Hypnosis locks hands with the Law of Attraction in 3 ways.

The first is visualization. If you hypnotize yourself, usually you're doing so for a reason. The likelihood is for more money, to lose weight, to stop smoking or any one of a hundred reasons where you feel you need improvement in your life. Let's say you want to stop drinking.

The interesting part is that it's recommended you never use negatives. Just like the Law of Attraction. You do not say; 'I'll never drink again.' 'I do not want alcohol to pass my lips from tonight onwards.'

You're sending negative messages to the subconscious, and this part of your mind can not differiate. Like the Universe, it's neutral. By 'can not differentiate,' I mean that if you send a negative message, then that's precisely what the subconscious will accept. A negative. It can not sort out the nouance between the direct negative and the implied. So, when you're being taught self-hypnosis, you're always told to write down all your wishes and desires in the positive, and then repeat them.

Therefore, if you want to give up drinking, you write something to the effect of:

'From now on, all I drink are soft drinks, water, tea and coffee. I'm leaving alcohol alone. By this time next week, I'll be alcohol-free. ' Very similar to the Law of Attraction, is not it?

The second way it locks hands with the Law is in the manner of concentration. You remember we discussed this before when speaking out our goals with the Law of Attraction? That if one of your goals is a new car, you must describe the car fully, inside and out, and you must not allow any other thought from the outside to cross your mind. For instance, it's no good saying something like;

'The inside of the car will have leather upholstery and a walnut dashboard – Lordy, I must not forget that phone bill – and bucket seats.' Your concentration was last seen rushing for the hills with its pants on fire!

The beauty about self-hypnosis is that it can be like keeping your eyes on a spotlight. Actually, this is the way I do it for both visualization and concentration and it works very well.

To begin with, the light gives a wide circle, with fuzzy edges. Then the object of my concentration comes onto the stage, the light picks it up and becomes sharper and sharper, smaller and smaller until it holds this picture I'm carrying in my head in razor-sharp focus. I find now I can inspect it, walk slowly around and view it from all angles.

It's a fascinating experience, but there we go. As with self-hypnosis, so with the Law of Attraction.

The third way it locks hands is during the day, when your vision pops into your mind. That's exactly what happens with both methods. Now we should not try to fool ourselves here. When all's said and done, we're not dealing with two separate methods of acquisition. It's simply that self-hypnosis encourages our concentration. Sometimes ensures our concentration is a better way of putting it.

Ever since I've been using self-hypnosis, which I admit is not a very long time, but even now I feel more invigorated in the morning, my sleep is better, and where doubts used to assail me, no matter how hard I tried, my attitude has become far more positive.

It's wonderful to see people succeed, so I do hope you lock hands firmly with the Law