Even before, hypnosis has been regarded as something that is associated with the evil forces. It has also been construed as something that is used to totally manipulate someone and have him do things that are against his will.

However, since the 1930's hypnosis has been recognized as an effective method against popular sleep and other behavioral disorders as well as some medical and mental conditions. Since then many recognized advantageous effects of the method has come out. For this a lot of people have bought the services of therapists who have had training in this method. Indeed the method when done the right way and given the full cooperation of the patient can result in better bodily and mental functions and even puts out unsuitable exercises like procrastination. Like any other thing however, even with all the advantages of the method, there are still several identified dangers of hypnosis. For this a person must always be in the lookout, hypnosis done in the wrong way can cause serious damages to a person.

Increased Dependence on Hypnosis

Among the risks of hypnosis that can be done to a person is to make him totally reliant to the method. One must remember that hypnosis is not something that can be done over and over again. It is only performed to a patient for sometime to create a patter. For sleep disorders for example, hypnosis creates a sleeping patters so that the body will be able to adapt to it. As soon as this one is developed in the body, a person will have to be on his own. The responsibility to free the mind of worries and to not allow distractions of any sort to disturb the sleeping routine once again now comes with the patient himself.

The problem comes when the person engages to it over and over again because he can not do his part. It is dangerous in such a way that the natural bodily processes that ensure the well-being of a person are hindered.

Wrong Conditioning of Mental State

Another danger that can be faced by someone who comes to the aid of hypnosis to cure some disorders is when the therapist read the psyche of the patient in a wrong way. As we know hypnosis works by creating a concentration on both the conscious and the subconscious of a person. The kind of hypnosis that is performed is based on the interpretation of the therapist of the emotional, mental and psychological state of the person. Misinterpreting the subject's state can there before cause the application of the wrong method and can worsen the problem rather than cure it.

Possibility of Adverse Mood Swing

Also one of the dangers of hypnosis is that it can create some violent reaction on the patients. Hypnosis can have a very strong effect on the patient that they can not easily overcome. Sometimes, it becomes so much more that what their minds can take so it results to some unpredictable responses. It can also conjure false memories and create some false belief on a person which they did not have before.

Be sure to do your homework before trying an hypnosis or self hypnosis session.