The market is flooded with different aids to help you quit smoking. You may have tried the nicotine patch, maybe some medications, or simply relied on your own willpower and tried it cold turkey. Some people have succeeded with these methods, but unfortunately the vast majority have failed. If this sounds like you, this may be the perfect time to try self-hypnosis, as not only does it help you quit, but also keep you there. You see, how many people have quit once, twice, maybe ten times, only to pick it up again a few weeks or months down the track? Quitting smoking for one week is one thing, quitting for a life-time is something completely different. By using self-hypnosis you will be able to change your views about smoking within your subconscious mind, which is the most effective way to end the addiction once and for all.

There are a few main concepts in self-hypnosis, some of which include relaxing, scripts, and visualizing. Being able to relax is imperative to be able to self-hypnotize. The very first thing you will be taught is how best to relax and open your mind to new suggestions. You will learn certain key phrases or suggestions that are created to stop you from smoking that you will have to tell yourself several times per day. You will also learn how to visualize, which is very important in the process of quitting.

It is very beneficial to master the art of visualization if you want to learn self-hypnosis. By creating mental images in your mind of you performing a certain activity, you will be more able to perform the actual thing. When starting out, it might be wise to create a picture of yourself as if you are watching yourself on TV. This is what is referred to as dissociated visualization. This is a technique which can be a very effective tool as it allows you to see yourself smoke-free. Once you have seen yourself in this image, and imagined it as a real event, it will make the outcome of quitting smoking an inevitability rather than a possibility.

First of all, when visualizing, you have to become clear in your mind that you are going to quit, no matter what. The income is that from this day on, you will no longer smoke, period. We are all different emotionally, so you will have to create images that appeal to you. The key is, it has to make you feel something. If it does not, try a different image. These emotions that make you feel something are your keys to success, simply because the more emotions are involved in your suggestions, the quicker and better you will respond to it. You have to find your own words, but here are some suggestions. “Exciting”, “caring”, “loving”, “beautiful”, “radiant”. The more dramatic and vivid the image you create is, the greater an effect it will have because these visualizations are definitely suggestions. Think of tobacco smoke. Imagine in your mind that it smells and tastes awful and the look of it makes you sick. Use other associations to depict how bad it is. Imagine the smell of cigarette smoke as week-old socks or even worse, week-old prawn shells.

Like many other before you, using self-hypnosis and visualization to end the habit once and for all may be the solution. Those who have done it before you found that through the use of their own imagination that they can simply create the desired change, powerfully and effectively. With the use of visualizations you can see yourself after the change has happened and therefore meet your goals of being a non-smoker more easily.