the sake of your longterm health and self confidence.

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Hypnosis For Childbirth: How It Can Help Make Your Labor Easier

Pain during labor is often described as the worst pain a woman will feel during the course of her entire lifetime. As such, it is a primary source of anxiety for many expecting mothers, especially ones experiencing it for the first time. Women wonder, will it hurt? Can I handle it? Do I need medication? If I decide that I do need medications, will it be too late? Perhaps the largest question of all is, what can I do to reduce my anxiety about labor and help manage pain naturally?

For many women, a surprising solution to some of these questions and concerns comes in the form of hypnosis for childbirth, or “hypno-birthing.” Studies show that women who are trained in self-hypnosis for birth, or who are in the presence of a trained hypnotherapist during the birthing process, need far less pain killing treatments than those who go through the birthing process without hypnosis.

Hypnosis during birth works in two ways: First, it calms anxiety and fear in working mothers, by creating a sense of relaxed focus. This allows women to focus in and listen to their bodies and react as necessary to move through the birthing process, while maintaining a sense of calm, and handling the stress of childbirth more easily.

Another way hypnosis during labor is helpful is that it can actually dull some of the pain of birth. To do this, a trained hypnotherapist can use hypnotic suggestion to lead women to a place that will help her numb her pain. Frequently this means creating a mental place that is cool or even cold, to create this numb sensations.

For instance, in preparation for the pain of labor, a hypnotherapist may set up a scenario of the pregnant woman walking in the snow. He might ask her to imagine that she is,

“High in the Rocky Mountains, inside of a warm cabin. You step outside. It is the dead of winter, and the air is cool and crisp. Listen to the sound of the crunching snow benefit your feet. winter coat, so no moisture has kept you in. You're quite comfortable. But you can still sense the cold outside. Now I want you to take your right hand and I want you to remove the glove. so that you can feel the cold on your fingers. Experience that icy numbness. Now that you have to make a fist. sense of numb to cool whatever you touch with this hand. ”

The hypnotist uses vivid sensory details, like the crunching sounds, and the cold snow on the woman's fingertips, to enrich the scenario being created by imagery, in order to push the woman down down into the hypnotic state. The mind is a very powerful thing, and the deer down you go, the more real your mind can make the elements within the scenario being imagined. The more deeply you feel the cold, the better you will be able to numb yourself, and that control your birth pains.

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How to Preform Self-Hypnosis to Lose Weight

Today obesity is at the highest levels it has ever been in the United States. The land of the free is the first nation in history to have problems not because of too little food, but actually having to much food. The mass availability of food in places such as fast food restaurants, mega-grocery stores, pre-packaged goods and other restaurants make for an incredible amount of temptation. When you factor in the chemicals added to food to make them taste incredible and become addictive, the consumer is really at a disadvantage in not becoming addicted to the food system. The high amounts of processed sugar not only make the food attractive and unhealthy, but also increase and promote hunger. The food you eat actually can make you hungrier than you were before due to the chemicals placed in processed foods. With so much working to keep you coming back and eating more unhealthy food, only those with incredible motivation and discipline can remain at healthy levels. Many Americans lack this motivation and are at a loss of how to gain this motivation. The easy answer is to find the motivation from within. This is much easier said than done using conventional methods. Just telling yourself in a conscious state you will eat healthier does very little as you drive by a McDonald's and find yourself hungry for the seventh time today.

Hypnosis and specifically for the purpose of this article, self-hypnosis, is an amazing way to seed this motivation and come away with an iron clad discipline and healthy lifestyle. Most, if not all, hypnosis experts will agree that even going to a hypnotist still is just self-hypnotism. THe hypnotist's voice is purely the vehicle designed to get you into the state to hypnotic relaxation. There are four levels of brain activity each with different cycles and so forth. Without going into too much detail, hypnotism happens in between the second and third brain state. If you have ever driven a car somewhere and then at the end of the trip have forgotten the details of the trip, this is a type of hypnotic trance. You allow for your subconscious and unconscious mind to take over and allow for your conscious mind to relax. This relaxation of the conscious mind is incredibly important for self-hypnosis. In your brain is something called a critical factor. This process out all information you deem to be untrue. If you are a smoker you may think every time you get into a car you have to smoke or you will go insane. This is not actually the case for most smokers, but still they still feel as if it is true. Anyone telling them it is not will be negatively viewed due to the critical factor blocking the statement that they do not need to smoke as invalid.

The first way to lower the critical factor is to mention a lot of yes statements such as where you are, what you are doing, what you like, what your name is. At this point your brain will be thinking yes, yes, yes, yes and after a while you can throw a maybe into the equation such as you do not need to eat McDonald's every day. Before this you must completely allow for yourself to relax. Some people can do this naturally. Try staring at a spot on the wall for a while as you sit in a chair. After a few seconds your eyes will fatigue. As you notice this occurring, allow for your eyes to close and think of yourself in the most relaxing place you have ever been. First focus on yourself in the place and then imagine the feeling of relaxation you have there. Imagine the feeling of relaxation rushing over your body and as it does your muscles become relaxed. Then as you continue to do this, think in your head about the goals you want to accomplish such as working out frequently and eating only healthy foods. Reinforce this by using positive words for each action. For instance say in your head if you eat healthy foods you will feel amazing and have so much energy to accomplish your goals in life. The healthy food will taste so good because your body knows that it needs healthy food. Then allow for your eyes to open after you have said all of this. After a week of doing this once or twice a day you should notice your motivation to be incredibly strong in comparison to where it was just a week prior.

