As we grow older our lives become progressively more complicated as our knowledge expands. Think about it – we all agree that we get smarter as we age but a baby that is less than a year old is able to learn complicated actions like walking, talking, feeding with a spoon, etc. As the baby's life progresses and knowledge expands there are more and more things to think about.

Along the way personality traits, habits and beliefs will also be formed. By using self hypnosis to open and focus our subconscious, you can present yourself a different way to condition your brain and learn a new action or change long-standing behaviors that you once thought inconceivable. The subconscious is predominately in the background of our daily lives but it is responsible for our behaviors and emotional patterns.

How hypnosis works is not new; hypnosis has actually been around for quite some time. Self hypnosis can be used to modify our behaviors and beliefs in ways that will let us to improve our lives.

This could be any number of things like smoking, being overweight, apprehension of public speaking, being overly timid, etc. With hypnosis you are able to concentrate the subconscious and eliminate unwanted behaviors and / or produce new desirable ones.

There are no qualifications for being hypnotized, anyone can do it as long they buy in it. And, it's not a complicated procedure. There are a few fundamental steps that are easily remembered. It is the manner that these steps are achieved that differs from technique to technique.

The opening step in the hypnosis procedure is to attain complete relaxation. All “sleep” is not identical. A “cat nap” in the afternoon is not similar to overnight sleep. In the relaxation of hypnosis you will not lose concentration as you do in overnight sleep,

After getting into the relaxed state of mind, the next thing is to concentrate on the desired suggestion for the change you wish to cause. This is an added heightened state of concentration than you practice on a regular day.

You will naturally become very still during a hypnosis session. You will also know a heightened of all five of your senses. This is known as hyper-awareness and occurs naturally in hypnosis.

You may have REM (rapid eye movement) of customary night-time sleep. But you in no way lose consciousness as you do overnight so you will not in point of fact be sleep. You will be able to finish the session at the time you prefer.

The key to using self hypnosis to alter your harmful habits or struggles is changing your subconscious mind. Deciding on hypnosis and how to employ it is the proper function of the conscious mind. Success with hypnosis and achieving the desired results merely requires a dedication to attempt it until you are successful.