Get a Better Sleep With Hypnosis

Do you wake up during the night and can not go back to sleep? Maybe you toss and turn for hours only to get a few hours shut-eye and wake up the next day feeling like a disaster. Do you suffer from “the mad monkey of the mind” that never wants to sleep when you do? Trust me. You are not alone. I suffered from insomnia for many years and I found my solution, hypnosis.

It is a common fact that we as humans need our sleep. Everybody should get at least 7-8 hours of continuous sleep each night. While we sleep our bodies not only recharge our batteries, but there are also a lot of vital processes that go on such as release of a very important neurotransmitter called serotonin. Serotonin regulates out mood and our metabolism during the day, as well as many other important things. So, if you are not getting your required 7 – 8 hours every night, guess what? Not only are you more likely of being in a bad mood and having you thinking slowed down, you'll also put on the pounds more easily. Sounds like a pretty bad deal to me. So let's talk about how hypnosis may help you fall sleep and stay sleep.

Sleep disorders are far too common in today's society. We live in a world where everything is going at a million miles an hour and everyone expected us to do everything yesterday. As a result of living such frantic lives switching off when we go to bed can be quite the challenge. The hardship that goes with a sleep disorder and its exhausting nature is often underestimated and overlooked. That said, just because sleep disorders are very common it does not mean you should just go ahead and live with it. Something being common does not mean that it is normal.

Sleep hypnosis is also referred to as relaxation hypnosis and is a very powerful method to help you sleep. When going through sleep hypnosis the deeply rooted causes of your tension and your brain's unwillingness to shut down are revealed. You see, unless you address the actual causes for your sleeping difficulties and not only the symptoms, you are very unlucky to succeed.

Through hypnosis you can get help with identifying the causes and realize that sleeping should not be and is not hard. Treatment is very simple, safe and non-invasive. Not only that. It lasts as opposed to sleeping tablets which stops working as soon as you stop taking them, and who wants to be taking a sleeping pill every day for the rest of their lives?

There are numerous benefits of sleep hypnosis. Imagine going to bed tried, but not exhausted and actually falling asleep. Imagine waking up the next morning feeling recharged and invigorated and the feeling lasts the whole day. Imagine coming home from work and having energy left for both your family and friends, knowing that when you go to bed tonight the same things will happen all over again.

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More Thoughts On Stopping The Smoking Habit With Hypnosis

Deciding to quit smoking is always easier said than done. While your logical mind tells you that a lifestyle change is both beneficial and necessary, your pleasure-oriented subconscious would stubbornly dictate you to go on with your blithe smoking ways. It's always a struggle between wanting to stop and wanting a deliciously toxin-filled puff.

Some would say “once a smoker, always a smoker”. This may not be true to all but the adage is certainly understandable as most nicotine addicts just could not stop smoking no matter how badly they wanted to. They could be smoke-free for a period time, but once temptations and peer pressures start to creep in they would resort back to their old habit. What could be worse is that they often do smoking more than they did before quitting.

It would seem to appear that a smoker who wishes to quit smoking is a hopeless case. If you are this person, you may very well be thinking that you're already doomed! Not really. You can actually stop smoking with hypnosis. The subconscious mind, which is the main scoundrel of a successful withdrawal, can be tamed to serve your purpose. With hypnosis, you will no longer need to face the constant struggle between your health and a cigarette.

Of course, the quitting process will not be bump-free ride. In the first day or so your craving for nicotine would still take its toll, but afterwards, the craving will just be in your mind. And that is, basically, where hypnosis can do its wonders on you. To quit smoking is to learn a new way of life with new associations.

Hypnosis can aid you in learning this new lifestyle pattern faster; giving you the needed push to pursue a smoke-free life. Instead of having the impression that smoking is a friend, hypnosis will train your mind to consider it a menace, disgust … a disease. In the process, you not only change the way you think, but also change the way you act. In some respect, it is a case of changing the mindset to break the bad habit.

By acquiring the services of a professional hypnotherapist, reinforced with self-hypnosis, one can be victorious in the struggle with cigarettes. It is important to take into account although that successive success stories of former smokers, it is never too poorly for some people to resort to their old ways and re-emerge as a smoker once again.

This usually happens after a few months, maybe a year, of stopping cigarette smoking. For this reason, it is vital to maintain or engage in periodic meetings with the therapist whenever necessary. Better yet, one may do self-hypnosis every once in a while so as to sustain the process of quitting. It's like recharging batteries once they run low or get empty.

Stop smoking with hypnosis and relieve yourself from the stress of quitting or withdrawal. Hypnosis by a professional, as well as, self-hypnosis can equip you with better coping mechanisms; thus trying to be smoke-free need not be burdensome and difficult to handle. With hypnosis on one's side, the battle with cigarettes can be won with ease.

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How to Write Hypnosis Induction Scripts

It's a fact that effective induction is crucial in the overall success of a hypnotherapy session. It can make or break the entire session. To understand why this is, it's important to realize what an induction is and what we're trying to achieve by doing a hypnosis induction.