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What Experts Are Saying About Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a wonderful modality to improve your life. But what is hypnosis. Hypnosis is the state between wakefulness and sleep where the mind is especially alert and open to positive suggestions. The suggestions must be positive in nature. You must want the change in your life. A hypnotist can not make you do anything you do not want to do. But a hypnotist can empower you to make yourself produce positive change in your life.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. We all go into hypnosis. Have you ever read a book and been so engrossed in the book that you may hear road work outside, or someone may be talking to you, but it does not bother you. You're totally engrossed in the book. Have you ever been to the movies and you're focused on the screen and have an emotional response to the movie.

Have you ever been in a boring meeting and your mind drifts to a more exciting place. Have you ever driven from point A to point B. Something's on your mind and when you get to point B, you think to yourself “How did I get here so fast.” That's an example of your conscious mind thinking about one thing and your subconscious mind being on autopilot. Like when we were kids and tried to tie our shoes or ride a bike. Consciously it was very difficult. But now we can tie our shoes with our eyes closed or get right on a bike and ride it. Our subconscious minds are on autopilot. That's how hypnosis works to produce positive changes in our lives. It happens automatically.

What do you experience in a hypnosis session. You will experience a deep feeling of relaxation. Maybe the best relaxation you've ever felt.

Your body will feel either very heavy or very light. You will hear everything. You will remember everything. You will see everything. You will hear other sounds, think other thoughts. If you do yoga or meditation, it's very similar to meditation. In meditation your brain waves decrease, your breathing rate decreases, your heart rate decrees, your blood pressure decreases, and your stress hormones decrease. It's the same with being in hypnosis. Does not that sound good.

Who can be hypnotized. Well first of all, all hypnosis is self hypnosis. The hypnotist does not really hypnotize you. The hypnotist is your coach. The hypnotist guides you to hypnotize yourself. So if you have a good imagination, are intelligent, and can concentrate, you can be guided to place yourself in hypnosis.

Now I'd like to dispel the 3 most common myths about hypnosis that have developed because of TV, movies, and stage hypnotism. The 3 most common myths are: 1. You'll lose control. 2. You'll reveal secrets and 3. You could get stuck. These are all myths. You do not lose control. You're in control. Your awareness increases. You're not unconscious. You're not sleep, you're not wake, you're in that in between state. You hear everything, you remember everything, you see everything. You will not reveal secrets. You're not going to say anything that you would not normally say.

You can not get stuck. No matter how deeply you go, you can always emerge. Now if you were having a session and you were in a deep state of and the hypnotist left the room, what would happen to you? Well, since your awareness increases and you hear everything, you would hear the hypnotist leave the room, open your eyes, and wonder what happened. So you can not get stuck and can easily emerge feeling great!

It is a wonderful state that helps ordinary, everyday people with ordinary, everyday problems.

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How Far Can It Go – Known Limitations of Hypnotherapy

A career in hypnotherapy is an exciting one. Just ask anyone who works in this field. This clinical method is a subsection of psychology and one that is used in numerous settings including:

  • Law Enforcement – police officers are referred to use hypnotherapists to help witnesses remember key events.
  • Rehabilitation – individuals who have had substance abuse problems may seek out the help of a therapist to unexplain the root cause – which may be buried in childhood.
  • Sleep Therapy – individuals who suffer from sleep issues such as insomnia may seek out the help of a hypnotherapist to achieve a relaxed state – where sleep begins.
  • Medical Treatment – While there's much folklore surrounding hypnotherapy, the American Psychological Institution recognizes this field as a proven method of treatment for numerous mental ailments, including stress, dementia, anxiety and more.

Hypnosis has also been clinically proven to treat a range of physical ailments, specifically pain – in patients that are undergoing childbirth, arthritis, cancer and other conditions, just to give a few examples.

Although hypnosis has been proven to aid these conditions, it's important to remember that it does not necessarily mean that the method can cure an ailment. This is one of the limitations of hypnosis.

Other restrictions in the field include that in many cases the person being hypnotized is usually required to actively agree and participate in the activity. Furthermore, studies suggest that at least ten percent of adults do not respond to this form of therapy.

Does the above information sound interesting? Continue reading below.

How To Become An Hypnotherapist?

Hypnotherapists will usually hold a psychology degree from an established university – with a major in this field. Online universities are another popular alternative for acquiring certification. The typical course timeframe will be four years, but it's not unusual for students to transfer credits from undergraduate studies in other fields.

To help set the stage for a solid career, most job consultants suggest obtaining supplementary licensing or certification from the American Board of Hypnotherapy or the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

Many hypnotherapists are able to establish themselves in their locale and through the nation. This career can even be applied in home settings, where hypnotherapists can make up of $ 100 per hour according to Salary.com.

