It's tempting to go for a selection of self hypnosis downloads . After all, many of them are available for about the same price as a share of a pizza.

But should you download a hypnosis track or is it safer to visit a qualified professional?

Both options work. A good hypnotherapist would always be my preferred choice because they can tailor your session to your exact needs. But a professionally recorded hypnosis download is a very good “second best”, with the added advantage that you can play it over and over again, something that's not always as easy to do with a one-to-one hypnosis session.

If your work schedule makes it difficult to book an appointment with your local hypnosis expert, downloading an MP3 file will probably work almost as well as a one-on-one session. Anything that is not quite as tailor for your needs as you'd like it to be will be made up for by the fact that you can play the session as many times as you want.

There are also instances where you just need something solved now, this instant. For instance, you may be asked to travel for work. If you've got a fear of flying, that could make the trip to say the least. A few listeners to a hypnosis MP3 that deals with the fear of flying could be enough to make the trip bearable and stop you from turning into a quivering wreck.

If you've never experienced a hypnosis session before, then a self hypnosis download will give you a great introduction to the technique.