Induction is the part of hypnosis in which your subject in taken into a trance. Now while there is such a thing known as an instant induction (handshake), what we'll be discussing is a preliminary induction. This is the type used by therapists because it's more comfortable for clients and is done by gradually relaxing your subject. What we're effectively aiming to do is take the client from an alert state to one of selective attention in which your subject can focus closely on the hypnotic session. Our two key aims then are to generate relaxation and focus our clients' attention on the goals of the session in hand.

Without it or with an infectious version of it, your subject might only be in a slight trance or none at all. This means your subjects' unconscious mind will not be open to your suggestions, lessening the effective of the treatment by a reasonable amount.

So how do you carry out an effective induction?

There are effectively 4 Steps. If you use each of these steps in the way I describe, you'll find your subject drifting off into a deep trance in no time

1. Relaxation
2. Creating Confusion
3. Vivid Visualizations
4. Step Downs

Let's look at each step in turn.

1. Relaxation

We start by getting our client relaxed. There's a number of ways to do this and some hypnotists will even do some pre-hypnosis relaxation. This is where they get their client to do a series of actions to get them in a more relaxed state for therapy. One effective way of doing this is to direct your client to tense then relax muscles in each part of their body. While this is effective, it's really only necessary when dealing with clients who are more on edge.

When the hypnosis session gets started, the easiest way to start this relaxation process is by instructing your subject to take deep breaths. This is a highly effective technique and is used in a variety of medical fields to calm people down. Indeed, it's taught to anxiety victims to help them remain calm when their anxiety strikes. Tell them to take around 3 or 4 slow deep breaths. If you wish you can also tell them to visualize the air flowing down to their lungs like water flowing down a stream.

The second method to achieving this step is having your client fixate on a certain object. Tell them to make out every part of the object, all the detail and what the texture would feel like if they touched it. This calms the mind and starts eliminating outside stimuli.

The final way I'll be explaining is progressive relaxation. Start by telling your client to pay particular attention to each part of their body in turn and feel the muscles in that area relaxing. You can start at the foot and move up the body. You could tell them to imagine a ball of light or a certain color moving through them and relaxing each part of the body it touches.

Regardless of the approach you choose, your client should be now relaxed and ready to move further into the process.

You'll want to tell your client to close their eyes at this point, if they have not already. People love been directed when relaxed. It also removes the worry. People think you close your eyes when you're been hypnotized but if you do not tell them to them 'they worry they're doing it wrong and it will not be effective. Your aim is to make them feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

2. Confusion

Next we're going to create some confusion in your subject. This distracts them and allows us access to their unconscious so that we can proceed with the session. In order to do this, direct your client to start counting down from a high number such as 300. While they're doing this, you'll proceed to the next step, giving them another direction and making them lose focus on the task. It's important to tell them not to worry about losing their place and to simply continue from the last number they can remember.

3. Vivid Visualization

Now you're going to set a scene for your subject to imagine. You want a bright tranquil scene that screams out calmness such as a beach, forest, park or a stroll in the garden on a hot summer's day. You'll want to tell them to imagine this setting in every vivid detail from the feel of the grass or sand beneath their feet, the smell of the flowers, and the vastness of the ocean in front of them, the feel of the breeze gently brushing them to the sound of the ocean or birds in the sky.

This is where your knowledge of the client comes in handy. If you know of one, you can use an experience they've actually had to strengthen the process. If not just use what you think works best based on the clients' personality.

What we're doing here is strengthening the relaxation and focus before we place them in trance.

4. Step Down

Next it's time to pull them into trance. This is where we get their focus fixed on the session. This is where you tell them to imagine walking down some sort of path or stairs. Just make it relevant to the scene you created above. You could have them walk down the garden path getting deeper and deer, more relaxed as they go. You'll then start counting down from 10 or even up 1-10. With each second count you'll tell them they've taken another step and are getting deer and deeper into trance.


Let's go through the process again. Firstly, you'll start getting your client relaxed and making them fees as if you understand their problems and can help them through it. You'll then go through each step of the 4 step method in order. This entire process should take around 5 minutes and it'll leave your subjects' unconscious open to suggestion do not write if you write down your script that you should rehearse it and make it sound natural rather than reading it aloud, otherwise it will not be effective.

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Becoming More of a Woman With Self Hypnosis

In recent times feminine hypnosis has had a great surge in popularity among people in trans-gender societies. It is primarily designed to help those who have sent most of their life bombarded by thoughts of who they are and if what they see in the mirror necessarily reflects what they feel on the inside. I is generally accepted that what is planned to us from our outside world has an immune impact of what we feel inside. An example would be bullying which commonly results in the bullied person being left with an inferiority complex and very negative thoughts about themselves.