Be sure to perform the due diligence when choosing a university for this field or any other psychology related field such asrief counseling for example. This way, students can avoid wasting time and resources.

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Hypnotherapy and Easy Self-Hypnosis Techniques

It is no secrets that hypnotherapy has been used as an effective technique to alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression since decades. A lot of psychologists use hypnotherapy as an important part of their therapy to treat emotional and mental challenges. However, you need not have to fix an appointment to reap the benefits of hypnotherapy as self-hypnosis is not only effective but also extremely easy and anyone with little practice and instruction will be able to include this as a part of their daily lives.

First off, hypnosis is so much more than the dramatized let's-swing-a-pendulum-and-get-into-the-criminal's-mind approach that is depicted on TV. Even though the concept is still misunderstood, the present knowledge is being weakened as more and more people adopt hypnotherapy to deal with stress and anxiety. And since the technique has proven to benefit thousands of people, it is fast becoming popular.

How does hypnotherapy work with stress anyway?

Mainly the feeling of stress is connected entirely with the brain. Palpitation, sweaty palms, and tightening of the chest are an indication that the brain is going into overdrive. Hypnotherapy for stress works at the very core of the problems; by calming the brain and bringing it into a tranquil relaxed state.

One of the easiest de-stressing techniques is to take deep breaths. Deep breathing calms the mind and you immediately feel the tightening of the chest going away and your heart rate slowing down.

Additionally, regular practice of hypnotherapy also helps to create various lifestyle changes. Working as a preventive and curative measure for stress and anxiety, hypnotherapy put the reign of control in your hands and you can easily control your emotions and your brain's reaction to a stressful situation.

In fact the therapeutic benefit of hypnotherapy, by working directly with the mind, also helps to reduce chronic pain significantly. Since pain is a sensory input where the signal of pain is sent to the brain and the output comes from the limbic system, which is the site for emotional synthesis, hypnotherapy can reduce pain by working on the brain. From burn victims to women in labor, hypnotherapy can drastically reduce pain and increase a feeling of comfort in adverse situations.

This inexpensive method is also an excellent cure for insomnia and other sleep related problems.

Easy Self-Hypnosis Techniques

The basis of every self-hypnosis technique is to get your mind to rest so that you can then hypnotize it to create awareness or a lifestyle change. The purpose here is to get your subconscious mind in focus as we consciously use only 10% of our brain and the rest is subconscious mind, which is why whether you want to repeat a positive affirmation or attract wellness, your subconscious mind plays the most important role.

Your environment matters a lot; always choose a calm and serene place where you will not be disturbed or distracted. Plug in your headphones and play a soothing music or natural sounds- like that rainwater, the calm of the night, swinging of pendulum- on a very low decibel. No matter whatever sound or music you choose to listen to, make sure it is tuned on a very low level.

Switch off all means of communication and try to just be by yourself. After you are comfortable and in your zone, you can start with the self-hypnosis technique.

Start with lying down or sitting in a relaxed state. Just let your mind relax by breathing deeply and focusing on each breath. Additionally, you can also chant affirmations to yourself such as With each breath I become more and more relaxed '' I can feel my body relaxing and my muscles are becoming laden with the feeling of relaxation '. Repeating these affirmations will send a signal to your brain and will force your subconscious mind to believe the affirmations to be true.

Now imagine a beautiful valley with bustling flowers and flying birds, imagine how beautiful it is and how calm you feel at the moment. Tell yourself 'I can feel all my problems disappearing' 'I feel free'. Keep that picture in your mind and focus on your breathing.

During this time a lot of thoughts will invade your mind, tell yourself 'My thoughts are like leaves falling on water, I am a mere observer of my thoughts'. Do not let these random thoughts get you out of that zone, if you start to feel charged by any thought start focusing on your breath again and breathe deeply. You can also chant the original affirmation that you began with 'I feel relaxed' 'With each breath I can feel waves of relaxation burst from the tip of my head to the toe' 'I'm at the most relaxed state'.

Slowly come out of your hypnosis and keep a steady pace of breath.

Some people listen to self-hypnosis audios that are available on the web. These are the same with someone else instructing your body to relax. These audios are best suited for beginner or those who find it difficult o meditate or stay located at one position.

Self-hypnosis has immense benefits and can help in dealing with a lot of physiological and psychological problems. Adopting this as a habit will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Hypnosis For Weight Loss – A DIY Guide!

Lets be clear about this. What you do is controlled by your brain. The mind is in charge of the body. This is a simple concept that we all understand. When it comes to achieving goals however we can often be sidetracked into being concerned with external factors that we have little or no control over. Often people wanting to lose weight will blame their genetics, or their bone structure, or their hormones, or some other health factor that we have little control over. These are simply a distraction. In life we ​​all have to work with what we have now , not how we wish things were. In fact, it is better to stop the 'blame game' entirely. Blaming ourselves, others, the world, etc. is most likely completely unproductive as well as draining and demotivating.

What is key is recognizing that in order to achieve new goals we need to change our actions, and changing our actions can only be done by changing our mind.

