Do your attempts to quit smoking cigarettes wear you out? Does your worsening irritating cough in the morning and difficulty in climbing stairs sap your energy? Perhaps you know all along that these are warnings that it is time for you to stop smoking but you know the great effort and difficulty it entails since the understanding on your part to even try to quit smoking.

Self-hypnosis or the act of hypnotizing one's self will help you reduce and eventually quit your smoking habit, taking the edge off the temporary effects of nicotine withdrawal. You will not have to divert your attention to another habit like eating. You will be able to bring to an end of your smoking habit without having to undergo the unpleasant experiences that many cigarette smokers end in their attempt to attain a healthier lifestyle.

Self-hypnosis relaxes both your mind and body, allowing you to go deeper into your subconscious mind, removing the stumbling block that your conscious mind places thereby opening your inner self which is responsible for your habits and emotions. The relaxed state allows you to focus on a goal you want to achieve.

Your conscious mind is aware of your desire to quit smoking but if this desire does not go beyond your subconscious level, the self-hypnosis program is futile. You must have a strong yearning to quit smoking. Self-hypnosis will help your subconscious atone with your conscious mind. Through self-hypnosis your subconscious is open to suggestions and motivations which will serve as your defense when the desire to smoke arises.

Self-hypnosis involves techniques that will bring you into a relaxed state of mind. You need to find a time and place free from any distractions to achieve this state. You have to free your mind from worries, work, and other matters. Once you are in a relaxed state focus on your desire to quit smoking. You have to steer your mind towards your goal by constantly reiterating to yourself positive suggestions that will be absorbed by your brain and will be carried on in your actions.

You have to think of lines or scripts that you will continually repeat to yourself in the process of self-hypnosis. It is a plus to use the word “I” in your phrases to intensify your self-commitment and desire to stop your smoking habit. You can use phrases like, “I am worry free because I'm nicotine free”, “I'm in control and I will quit smoking for the rest of my life”, or “I have chosen not to smoke and I'm happy with it. ”

Studies on successful ways to quit smoking have shown that self-hypnosis is one of the leading among other smoking cessation programs. The use of self-hypnosis will build up your desire to stop smoking, constant repetition of this goal and it will be planed into your subconscious mind and soon you and your family will be living a healthier life free from cigarette smoke, free from the harmful effects of nicotine.