Therefore, the foundation of feminine hypnosis has to be self-esteem, which will dramatically affect the way you view your appearance. In addition, it is very hard to accomplish full feminization if you do not first build self-confidence. The goal of feminine hypnosis is to reprogram your subconscious mind so that you no longer think of yourself as masculine, but rather a beautiful, prospering woman woman, inside and out. Once you are control and have access to your sub-conscious mind, you can start depicting your scripts and provide your sub-conscious mind with relevant messages. These messages that you continue to tell yourself will make your body follow in a feminine way. Using feminine hypnosis you can see fast and noticeable results that will allow you to be the lady you have always known you are.

Buried deep in our mind is where the vast majority of our transforming problems arise from. Feminine hypnosis trains you sub-conscious mind to accept the new and improved image of yourself and allows you to be and feel femininity naturally without having to consciously think about it. It is a known fact that it is achievable to transition from being a male t being a female and attain an attractive beauty. By using feminine hypnosis you old thoughts about yourself become more and more blurred every day until they one day disappear. You will replace the old messages with new ones, all leaving you with a femininity gender identity. In time, you will see your previous male habits and gestures disappearing which allows you to become more accustomed and happy with you trans-sexuality.

The process of feminine hypnosis addresses all the various aspects of you body. The mental, physical and emotional. You will have to find the feminine voice that speaks to you without sounding forced. Finding this voice can be a challenge initially, but with expert help it happens quickly and naturally. Through the use of feminine hypnosis you can alter your thinking and re-shape your life so you can finally live the life you know you always wanted to, but never had the courage to.

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Subliminal Messages Through Hypno CDs

Every once in a while I am baffled by the power of our subconscious mind. I'm sure you've experienced this as well. It often happens when you do not even realize, like after you have watched a movie and then after you start using phrases or lines from the movie. Or listening to a song while working, not paying attention to its lyrics, only to find yourself using them in your actions, thoughts or daily discussions? It happens quite often and we all experience it from time to time.

This is why some hypnotists decided to start creating hypno CDs. While normal clips or songs are not conceivable with the purpose of transmitting any subliminal message, these special CDs do just that. I know some of you might have a negative perception regarding the whole concept of hypnosis, but the truth is that it can help you in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

Just so you know I'm not talking just for the sake of it I will provide you with an example. A friend of mine could not give up smoking not matter what they tried. Until that is, they tried self hypnosis! I am not going to say it made the process easy, they still had the addiction and it was hard for them to stop smoking. But the aid that they received from the hypno CD helped them to overcome this and provided that extra bit of support they needed.

I know what your thinking, how can this change occur just from listening to a CD ?! Well, this is due to the subliminal messages in the CD. They help to re-train your brains so when you have a certain situation, such as being desperate for a cigarette, so you have a way to cope with it. There are hypno CDs for all sorts of different problems as well so it is reasonably there is something that will be able to help you. The bets part is that you can listen to them while working and cooking, or before you fall sleep at night.

No matter what you are trying to achieve, there will be a self hypnosis CD that can help you and it will have a simple subliminal message to get you closer to your goal. Of course, this is not the ultimate solution to each and every problem – you will not get rich or healthy just by listening to the tracks, but you will at least get in the state of mind which enables you to take the right course.

Most of the things which seem very difficult at first sight typically prove to be quite simple and easy to get done. Most things we fear and consider dangerous prove to be easy to conquer once we deal with them. The simple secret method employed by the hypno CDs is that they manage to tap into the incredible power of the subconscious mind. Most of our problems are only surface problems. When we manage to get over them or solve them, we realize that we had the solution deep within us all the time. We only had to look for it.

Have you seen how different kinds of music make you either more efficient or slow you down? It's quite a known fact that Vivaldi or Mozart can increase your work power by over 300%, while pop songs will slow you down considerably. A hypno CD is carefully mastered in order to provide the subliminal influence you need to achieve your goal.

If you need to conquer a fear, find the solution to a problem which has bothered you for some time, the subliminal messages sent through hypno CDs are very powerful and will help you overcome difficulties you might have. So why not give them a try, you may just be amazed by the results!

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Feminizing Hypnosis For The Woman In You

If you want to transform yourself both mentally, emotionally and physically, then feminizing hypnoisis may be for you. Feminizing hypnosis is a safe and effective tool that allows you to become the woman you always dreamed you would be. Not only can the art of feminizing hypnosis make your look and feel like a woman, it can also make you fit into the daily situations in your life. It does not matter if you are a transvestite, transsexual or transgender, feminizing hypnosis can help you all.

One of the basic human needs is feeling recognized and accepted by our society. Therefore, it is very important that you have to look and feel like a woman if you are to fit in and gain acceptance. Because deep down, a woman is what you are even though you may have been viewed as a man for many years. In the blink of an eye, most people would have made their mind up about who you are and you would have left a first impression. Your emotional make-up that consist of you thoughts and emotions are not visible to other during that quick second when first impressions are formed. You may think that those internal feeling and emotions all come from the inside, however this is not the case. They are influenced by the outside effects that you interact with to a great extent. This means that all those times you have been teased and others have created a negative image of you, your sub-conscious mind will have created a negative image of yourself. After a while, the body will follow the negative lead of your mind and therefore conform to the negative image. Ultimately, this will lead to a total loss of self-confidence and potentially bouts of various forms of depression.