Note that I am not just talking about changing what we think. Yes, this is important, but far more important is changing our subconscious drives. Our behavior is directly driven by the emotional / subconscious mind. This fact was recognized by all the early psychiatrists and neurologists like Freud, Charcot and Jung.

Freud compared the mind to an iceberg with the smallest visible part compared to the conscious mind, and the deeper, larger, driving part of our mind being hidden benefit the surface.

Given that it is the subconscious mind that drives behavior and that behavioral change is what is needed for new goals, how do we access that part of the mind?

Hypnosis. This is the key. Now hypnosis can be done basically with the help of a qualified hypnotherapist or you can use it yourself. There are several aspects of hypnosis that should be achieved:

1. Relaxation. This allows the 'critical facility' of the pre frontal cortex to be quietened. Slowing down the critical facility means that changes are more likely to be accepted into the deeper regions of the mind.

2. Visualization / emotional recall. Purposefully triggering emotions or triggering visualizations that are connected with emotional states allows us to directly manipulate the emotional 'subconscious' mind.

3. Hypnotic suggestion. The best forms of suggestion, including hypnotic suggestion for weight loss, are done by a second party. Suggestions that are delievered by someone else are usually more effective than suggestions you give yourself. However autosuggestion (giving yourself suggestions) that you really can believe in is also effective.

Whether it is hypnosis for weight loss, hypnosis for depression, performance or motivation it does not really matter. Follow the simple steps below:

1. Relax in a comfortable position. It can be either sitting or lying. Then close your eyes.

2. Starting with your toes, clench and relax progressively every muscle group in your body until you reach the top of your head. As far as you can, focus on each muscle group. Especialially notice the muscles in your abdomen.

3. As you release the muscles in your abdomen, take three slow deep breaths ensuring that your abdomen rises and falls. Do not breathe from your chest. This is the time to let it 'all hang out'.

4. Breathe normally and continue the relaxation process. Remember to clench and relax the shoulders, neck, upper arms, lower arms and hands.

5. Remember to relax the muscles of the face and jaw if necessary by clening them first.

6. Mentally scan your body and re-relax any areas that you need to.

7. Introduce mental relaxation by imaging any worrying thoughts or nagging thoughts disappearing. You might like to image them floating away or disappearing into a mist or being breathed out with every out breath.

8. Visualize a favorite place. This can be a place from your memory or a place you can create in your imagination. It should be somewhere you feel relaxed and safe. Spend some time visualizing each element that exists in this place – the floor, the walls, the view et cetera. Importantly also imagine the feeling of being there.

9. Recall the old feeling, the one you want to move away from. It could be a feeling of craving junk food, or it could be a feeling of dissatisfaction with a small meal, or it could be a feeling of anxiety that belies the secondary feelings. Think about what the feeling is that really drives your behaviors; then recall it. Just feel it for a few moments if you can, and now SWITCH as quickly as you can to a replacement feeling. The replacement feeling will be one of contentment, fullness, relaxation, achievement or success. Invoke a pleasant memory or imagined scene to create the new emotion. Do this process a minimum of three times.

10. Recall any unhelpful 'old' thoughts. Replace them with a new, more helpful thoughts. For example replace 'It's OK to have one more' with 'I have the right to choose what I put in my body' or 'I am chosing to be in control'. Say the new thought to yourself and experience as much as possible the new feelings that are associated with this new, more balanced approach. You may imagine erasing the old thoughts by rubbing them off a chalk board. Do this a minimum of three times with each unhelpful thought you have identified.

11. Anchor the new feeling and thoughts by performing some movement like pressing together the thumb and forefinger. Alternately you could pay extra attention to the relaxation in a specific part of your body. You could also recall a piece of music or say a phrase in your mind that reminds you of this state.

12. Recall the old behavior. Really imagine it as much as you can, like it was a scene on tv or a movie screen. Now imagine you had a rewind button. Hit rewind to get back to the beginning of the scene and then play events forward again, this time with the new behavior. Again do this a minimum of three times.

13. Say to yourself 'this old problem is fading, every day I move further and further away from the old behaviors and old feeligns' 'I am creating a new destiny'.

14. When you are ready, gently come back to a normal state of awareness and open your eyes.

This whole process should take somewhere between about 10 and about 30 minutes.

When you have practiced this a few times use the anchor that you created (the touch of the thumb and forefinger, or relaxation in part of your body or the phrase) whenever you need to feel and think the way that you planned. Make sure the thoughts and emotions are enough to overcome the situation; if they are not then you will need to practice the self hypnosis more often or get professional help.

I recommend that you practice this procedure around once a day for a week and then about once or twice a week until you are confident that the new thoughts, feelings and behavior are firmly installed.

Changing your thoughts, feelings and actions through hypnosis is easy once you have practiced it a few times.

Best desires in achieving your full potential!

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Use Self Hypnosis To Become Incredibly Confident And Seductive

There's plenty of tricks and techniques and lines and angles out there that aim to teach guys how to get the girls they like into relationships, or even into bed. There's a whole industry around teaching guys what to say, how to dress, how to act, in order to win the girl of their dreams.

