In the case of a 'stuck' negative memory, the purpose of therapy is to build up a new positive and stronger memory within the sub-conscious mind, which will eventually override the negative state, and this is done as follows: –

THE REGRESSION TECHNIQUE- When a therapist opts to use a regression technique it is usually to help forgotten a forgotten memory. What happens is you will be assisted into hypnosis and once there your subconscious mind is alert and aware of any question it is asked. So if you were to suffer from say 'claustrophobia' the therapist would ask your subconscious mind to search for the time when you first became afraid of enclosed spaces and why? Once the memory has been recalled it becomes much easier to see that there is nothing to fear any longer and how ellogical this behavior is. Also how it is affecting your quality of life now.

FORMULATED THERAPY OR SCRIPTED THERAPY – Once the reason for your problem has been established, your therapist will either help you to script a therapy or they will manage a capable treatment on your behalf when in the state of hypnosis. If you want to deliver your own therapy through self hypnosis you would record your own voice and then add it to a suitable hypnotic induction recording. It is a good idea to record this scripted therapy at least three times so that the therapy becomes well anchored into the sub-conscious mind, through magnification of suggestibility during the state of hypnosis. You would then practice self hypnosis with your formulated therapy every day. The more your sub-conscious hears your voice (which it totally trusts because you can not lie to yourself) the stronger these new suggestions become. Sometimes (times vary for everyone) your problem will dissolve away and be replaced with your new beneficial behavior and sense of well-being.

AUTO SUGGESTION OR POSITIVE AFFIRMATION – This technique uses simple catchy phrases that are turned over in the mind at least six times throughout the day and works on flooding the conscious rational mind. The phrase is scripted perfectly towards your desired outcome, (your therapist should be able to help you with this scripting.) It is in other words a positive affirmation, which is a technique that was widely used by its founder Emile Coue.

eg “Every day and in every way I am becoming the slimmer, fitter, healthier person that I wish to be and now know that I can be.”

SUBLIMINAL SUGGESTIVE THERAPY – Often for very deep rooted stubborn conditions it is necessary to work on the mind even when it is sleep. This ensures that the mind is being bombarded in all three of its states: –

1. Conscious
2. Hypnosis
3. Unconscious

How this works is that a message is recorded over and over again in a dull, slow monotonous tone and played while you are in deep sleep. This therapy is extremely effective especially for young children with problems who are as yet unable to be assisted into hypnosis. However the difference being that the message is delivered lovingly and at a normal pace of speech by one or other of the child's parents.

VISUALIZATION – This extremely powerful technique makes great use of your own imagination. The sub-conscious mind is not able to determine that the images are only imagined, and records them the same way as real events. So to imagine yourself doing, seeing, hearing, feeling and expressing in this way helps to further build up very positive messages within your mind. It becomes even more powerful when a hypnotherapist encourages your use of the visualization technique in hypnosis, again the reason being that in hypnosis everything becomes magnified.

These last two techniques are typically delivered by your hypnotherapist whilst in the trance state.

The first is APPLIED THERAPY – Your hypnotherapist will be making suggestions to your subconscious mind to strengthen your confidence and resolve to help you get better. Also to come to terms with your problem by allowing you to express your feelings (if you should wish to) by the use of guided visualization to face, then conquer obstacles that have caused your particular problem.

The second is POST HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION – This is where the hypnotherapist will make a suggestion to you whilst you are in hypnosis that you will act on after coming out of trance.

All of the above methods are powerful tools that are often used by Hypnotherapists in any combination that they adapt to form the appropriate course of treatment to best bring about a positive healing outcome specifically for you. Of course it is very difficult to say exactly how long someone would need therapy for, but as a general rule such conditions as stopping smoking, nail biting, fear of spiders, confidence boosting and weight control would require three to four sessions with the hypnotherapist and continued use of your recorded therapy and repetition of your auto-suggestion phrase, until the problem ceases. Much deuterated psychological problems would need more counseling sessions with the hypnotherapist who would advise you accordingly.

Of course it is also possible to use the same techniques for Self Hypnosis.