Now for the key solution. You should not expect other people to change their attitudes and opinions about you until you have changed the opinion you have of yourself. This is what is referred to as your self image. What this means is that you have to learn a way to disconnect from all of the negativity coming from other and rather focus on the positivity you create inside yourself. Self-hypnosis can help you achieve this and transform your mind, your body and extremely your self confidence. This is done by placing positive thoughts and images deep in your mind which will always change your brains' programming and your perception of what you see in the mirror every day.

Self hypnosis works so well for so many people because it provides you with total control over your body and the way you view it, on both a physical and emotional level. Where even drugs do not do the trick, self hypnosis can help.

You are influenced by what you see, hear and feel. Therefore we have to create positive inputs and affirmations using all of those pathways to your brain. You can say you affirmations out loud, you can create the desired picture of yourself in your minds eye and you can create the feeling you want, just by thinking about it the right way. Through repetition of these suggestions to your sub-conscious it will adopt these ideas as reality and thenby change your body and your beliefs to fit in.

Not only will your body change on the outside. On the inside you will start producing increased levels of feminine hormones resulting in a female looking body. You may be thinking right now that the same results may be achieved through HRT or surgery, however this is not the case. These will only address the physical part of your body, but the appropriate emotional patterns will still remain. This is why self hypnosis has been and continues to be the safest and most effective way to truly becoming the woman you have always wanted.

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Hypnosis: Can It Really Help With Everyday Problems?

Many of us, possibly you too, wake up in the morning and hope to hear that 'magic pill' has been invented that will cure all of our fears and phobias; but it never seems to happen. In fact, the closest many of us have come to a 'magic pill' is discovering hypnosis CDs. The question is, are they really as good as they sound? Can they really sort out those nagging fears and doubts that ruin some of the simple pleasures of life that other people take for granted?

Do you wake up in the morning and just want to spend the rest of the day in bed? You know that it's not going to take long before you start to get the stress building up. It's not always easy getting through the day, is it? Well, if you have not considered self hypnosis as a way of overcoming these problems, then you could still be years away from getting a solution that is going to work for you.

If you have been thinking about self hypnosis, but you're a bit worried that there may be some risk involved in using hypno CDs, then this is something you'll need to know. The hypno CDs you'll be looking at buying are safer than just about all of the other techniques you'll find for curing yourself of fears and phobias.

That may seem like an incredibly bold statement, but just think about it for a moment. You are not fully sleep when using these hypnosis methods, so you can stop at any time during the process; and you are not filling your body full of chemicals that you have no idea how you'll react to.

Add in the fact that you'll automatically feel a whole lot more relaxed when you end a session no matter what the self hypnosis CD is designed to aid. You also are not paying out a lot of money for ongoing treatment. Is not this now starting to look like something you should have been doing years ago?

Some of the medicines that you may take to suppress your feelings of stress or anxiety are things that you could be taking for the rest of your life. So, would not it make sense to try hypno CDs that could make a world of difference in as little as 30 minutes a day, and a couple of times a month after that to keep things 'topped up'?

Just imagine it, you put on one of your hypno CDs and it keeps you for the rest of the day. 30 minutes out of the start of your morning to see the stress disappear for the rest of the day. If you have an anxiety problem, it'll get you ready to go out and face the world; or just 30 minutes to see the weight that's been haunting you for years, start to disappear. Who would not trade 30 minutes in the morning for one month, to get benefits like that?

Just remember, hypno CDs are not some quick fix that's going to stop working if you do not use it for a day. They're designed to 'rewire' the brain and associate the things that have been causing you problems, with a better solution ie stress will no longer be linked, in your mind, to comfort eating. It may however, become linked with a number of relaxation techniques that will actually calm you down and relieve the stress you've been feeling.

So if hypnosis has not been on your mind up until now, but you've started to realize that there are many benefits from using this method, then you really should have a look at some of the self hypnosis CDs that are available and make a list of the hypno CDs that are going to make the largest difference in your life.

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Stop Eating Too Much With Self-Hypnosis

There is an overwhelming number of diets out there, all promising toned bodies and slimmer waist lines within weeks. The sad fact is, very few of them work. The reason for this is that no matter how much we want to look slimmer and feel better about ourselves, there is still that voice in our head telling us to have a snack. That voice is always there, telling us that we have to fulfill our urge to snack which will make us happy right now, not worrying about it until later. This is very similar to quitting smoking. In many cases, being overweight is simply a problem with our brains addiction to always wanting to eat. It is not because we are always hungry, but it makes us feel something, thereby satisfing our brain. This is the exact reason why self-hypnosis has recently become very popular and remains an effective way to lose those extra pounds.