Funny thing is, most of this “behavior” is reverse engineered from those that have “natural game.” What is natural game? It's the behavior of guys that are naturally seductive and attractive to women without every trying. Some rich guys handsome guys have no game at all, while guys that can barely hold a minimum wage job are pulling hotties right and left?

One of the secrets is having confidence. Girls are not attracted to guys that are needy. Think of it this way. When most guys finally “hook up” with a girl (whatever that means to you) her attention looks very scarce. He's suddenly afraid that if he “messes up” he'll lose her, and forever be lonely.

So he walks on eggshells, always taking care not to “offend her.” Is this attractive? Absolutely not. That's why a lot of relationships start off like gangbusters, but suddenly she's not returning his calls or even answering to his texts. His confidence has jumped the shark, and by becoming needy, he's morphed, in her mind, into an unattractive geek she wants nothing to do with.

Those guys that are naturals? They never fall into that trap. They know deep in their bones that they have something to offer. And if a girl does not appreciate him, that's fine. Plenty of other fish in the sea. At any point in the relationship, she could walk away and he knows he could quickly recover.

When you have that kind of self confidence, you do not need to worry about what lines to say, or how to dress, or how soon to call or any of that nonsense. Because whatever you do will work. You've got a “natural game.”

How do you get this? By consistently using self hypnosis, you can slowly and consistently build up your confidence. You'll never depend on the kind attention of a woman to feel good again. This alone will make you incredibly attractive.

How do you do this? At least twenty minutes a day, get into a relaxed, almost sleepy state. Imagine yourself in a social situation, when plenty of attractive women. Imagine that you're slowly walking around, and every girl in the joint is making eyes at you. You know you can take any of these girls home, and they'd feel incredibly lucky.

This may seem strange and foreign at first, but the more you do it, the more comfortable it will feel. Once you program your sub conscious with the idea that you are the catch, and not her, you'll never worry about this part of your life again.

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Introduction to Hypnotherapy

There are lots of definitions for hypnotherapy. The common one states that it is the process that can incidence a certain hypnotic state to a person with the purpose of healing an illness.

Things complicate when people use this process in order to return in specific moments of their past. In some cases, hypnotherapy can be used to achieve something specific like quitting smoking, but in other cases hypnotherapy can provide healing, especially when it is done by a licensed professional who knows exactly how to handle these situations.

There are a couple of things people believe when it comes to hypnotherapy or to being hypnotized. Every person is different, so this means that they will all react differently to it. Those who are in this hypnotic state tend to remember what they are talking about and what they are doing. Also, they tend to remember these even when they are awake, if they were not affected into forgetting it. Lots of people claim to have a feeling of relaxation and not of sleepiness as one might believe. Invested with so much power, therapists should understand that it is not right to abuse this power in order to make people do something that is not right. This is a very sensitive aspect for lots of people, who should understand that they can not be obliged to do things that they do not want to while they are under hypnosis.

The purposes of the hypnotherapy can be different. Some might use it in order to get a kind of goal that someone else previously missed. In addition to this, it can also represent a sort of exploration of the unconscious that may protect information related to past experience. Lots of therapists think that hypnosis can influence the past lives. There is plenty of evidence that the elements uncovered in hypnosis which are not completely true, but there are false memories or fantasies, can help the person discover more about themselves.

Another important thing to remember is that hypnotherapy can be more than therapy, and it is not always done by licensed therapists. There are people who are talented in hypnotizing and who focus on goals like weight loss. It is impossible to say if these people are competent or not, but we should not say no from the start.

Taking this into consideration, it is important to say that people must choose the professional with which they will work. If you want to make sure that you will remain safe, choose a person who is trained in psychotherapy. A person of this type can understand better the outcome of a hypnosis episode, as well as help their clients in resolving their issues without getting hurt.

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What You Need To Know About Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a process where hypnosis is self-induced and as a result you do not have to hire a therapist to help you out.

Steps used in self-hypnosis

The process involves four distinct steps: motivation, relaxation, concentration, and direction.

For you to successfully undergo the process and achieve results you need to be motivated. A great motivator is what you want to achieve. For example, you can be interested in losing weight.

Another thing you need to do is to ensure that you are relaxed. This calls for you to set aside time when you are free and there are no distractions so that you can fully concentrate in the process.

Concentration is of great importance for you to achieve the results that you need. This calls for you to put all of your energy in the task at hand to achieve ideal results.

The final step is directing the concentration on visualizing the desired result. For example, if you want to eat healthy foods, you should direct your concentration on the healthy foods.

Techniques of self-hypnosis

Since self-hypnosis takes time to learn, you need to be patient and practice regularly. You also need to come up with intelligent ways in which to easily learn the art. The good thing is that there are a number of techniques that you can use:

Autosuggestion : this technique is useful in training the subconscious mind by repeating a series of affirmations while at the same time eliminating negative self-talk. When you do this you train your mind to be thinking of positive outcomes. According to the creators of the technique, once the mind has positive outcomes, the body also follows.

This technique is ideal in helping you to avoid or treat illnesses and accomplish lofty goals. The technique also helps you to correct bad habits.

