I think we all start out with good intentions, but where we end up seem to vary wildly. It's like I've eaten the icing off the cake and now have to eat the rest, (seemed like a good idea, now a bit sick and feel guilty.)

There is always a result, just not always the one you want and remembering that life is about learning sometimes make me feel like punching a puppy. In times of need it is more important than ever to feed your mind and body with something wholesome, cast away the shackles of what might have been and start anew.

The time to act in now! Daily actions, a positive attitude and think creatively. If things are not working change them and make it work.

Get a clear picture in your mind of where you want to be, what steps have to be taken and start moving. If you get knocked down and all you want to do is punch a puppy then that's OK. I suggest writing down what it is you want on old skool paper. (My minds wandering and the internet fills me with useless information about things I do not need to know.) This is probably what hold us all back OURSELVES, among the sea of ​​information there is an answer and my answer might be different from yours. The things I've learned are: its problem not good to listen to the voice inside your head (if it's negative), asking for help makes life easier, helping someone dreams fantastic and it's all about spiritual progress.

As soon as you get comfortable you know you're in trouble, so here's to hardship the furnace that allows us to craft a weapon that we will use to cut down any obstacles and will forge a new pathway through life.

While in the past I quite enjoyed over indulging in what could only be described as a hedonistic lifestyle, those habits had to be done away with and slightly healthier ones that to be taken up. Put out the cigarette, finish the beer and stop powdering your nose. Hypnosis has helped me a lot, but it is only one piece of the puzzle and life is lived on multiple fronts all at once. Try everything, find someone who has been through it and it!

These days hypnosis is how I try and give back to the world, I have a mind that is like a bag of angry cats and if I've managed to tame it there's hope for us all. While problems often seem like they are overwhelming, I can confidently say I have seen people turn their lives around and I have faith in all of us. It may be hard but underneath all that BS we want to feel connected and loved. A teacher once told me to try and make someone happy every day even if that means starting with yourself.