Self-hypnosis creates a heightened awareness and suggestibility where we are able to influence our own behaviors and provide ourselves with what is called post-hypnotic suggestions. Using it, we can tell our inner child that the road to a happy life does not have to go through food. We make a decision to lose weight and stick with it .. To be able to use self-hypnosis effectively in losing weight we first of all have to state very clearly and positively what it is that we want and after that make a firm decision to accomplish it. The initial session should be devoted solely to actually making this decision and the challenges you are facing with carrying the extra weight. There should never be any doubt in your mind that you can do it.

It is also good to ponder upon why it is that you would like to shed some weight. Is it for reasons related to health or is it because you want to shape up for summer? The reason is always up to you, but always choose something that means something to you and speaks to your heart like, “I will lose weight because I want to be able to play soccer with my kids”, “I will lose weight because I want to fit into my old clothes that I used to love. ” You have to try and decipher why you overeat, eat unhealthy foods or snack during the day. What does eating these things make you feel? What need is it filling for you emotionally? It might be an idea to try and find other things in your life to fulfill those emotional needs. For example, “I eat because I'm lonely.” Get a dog. This will provide you with a companion and force you outside for exercise.

It should be noted that the self-hypnosis is not what will lose the weight for you. Self-hypnosis will not speed you metabolism up in some magical way. However, with self-hypnosis you will change the way you think about food and about eating. It will shut the mouth of the voice in your head telling you to eat because you are lonely or not going for a walk because it is too much effort. You will regain control of your sub-conscious which is seeking to always control you behavior.

When starting out with self-hypnosis to lose weight, imagine yourself making the right choices. Choosing vegetables instead of pizza. Choosing a walk instead of TV. Imagine yourself on that walk and try to imagine how you will feel once you have completed it. Focus on your goal, write them down by hand, put them somewhere you can see them everyday and repeat them to yourself daily. The bathroom mirror is a good place as it is the first thing you'll see in the morning and the last thing before going to bed.

These are some of the reasons why self-hypnosis is so successful at helping people lose weight. Being on a strict diet can be a struggle, but with self-hypnosis you can change the way you think and leave these struggles in the past.

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Using Self-Hypnosis and Visualization to Stop Smoking

The market is flooded with different aids to help you quit smoking. You may have tried the nicotine patch, maybe some medications, or simply relied on your own willpower and tried it cold turkey. Some people have succeeded with these methods, but unfortunately the vast majority have failed. If this sounds like you, this may be the perfect time to try self-hypnosis, as not only does it help you quit, but also keep you there. You see, how many people have quit once, twice, maybe ten times, only to pick it up again a few weeks or months down the track? Quitting smoking for one week is one thing, quitting for a life-time is something completely different. By using self-hypnosis you will be able to change your views about smoking within your subconscious mind, which is the most effective way to end the addiction once and for all.

There are a few main concepts in self-hypnosis, some of which include relaxing, scripts, and visualizing. Being able to relax is imperative to be able to self-hypnotize. The very first thing you will be taught is how best to relax and open your mind to new suggestions. You will learn certain key phrases or suggestions that are created to stop you from smoking that you will have to tell yourself several times per day. You will also learn how to visualize, which is very important in the process of quitting.

It is very beneficial to master the art of visualization if you want to learn self-hypnosis. By creating mental images in your mind of you performing a certain activity, you will be more able to perform the actual thing. When starting out, it might be wise to create a picture of yourself as if you are watching yourself on TV. This is what is referred to as dissociated visualization. This is a technique which can be a very effective tool as it allows you to see yourself smoke-free. Once you have seen yourself in this image, and imagined it as a real event, it will make the outcome of quitting smoking an inevitability rather than a possibility.

First of all, when visualizing, you have to become clear in your mind that you are going to quit, no matter what. The income is that from this day on, you will no longer smoke, period. We are all different emotionally, so you will have to create images that appeal to you. The key is, it has to make you feel something. If it does not, try a different image. These emotions that make you feel something are your keys to success, simply because the more emotions are involved in your suggestions, the quicker and better you will respond to it. You have to find your own words, but here are some suggestions. “Exciting”, “caring”, “loving”, “beautiful”, “radiant”. The more dramatic and vivid the image you create is, the greater an effect it will have because these visualizations are definitely suggestions. Think of tobacco smoke. Imagine in your mind that it smells and tastes awful and the look of it makes you sick. Use other associations to depict how bad it is. Imagine the smell of cigarette smoke as week-old socks or even worse, week-old prawn shells.

Like many other before you, using self-hypnosis and visualization to end the habit once and for all may be the solution. Those who have done it before you found that through the use of their own imagination that they can simply create the desired change, powerfully and effectively. With the use of visualizations you can see yourself after the change has happened and therefore meet your goals of being a non-smoker more easily.

