Having the ability to perform self-hypnosis may provide you with an edge when it comes to accomplishing your goals in life. It can be used in pretty much any area you desire. Scripts are essentially what you are repetitively telling yourself to be able to change your way of thinking.

There are numerous vital aspects associated with the scripts of self-hypnosis. One is always remembering to use them with a positive annotation. You do not want to say things like: “I will not …” or “I refuse to …” or “I do not want to”. When you use negative terms, your brain will visualise performing the undesired activity first, before it is able to fully comprehend not to do it. What you are actually achieving is reinforcing to your brain doing the activity that you are trying to prevent.

So, instead of using negative terms, use positive statements like: “I will … stop smoking” or “I will … lose weight”. Always stay in the present or the progressive tense rather than referring to the past. Avoid using verbs ending in-like like “achieving”, “obtaining” or “getting.” Keeping your scripts clear and simple will give your mind a firm and accurate command to follow.

Self-hypnosis focuses around making suggestions directly to your sub-conscious mind while you are under hypnosis. These suggestions has to be repeated as often as possible to increase the effects that they will have on you. You also have to vary the ways you present the suggestions to your mind. Avoid using the same phrases time and time again. If losing weight is your goal, a few suggestions could be “I am losing weight on a daily basis”, “I eat healthy and nutritious food”, “I eat less at meal meal than I used to”, etc.

Possibly the most important rule of them all is to always use details and have a progressive approach to your scripts. This means that you may say, “I lose weight every day to be able to reach my ultimate goal of no more than 130 pounds.” Through the use of this phrase, not only have you given yourself a time factor, you also have a definite end target. You should also try to personalize your scripts, so use “I am” rather than “You are” which will further enhance the effectiveness of the process. If you direct your sub-conscious mind to repeat the suggestions to itself quietly in first person, you will increase their effectiveness even further.

Through the use of self-hypnosis you will effectively reprogram your mind so that it can communicate directly with your emotionally based sub-conscious mind. You can alter your behavior, change deeply rooted beliefs or get rid of annoying habits. All you have to do is follow our simple steps while you write your own scripts that you want to hypnotize yourself with. That way you will soon see dramatic leaps on the path of reaching you goals.