Subliminal hypnotism : this technique is usually used by athletes and other people who need to complete specific tasks. It's typically accomplished by blocking negative thoughts while at the same time visualizing yourself winning or completing a task successfully.

Trance induction : this is a therapeutic form of relaxation that helps you to fully relax and enter a trance-like state. The technique is usually used in pain management, relieving anxiety and at the same time alleviating stress related illnesses.


This is what you need to know about self-hypnosis. For ideal results, you should ensure that you follow all the rules of a given technique.

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About Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption and concentration and it's usually done by a hypnotherapist using mental images and verbal repetition.

When you are put under hypnosis your attention is highly focused and as a result you are more responsive to suggestions which include behavior changes that help you in losing weight.

Pros of hypnosis

One of the advantages is that it helps you to easily lose weight. According to experts, the technique helps you to lose up six pounds in a month. You should note that despite this is the average amount that you can lose in a month, you can lose more if you work hard.

This means that you should concentrate more and thoroughly follow what your therapist advises you to do.

Another advantage of the weight loss technique is that you can easily find a therapist to help you. If there is no therapist in your area, you can go online and find one.

If you do not have money to hire a therapist, you do not have to worry as you can undertake self-hypnosis. Here you only need to read articles or watch videos that will guide you on how to go about the process.

Cons of the technique

The main disadvantage of the technique is that you can not use it as a substitute for diet and exercise. This means that you can not use the technique on-its-own. For you to find results you should incorporate dieting and exercises as part of your plan.

This means that once you concentrate on the ideal foods to take, you should take the foods for you to witness results.

Tips on how to get the most from hypnotherapy

Communicate : just like everything else, communication is important in hypnosis. You should communicate with your therapist on everything in order to clear the air. For example, you should communicate about the trance state which is an important part of hypnotherapy.

You should remember that different people experience trance differently. For example, some feel heavy, others light, and others drifting off into a sleep-like state. You should communicate with your therapist for him / her to use the right techniques that will help you access trance.

Do your homework : since you will be learning, your therapist may ask you to do some homework. The homework can include concentrating a few minutes about the food that you need to avoid. For you to attain the right results you should do homework and ask as many questions as possible.

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Stop Fear Now – No-One Can Make You Feel Angry or Scared – It’s Your Own Programming at Work!

“The way you respond to any event is totally up to you.”

The sooner you can understand and believe the previous statement the sooner you'll be in control of your own life. Any event that may happen to you is either positive or negative, happy or sad. All events are Neutral. The response that you have upon experiencing this neutral event is what creates how it affects you.

“All events are neutral.”

Over 90% of all decisions that we make are determined by our subconscious processing them according to past experiences. Once an association is made so we have a point of reference to understand the event, then a decision is made. Unfortunately most of the impactful events from your past are also associated with emotion. Emotion is a very strong bridge that helps determine your present day decision-making.

So the way it works is like this: Stimuli – Pause – Response. Any time you are betrayed by some form of stimuli, you pause for a moment as you're on-board computer (subconscious mind) tries to make sense of the stimuli and as a result of the information processed you then make your decision.

An example would be receiving a letter from the IRS which in itself is a neutral event. It's just something that you received. As you pause to reflect on it however you may associate this letter with the fear of having an audit or possibly having computed you taxes wrong and owed them more money than you expected. As a result of these thoughts your response would be anxiety to open the letter as quick as possible associated with fear and worry.

Another example would be receiving a phone call in the middle of the night from one of your parents. Your initial response may be one of worrying that something is wrong or one of them was hurt or possibly some other type of emergency. What began as a neutral event (the phone call) once processed created a response of fear.

In both examples the response of fear was most likely unfounded. The letter from the IRS may have simply been a balance of how much you've paid for taxes within the last few years. The phone call from your parents may have just been your mother calling because of insomnia and wanted someone to speak to.

Although this is a naturally occurring process with human beings the amount of stress from a given situation can be reduced greatly through awareness. Realizing that each event is neutral when it occurs gives you a chance to further ponder your response and thinking of other possible responses that may be more positive. This can be the difference between experiencing fear and anger or simply realizing that “it is as it is”. What a way to eliminate fear!

The reason why I mentioned that this is a naturally occurring process with human beings is that animals do not process things in the same way. Rather than experiencing an event with the Stimuli – Pause – Response method that they simply process events with Stimuli – Response.

Upon given a stimuli they respond immediately. It's more instinctual rather than processing thought as a response with emotion. An example of this would be if you accidently stepped on your cat's tail and in response it turned and scratched your arm to the point of bleeding. The scratching was an immediate response. It was not done in malice, revenge or any other form of calculated emotion. In fact within 5 minutes it may have come back to you showing affection wanting you to pet it again. It did not hold a grudge or anger as a result of the event.

We are 100% in control of our actions and reactions. Because of the victim mentality that the majority of people experience way too often we tend to blame others for our fortune or misfortune. It's my hope that from this point forward we learn that everything is neutral so we may create happier situations for ourselves and those around us.

Those are the facts, take a moment to Pause and ponder them and see how you respond. The choice is yours.

