Hypnotism cds; do you have any? That may seem like an odd thing to ask but, you're probably already aware that there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of self help books in circulation, but these do not always work.

The reason why they do not always work is the fact that people have to read them and then act on them; very few people seem to be able to do both at the same time, however, if they use a self hypnosis cd they have no book to read and it just goes “straight in” to the bit that does all of the good, helping to 'reprogram' of the brain.

Ok, that all sounds a bit Dr Frankenstein, but think about it this way, you probably have at least one self help books, right? And have they done you any good? You'll already know that most of the things you do are behavioral and need to be changed so that you can 'fix' the problem you have, and yet, they're still looking for an answer.

Hypnotism cds cut out the part where you're brain is busy processing the information that it's trying to take in while you're reading, and gives it a chance to absorb the directions being given to it by the hypnotherapist. As the hypno cd plays, and gets you to go into a relaxed state, it also helps to directly establish new 'links' in your brain.

These new links will be moving the unhealthy connection your brain already has got you stressed so you eat; to something healthier eg you get stressed so you take 10 minutes to concentrate on a relaxing breathing exercise.

It's not just health or weight issues that can benefit from the use of self hypnosis cds. Hypnotism cds are, or course, associated with being able to help you lose weight, or give up smoking, but those are just a couple of the things that you're able to tackle with these cds.

If you have a problem with shyness in social situations, or need to do some public speaking and just can not get the courage to talk in front of a group of people; there's a cd for you.

If you have a phobia of buttons, or the thought of getting into a plane makes your stomach do somersaults; there will be a self hypnosis cd for you

So long as you do not forget to do it, you'll be able to order a hypno cd to improve your memory.

Even highly trained and experienced professional athletes are using hypnosis to help them get past the doubts, and help them to refocus on what it is that they need to do when they: get on the race track, or step into the boxing ring, or take to the field, or … well, you probably know that this is a list that could go on for some time. The thing is these people would not be doing it if they did not think it worked enough to give them an edge.

Do you need an edge in life?

No matter whether it's as a way of being able to get out of bed in the morning, of being able to deal with other people, or to get rid of something else in your life that's just holding you back, self help books may give you some ideas, if you read them, but to make any real changes you need to get yourself a good series of hypnotism cds.