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Bashful Bladder Syndrome

Bashful bladder syndrome is a serious issue. About 7% of the population in the USA (17 million people) suffers from it. Most people never hear of it, and those who do for the first time often think that it is kind of funny – but it's not. It's embarrassing and can really get in the way of living a normal life. So what can you do to overcome it?

First of all, realize that paruresis can get more than just annoying. For some people, it's just a slight discomfort when urinating in a public restroom – but it can get worse.

Also note that there are sometimes physical reasons for being unable to urinate – mainly an enlarged prostate or a narrow urethra. If these are the case with you, these issues should be addressed first.

There are even people who are afraid that someone might hear the sound of them peeing when they are in their own house, and it becomes almost obsessive in nature.

One possible thing to do is of course to use psychotherapy. A therapist can help you to look at the issue from different angles and might have the mental tools to help you better deal with your feelings of shame or anxiety.

However, psychotherapy is also very time-consuming and often expensive. Plus, it's not always effective. Sometimes therapists just talk things through with their clients in a thousand ways and they never actually achieve the outcome that their patients came to them with in the first place. They may be a good confidante, and having to talk about this might feel good from an emotional point of view – but at some point the purpose of therapy really should be to lead to a solution and help the patient overachieve bashful bladder syndrome.

Hypnosis for paruresis can be very effective because it goes directly to your subconscious mind. Instead of having to think and talk about things a thousand ways and a thousand days, you can just use the power of your subconscious mind to help you overcome shy bladder syndrome.

But even with hypnosis you should have realistic expectations. Do not think that listening to a paruresis hypnosis session once will somehow make your symptoms disappear – it's powerful, but it's not magic. You will need to listen to it in a disciplined manner repeated over the course of several weeks in order to really see results.

But the good news is – even though it does take work, it is possible to manage and overhaul bashful bladder syndrome.

Some people like to use anti-anxiety medication, but many experts agree that this is not a good idea. These drugs often can have severe side-effects and affect your psyche in more than just one way. Plus, in some cases it can be difficult when you try to stop taking the medication, and symptoms may return even worse than they were before.

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How Self Hypnosis Works to Give You Access to Your Sub-Conscious Mind

In our early years of life we ​​are able to easily focus on one task at the time without being constantly interrupted with all the distractions of our subconscious mind that typically occurs in adults. Just imagine a young baby. Within the first year of life, they will learn crawling, walking, spoon-feeding, talking, just to mention a few. Compare that to an adult who has suffered serious head injuries in an accident. It will take him or her many years to re-learn what the baby did in just months. When we are young, our mind is not pre-occupied with “other things”. It stays on the task until it is completed, without distractions. However, as we get older we start learning more and more things such as, putting my hand on the hot stove really hurts, and this becomes one of our many beliefs, which can be very hard to ignore.

As adults we have many limitations in our mind, things we simply believe is impossible. It is very hard, if not impossible for a 350 lbs man to believe that his scales will ever show 150lbs. Is it impossible? No. But this man has tried to lose weight consciously so many times that his subconscious mind has labeled it that way. Through self-hypnosis he will be able to delete some of this subconscious labeling and teach our brain that it is in fact not impossible. It is our sub-conscious mind that shapes our personality and decides of what drives us.

Hypnosis is a technique that has been around for a long time. I am sure you all remember pictures of the swinging pocket watch that occasionally puts someone to sleep. Self-hypnosis is not like that at all, but rather a technique to rid ourselves of whatever might be holding us back and preventing us from experiencing optimal well-being. You may want to lose weight, quit smoking, maybe you are shy and have a fear of speaking in public. All these things can be changed with self-hypnosis, through focusing on a specific thought that will help you change your habits.

I'm sure you have heard someone say “I bet he could not hypnotize me”. I believe that anyone can be hypnotized, but how effective it will be for you depends solely on how much you accept the process of hypnosis. If you have an open mind to it, chances are you will succeed.

There are several basic steps to the hypnosis process. How these steps are accomplished is what differs from one technique to the next. Step number one is achieving complete relaxation. This does not mean sleep, but somewhere in between sleep and being fully awake. Step number two is to focus your mind on an idea, suggestion or a specific phrase you have decided on. In this step you focus all of your concentration on this idea and it typically comes with a heightening of all of your five senses. This is referred to as “hyperawareness” and is a natural part of the process when you can focus you concentration whilst relaxing completely. It is not uncommon to experience what is called REM, short for rapid eye movement during this stage, but it does not mean that you are sleep. During self-hypnosis you can wake yourself up at any time, which is not the case for normal sleep.

The big key to self-hypnosis to change the habits you do not like or struggles you have is to allow your dominant willpower to force you into submission. The subconscious mind will start this process off, but your conscious mind will have to provide the actual willpower. Without the willpower, big changes in your thinking could not take place and hypnosis would not be possible without persistence and commitment to keep going until you succeed.