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Self-Hypnosis: A Powerful Magical Tool For You

A good hypnotherapist can help you to make permanent and lasting changes in your behavior. S / he can also help you to reach amazingly deep levels of relaxation. However, till the time you meet one, self-hypnosis is something you can definitely try out to your advantage.

However, self-hypnosis is easy to learn and gets better with practice. Also as a tool for meditation, it is not just easy but also very effective. This article is to help you to experience what self-hypnosis is all about. There are of course various ways to experience this and also more purposeful and deeper techniques. But this article is enough for you to get kick started right away.

Remember, practice is essential and every single day, not only will you relax a little bit more quickly, but also each time you practice, you will go just a little bit deeper into a state of relaxation. The obvious advantages of this practice are stress reduction, better sleep and greater concentration. There are many more advantages and many more uses for a self-hypnotic session.

Here is how –

Make sure you find a place that is quiet and comfortable and make sure you select a time that you will not be disturbed by anyone during that time. Make sure, phones and alarms are switched off. For most meditative and similar practices, early morning and late nights are best, but if that is not possible, find the time that suits you the most. Find a comfortable chair or set up your space on the floor or on the bed so that you can stay in this position comfortable for upto an hour without getting uncomfortable. It is highly preferable that you do the entire exercise in a seated position. If you like, you can put on some soft soothing relaxing music in the background, make sure it is purely instrumental and has no vocals.

Read the following steps at least three times before you begin to practice . You can of course read and practice each step, but for your complete session, you would not be able to refer to your notes or this article. Trust your instincts and allow them to guide you – variations that suit you and make the process better for you are perfectly fine. What works for you is what is best for you – there is no such thing as a perfect formula for everyone.

  1. Once you sit down, take a few seconds to adjust yourself so that you feel perfectly comfortable and no part of you feels any strain or discomfort.

  1. Close your eyes and mentally, tell yourself that you intend to make this a deep relaxation session.

  1. Take three deep breaths, hold your breath for just a couple of seconds after you breathe in deeply before you breathe out.

  1. Imagine and visualize as you breathe in that you are taking in all the positive energy that the universe has to offer in the form of white mist – feel this white mist filling up your body and helping you to relax.

  1. As you breathe out, imagine and visualize that a gray mist is moving out of your body into the universe taking with it all the stress, all the tension, all the worries, all the irritation, all the anxieties from you.

  1. Do this Thrice, Ie for each deep breath.

  1. Starting from the toes of your feet, begin to relax your body all the way upto the top of your head. Tell yourself to relax, tell that part of your body to relax, do not force yourself to relax, just allow it to happen all by itself.

  1. Focus your attention on each part of the body as you work yourself up from the toes to the top of your head. As you relax the muscles in your head and neck, you may find your head falling forward and resting on your shoulder or with your chin on your chest. This is fine.

  1. As you progressively relax every muscle of your body, you slowly begin to slump like a limp doll.

  1. It is now time to deepen your relaxation. Start counting back from 10 to 1 and tell yourself that with each count, you will go twice as deep into a blissful state of relaxation.

  1. At 1, you are now into a deep, very deeply relaxed state. If you feel a little light headed at this stage, it is pretty normal.

  1. Imagine or visualize that there is a door in front of you. Make a note of the color, texture and material. Reach out with your hands and turn the knob.

  1. As you open the door, imagine or visualize that you have now stepped out into a beautiful garden. The garden is exactly as your imagination wants it to be. Flowers, birds, grass, shrubs, trees, a fountain or a waterfall – make a note of everything – the sights, the sounds, the feel of the grass under your feet, etc.

  1. Somewhere in the garden is a magic pool. Make yourself believe that you have found it and nicely cup your hands to drink from the pool. Taste the pure clear water.

  1. As you stand up again, imagine or visualize a shining white mist that rises from the waters of the pool and lovingly embraces and engulfs you.

  1. As the mist surrounds you, use positive affirmations to suggest the changes or improvements you want in your life.

  1. Now imagine or visualize yourself in these new circumstances and how you would act now that your behaviors and habits have changed.

  1. It is now time to awaken yourself. Start counting up from 1 to 10, telling yourself that with every count, you are becoming more alert, more awake, full of health and vitality and feeling perfectly fine and absolutely refreshed.

  1. Once you reach the count of 10, you can slowly open your eyes, enjoy the feeling for a few seconds and then get on with your day!

  1. Comment here on your experience and write to me in case you seek clarifications or assistance.

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Letting Yourself Dissolve – Cloud Hands

Of all exotic patterns in the various Tai Chi styles, few are more exotic than the energy-collecting moves of what most forms term “Cloud Hands.” Moreover, you can tell quite accurately how long a person has been practicing Tai Chi just by watching them perform the Cloud Hands pattern in the middle of some complex series of moves. Cloud Hands become a tranquil interlude that lets the Tai Chi player and the observers relax ever more deeply into an Alpha state.

