Ever wondered why the law of attraction and hypnotherapy are not working for you? In spite of how many times you 'think' about your perfect life, somehow nothing changes. Do you feel that magic seems to happen for other people and never you? If only it was as simple as they all make out, all you have to do is believe, daydream, be and act happy and your life will change! So after consistently trying over a certain period of time, you'll probably still end up at the starting place, with nothing but a new pair of shoes to show for your deliberate endavor.

Sometimes you could lose hope and decide that all this positive thinking does not work for you. But, there's a practical and logical explanation. When it comes to making significant changes in our lives, it is essential that we have our subconscious minds on our side. Wanting with our conscious mind is one thing, but our subconscious might have a different goal, holding at bay, everything you crave.

We come to recognize that the most significant part of creating our reality is being in the ideal place naturally to allow whatever it is we need, IN. We could spend our lives deciding and identifying what we want. But if we're still caught up in the past by holding onto those negative feelings and beliefs, our lives will continue to be the same. Our energy is somehow stuck, swallowed up by something that no longer exists. The past is creating our reality. All those positive, well meaning, thoughts can not bypass that. Your subconscious and the objectives you're holding within your being are identifying your life the way it is right now, in this moment. This is a state of being that shines the spotlight on the undeniable fact that there's no room for old beliefs, bitterness and resentment, if feeling fine is our final goal. Hypnotherapy lifts old beliefs and clears out obsolete, unhelpful programs that no longer serve us in the present moment. The Universe reveals the reality to us, in a way that we can finally get real, and stop trying to force life to work for us from a past paradigm.

The life of happiness we're trying to create is not going to evolve out of a negative belief system, and all the emotions of anger, bitterness and indignity linked to it. Releasing and letting go of the past, along with making decent and healthy choices in the current moment will give about enduring and important change. Being ambivalent and indecisive will bring average results. Hypnotherapy is a real game changer when it comes to changing all those past events and specifically how we think about them. It is vital to acknowledge that the way we feel has everything to do with creating fulfilling lives in the future. The Universe responds to our dominant vibration with as much precision as a Swiss watch, it does not discern. For example, if we keep having a negative outlook on life, and hold onto old problems, then the Universe believes that we want more of this. Each negative thought and associated feeling is coming right back at us as our life. So, it is vital that we try and maintain a state of wellness, it is possibly one of the most significant things we could do for ourselves.