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Self Hypnosis Scripts

Having the ability to perform self-hypnosis may provide you with an edge when it comes to accomplishing your goals in life. It can be used in pretty much any area you desire. Scripts are essentially what you are repetitively telling yourself to be able to change your way of thinking.

There are numerous vital aspects associated with the scripts of self-hypnosis. One is always remembering to use them with a positive annotation. You do not want to say things like: “I will not …” or “I refuse to …” or “I do not want to”. When you use negative terms, your brain will visualise performing the undesired activity first, before it is able to fully comprehend not to do it. What you are actually achieving is reinforcing to your brain doing the activity that you are trying to prevent.

So, instead of using negative terms, use positive statements like: “I will … stop smoking” or “I will … lose weight”. Always stay in the present or the progressive tense rather than referring to the past. Avoid using verbs ending in-like like “achieving”, “obtaining” or “getting.” Keeping your scripts clear and simple will give your mind a firm and accurate command to follow.

Self-hypnosis focuses around making suggestions directly to your sub-conscious mind while you are under hypnosis. These suggestions has to be repeated as often as possible to increase the effects that they will have on you. You also have to vary the ways you present the suggestions to your mind. Avoid using the same phrases time and time again. If losing weight is your goal, a few suggestions could be “I am losing weight on a daily basis”, “I eat healthy and nutritious food”, “I eat less at meal meal than I used to”, etc.

Possibly the most important rule of them all is to always use details and have a progressive approach to your scripts. This means that you may say, “I lose weight every day to be able to reach my ultimate goal of no more than 130 pounds.” Through the use of this phrase, not only have you given yourself a time factor, you also have a definite end target. You should also try to personalize your scripts, so use “I am” rather than “You are” which will further enhance the effectiveness of the process. If you direct your sub-conscious mind to repeat the suggestions to itself quietly in first person, you will increase their effectiveness even further.

Through the use of self-hypnosis you will effectively reprogram your mind so that it can communicate directly with your emotionally based sub-conscious mind. You can alter your behavior, change deeply rooted beliefs or get rid of annoying habits. All you have to do is follow our simple steps while you write your own scripts that you want to hypnotize yourself with. That way you will soon see dramatic leaps on the path of reaching you goals.

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Self Hypnosis Guidelines

Self-hypnosis does not have to be hard work. It's actually much easier than most people think and can provide pretty much everyone with a tool to create great changes in their lives. There are many uses of self-hypnosis, including weight-loss, quitting smoking, improving self-esteem or other habits that you may want to rid yourself of. Self-hypnosis is not something limited to a select number of people. Pretty much anyone can do it with just a little bit of practice.

When speaking the word “the mind” most of us immediately thinks of the brain. Well, there are actually two parts to our mind, the conscious and the sub-conscious. About 75% of all our brain activity is sub-conscious, meaning tasks completed by our brains without us knowing. It goes on behind the scenes all day. Every one of us have certain things we like and do not like, habits or views of life in general. As we embark into adult life these hits tend to remain unchanged because they have been programmed into us from our early years. People we have met, skills we have attained, experiences we have had, these all have affected our core programming and made us into who we are today. Most of us like who we are in general, but may feel that if we made a few changes (losing weight, quitting smoking, stop biting our nails etc.) things would just be that much better.

Our biggest challenge is that even though we would like to consciously change things it does not mean that our sub-conscious will let us. Think about a smoker for a moment. They know consciously that smoking is not very good for them and most likely will shorten their lives dramatically. Still, does this mean that because they know that quitting is smart, they will? No, because our subconscious mind will always take over in times of struggle (and changing our old ways IS a struggle) and most of the time the sub-conscious mind says “keep smoking”, so smoking it is. Self-hypnosis is the key here. Why? Because it provides you with an access to your sub-conscious mind and the tools to re-program it.

The first thing you will learn in self-hypnosis is simply closing your eyes, relaxing and counting down from 10 to 0 while exhaling. As a result of doing this, most people will fall into a light hypnotic state. This does not mean that you lose control and do not know where you are. It just means you have found a state of rest and relaxation where you are slowing down and shutting out your conscious mind. This state of ease may be taken a step further by visualizing a peaceful place, such as a beach, forest or maybe in your mothers lap. The main idea here is for you to find a place where you feel safe and secure. Through visualization we can actually have a great impact on emotional, mental and physiological states of our body, to the same extent as if we were there. When we are in this state of relaxation and visualization our mind can not tell the difference between what is real and what is not.

I am not going to lie to you and say that self-hypnosis is real easy and that five minutes of practice makes you a master at it. What I will say however, is that it is a skill just like any other, and with good practice can be developed and perfected. When going to see a hypnotherapist, they will act as a guide to help you through your mind. With self-hypnosis, you are the hypnotherapist and you provide your own therapy. That way, you choose when to start, how far to go, and when to stop. This is a very important point and should be repeated. Before you start any self-hypnosis session, you have to decide on what it is that you want out of it, how you are going to achieve it and also how you will feel once you're done. It may help to simply write a script or create a map of the journey through your mind. Once in a hypnotic state you will repeat the script over and over while following your map. This way you will stay on target and will not get lost.

