There is an overwhelming number of diets out there, all promising toned bodies and slimmer waist lines within weeks. The sad fact is, very few of them work. The reason for this is that no matter how much we want to look slimmer and feel better about ourselves, there is still that voice in our head telling us to have a snack. That voice is always there, telling us that we have to fulfill our urge to snack which will make us happy right now, not worrying about it until later. This is very similar to quitting smoking. In many cases, being overweight is simply a problem with our brains addiction to always wanting to eat. It is not because we are always hungry, but it makes us feel something, thereby satisfing our brain. This is the exact reason why self-hypnosis has recently become very popular and remains an effective way to lose those extra pounds.

Self-hypnosis creates a heightened awareness and suggestibility where we are able to influence our own behaviors and provide ourselves with what is called post-hypnotic suggestions. Using it, we can tell our inner child that the road to a happy life does not have to go through food. We make a decision to lose weight and stick with it .. To be able to use self-hypnosis effectively in losing weight we first of all have to state very clearly and positively what it is that we want and after that make a firm decision to accomplish it. The initial session should be devoted solely to actually making this decision and the challenges you are facing with carrying the extra weight. There should never be any doubt in your mind that you can do it.

It is also good to ponder upon why it is that you would like to shed some weight. Is it for reasons related to health or is it because you want to shape up for summer? The reason is always up to you, but always choose something that means something to you and speaks to your heart like, “I will lose weight because I want to be able to play soccer with my kids”, “I will lose weight because I want to fit into my old clothes that I used to love. ” You have to try and decipher why you overeat, eat unhealthy foods or snack during the day. What does eating these things make you feel? What need is it filling for you emotionally? It might be an idea to try and find other things in your life to fulfill those emotional needs. For example, “I eat because I'm lonely.” Get a dog. This will provide you with a companion and force you outside for exercise.

It should be noted that the self-hypnosis is not what will lose the weight for you. Self-hypnosis will not speed you metabolism up in some magical way. However, with self-hypnosis you will change the way you think about food and about eating. It will shut the mouth of the voice in your head telling you to eat because you are lonely or not going for a walk because it is too much effort. You will regain control of your sub-conscious which is seeking to always control you behavior.

When starting out with self-hypnosis to lose weight, imagine yourself making the right choices. Choosing vegetables instead of pizza. Choosing a walk instead of TV. Imagine yourself on that walk and try to imagine how you will feel once you have completed it. Focus on your goal, write them down by hand, put them somewhere you can see them everyday and repeat them to yourself daily. The bathroom mirror is a good place as it is the first thing you'll see in the morning and the last thing before going to bed.

These are some of the reasons why self-hypnosis is so successful at helping people lose weight. Being on a strict diet can be a struggle, but with self-hypnosis you can change the way you think and leave these struggles in the past.