At the point we say to ourselves “I think I'll do a bit of my Tai Chi form to see if I can just relax a bit,” our brains are typically churning along at freeway periods of 20+ cycles per second (20+ cps). By the time we are in the middle of the most common Yang 24 Tai Chi form as practiced by literally millions and millions of Chinese persons of all ages through the mainland public parks at dawn performing the Cloud Hands section, our brains have slowed to 10 cps in a slow and steady meditative trance.

The movements of the Cloud Hands pattern are circular, palms either in or out, revealing the mood and intent of the Tai Chi player: palms-in is defensive and builds a cocoon of protective energy around the player; palms-out is receptive just up to aggressive, with the palms acting as radar dishes scanning the horizon in front of the player, sensing, alert, absolutely aware of anything moving in the environment.

The movements of the feet are yang / yin: a forceful right (or left) side-step (yang) followed by a graceful and quiet follow-step with the trailing foot (yin). Aggression followed by submission. The hunter stalking with the lead foot, the sly prey shadowing the hunter undetected in the following foot.

The term Cloud Hands comes from the circular, light movements of the arms, as though they had clouds moving each other – not touching yet moving in unison – top hand leading (yang), bottom hand following in its shadow (yin). As the lower hand moves up it is like a scooping movement, while the upper hand floats away and down.

You maintain one height as you step sideways, floating along: lead foot heavy touching down heel first (yang); Follow foot floating along behind, barely attached to Earth. Each hand draws a circle overlapping in front of your body at the same moment the feet are gliding along the ground slowly, slowly.

Learning is easier if you break down Cloud Hands into three movements.

  1. Hands up and down with arms parallel but angled 45 degrees across the body – with your feet apart shoulder width, as your right hand moves down your left hand moves up.
  2. Turn body – turn your body to the right and shift 90% of your weight onto the left foot to free up the right foot to float sideways to the right.
  3. Step and follow step – then step to your right, shifting all the weight rightward; let the almost weightless left foot follow the right, barely touching down as the top hand floats rightward horizontally and then curves down passing the bottom hand floating up.

Once you have the up and down, turn, and glide sideways movements coordinated, then blend them together into one fluid motion. Repeat at least 4 times in the same direction. Let your logical mind dissolve into the complexity and beauty of this pattern.

Let yourself dissolve into the free-floating Cloud Hands. With practice (and entry into the Alpha state) do not be surprised if you feel your weight lessened by perhaps 10 or 20 pounds as you glide along the surface of the ground, barely touching it.

Watch the tip of the ring finger of the upper hand as it passes before your eyes. You are everywhere now. You are now.

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Exceptionally Beneficial Technique of Self Hypnosis

It is often said that hypnosis hold unhealthy health benefits which can help one attain a prosperous lifestyle. It can motivate people to lose weight, quit smoking, get freedom from any addiction and mentally relax, thereby, including a healthy life. There are no two thoughts about it that hypnosis is extremely beneficial a treatment to alleviate stress.

To add on to it, all of us need encouragement and motivation to achieve the desired goals, however, for most of us the encouragement does not last long, which makes us cling to self-help books, in search of inspiration, so that we can walk the path towards success. These books certainly proffer encouragement, which is temporary, wherein our need is for a permanent solution. Thus, in order to gain confidence and eradicate the haziness of negativity on the path to success, we hunt for a solution which provides us motivation, rejuvenation, confidence and support. Given that the energy gained by reading the self-help books fades as quickly as it was generated, we wish to retain this positivity, the energy and focus. This is where hypnosis mp3s comes to the rescue.

Hypnosis happens to be an effective tool for change, and cheering yourself up. This technique of encouraging yourself is self hypnosis CDs, which delivers positive messages. The records in these CDs lend you a hand at retaining energy and concentrate on your goals. For visibly effective results, all you need to do is to play the self hypnosis records, while in bed for a few minutes, and these will infuse energy within you. Moreover, the advantages of self hypnosis can be availed within the comfort of your own home.

Self hypnosis and motivation can:

Treat addictions: No matter what you are adding to, listening to self hypnosis downloads can help you get rid of physical addictions. Additionally, with this treatment, you do not relapse and regain addiction.

Lose weight: Hypnosis helps people, who gain weight due to psychological reasons; by eliminating their problems, thereby, reducing the extra fat. It makes it easier for them to lose weight.

Reduce stress: There is no condemning to the fact that stress can cause serious illness in people, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, sleep disorders, to name a few. Hypnosis can help in getting it under control by putting you in a state of relaxation, hence, offering your mind the relaxation needed.

Treat anxiety and depression: Hypnosis happens to be one medication that, if you ever get addicted to, would cause no harm. It is a drug-free effective way to calm anxiety, restlessness and cure the budding symptoms of depression. It, by relieving stress, leaves you refreshed and free of diseases.

Behavioral changes: If you are a kind of person who gets irritated and annoyed soon, and face trouble managing your anger, then hypnosis can assist you with change in your behavior patterns, leaving you happier, and then, healthy.

Hypnotherapy is a safe as well as effective method of dealing with many emotional and anxiety issues. It, as well, enables you to deal with mental challenges, and strengthens you to take control of your life. Given that the motivational recordings can relax one deeply enough to make them feel refreshed, self hypnosis can be of great help in case you are in the dire need to relieve stress from your system.

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