The vast majority of us do not even realize that they fall into this state of hypnosis many times a day. This may happen while enjoying a book, playing a computer game or simply doing work. This state allows you to narrow your focus of your attention and makes your brain absorb the information much better. The ultimate goal of self-hypnosis is to create an access point for you to the part of your brain (sub-conscious) that controls the behaviors, practices or attitudes you want to change.

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A Simple Self Hypnosis Technique

All you do is sit or lay down and close your eyes. Then become aware of your breathing. On each in breath silently count from 5 down to 1, and on each out-breath count down from 5 to 1 as well. Keep going with this until you establish a smooth rhythm. After a while you will naturally drift into a state of hypnosis, a state of calm, relaxed awareness.

This technique uses a mantra as the focal point of attention. A mantra is a word or phrase repeated over and over. There are any number of different mantras you can use. Some people like to say the word 'calm' with each out breath. Others use 'om' or the number 'one'. Some meditation styles insist that having your own unique, private mantra is essential but really as long as it is one you enjoy, that is all that matters. The thing to do is to keep repeating it and to focus your attention on it.

When you practice self hypnosis it is normal for random thoughts to pop into your mind, the trick is to let them go without getting embroiled in the thought.

You will find after a while your body starts to relax quite naturally of its own accord. Aim to keep the mantra going for ten or fifteen minutes, making sure you will not be disturbed during this time.

Self hypnosis is one of the things I teach people early on in a hypnotherapy session. I consider it to be one of the essential skills we can learn to promote optimal health.

Despite it being a positive positive thing to practice people often worry about the state of hypnosis. Many people often think it is a trance that you might not be able to wake up from. This is not the case. In actual fact you could say that your life is made up of dozens and dozens of trances and that hypnosis is a 'trance-free' state. Say, for example, you were driving in your car and another driver did something you considered inappropriate, in all likelihood you would go into an anger trance. Or if you were at home listening to the radio you might hear a particular song that put you into a sad trance. All day long your environment causes you to get dropped into these trances that are disempowering states. In other words you have no control over them.

Self hypnosis is a way of regaining control, a way of getting your power back. In this state you are relaxed, empowered and able to see things in their true perspective. Looking at this way you can see that hypnosis is a highly desirable state to experience as often as you can. And with just a little practice you will find that you start to open up to a reservoir of inner resources that can transform your life in many positive ways.

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Take Control of Your Life by Using Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Do your attempts to quit smoking cigarettes wear you out? Does your worsening irritating cough in the morning and difficulty in climbing stairs sap your energy? Perhaps you know all along that these are warnings that it is time for you to stop smoking but you know the great effort and difficulty it entails since the understanding on your part to even try to quit smoking.

Self-hypnosis or the act of hypnotizing one's self will help you reduce and eventually quit your smoking habit, taking the edge off the temporary effects of nicotine withdrawal. You will not have to divert your attention to another habit like eating. You will be able to bring to an end of your smoking habit without having to undergo the unpleasant experiences that many cigarette smokers end in their attempt to attain a healthier lifestyle.

Self-hypnosis relaxes both your mind and body, allowing you to go deeper into your subconscious mind, removing the stumbling block that your conscious mind places thereby opening your inner self which is responsible for your habits and emotions. The relaxed state allows you to focus on a goal you want to achieve.

Your conscious mind is aware of your desire to quit smoking but if this desire does not go beyond your subconscious level, the self-hypnosis program is futile. You must have a strong yearning to quit smoking. Self-hypnosis will help your subconscious atone with your conscious mind. Through self-hypnosis your subconscious is open to suggestions and motivations which will serve as your defense when the desire to smoke arises.

Self-hypnosis involves techniques that will bring you into a relaxed state of mind. You need to find a time and place free from any distractions to achieve this state. You have to free your mind from worries, work, and other matters. Once you are in a relaxed state focus on your desire to quit smoking. You have to steer your mind towards your goal by constantly reiterating to yourself positive suggestions that will be absorbed by your brain and will be carried on in your actions.

You have to think of lines or scripts that you will continually repeat to yourself in the process of self-hypnosis. It is a plus to use the word “I” in your phrases to intensify your self-commitment and desire to stop your smoking habit. You can use phrases like, “I am worry free because I'm nicotine free”, “I'm in control and I will quit smoking for the rest of my life”, or “I have chosen not to smoke and I'm happy with it. ”

Studies on successful ways to quit smoking have shown that self-hypnosis is one of the leading among other smoking cessation programs. The use of self-hypnosis will build up your desire to stop smoking, constant repetition of this goal and it will be planed into your subconscious mind and soon you and your family will be living a healthier life free from cigarette smoke, free from the harmful effects of nicotine.

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