When using self hypnosis, it is imperative that self suggestions be carefully crafted prior to the actual self hypnosis session. Under no circumstances should a self hypnosis session be initiated and post hypnotic suggestions adlibbed. On the premise that a properly formulated suggestion reiterated often enough and long enough will be accepted by the subconscious mind as true, the suggestion must be such that the subconscious mind would, after some repetition, come to believe that it is true, believable, that it will not meet much resistance from the subconscious mind and that it will work.

When using self hypnosis, self suggestions should be free of cliches and generalities

The suggestion must be crafted so it can be delivered to the subconscious mind using direct, explicit, simple, in short phrases and in specific language. Avoid cliches and generalities. Remember you will be communicating with your subconscious mind that has the intellectual deductive logical capacity of a five-year old.

To prepare your suggestions for use in self hypnosis session, I recommend the following steps be followed:

1. Write down the self suggestion. This allows you to clarify your thoughts regarding the self suggestion and think clearly about it, analyze, edit, reword, condense and finalize it

2. Read it out loud. Carefully read the entire self suggestion to yourself aloud. You want to read it out load because if you read it to yourself mentally you do not needarily speak / read each word. Speaking the self suggestion echo is best because every word is important. In addition, if you may want to make an audio recording of the entire self hypnosis session for yourself. In this way you would simply start a self hypnosis session, maintain the presence of mind to turn the recording on at the appropriate point in the session and let the recording take over from there.

3. Develop a symbol. Each session needs a symbol that you can take with you to reinvigorate the suggestion after the session is over. It should be a symbol that represents the theme of the self suggestion. For instance, for a stress related self suggestion, you may choose the word “RELAX” as the symbol. The symbol should be simple, preferably one word that is linked to the self suggestion as a trigger. When you think or say the symbol word the implication of the entire suggestion is reinforced and transported out immediately.

The power of the trigger, the symbol, is very effective. I personally use the “RELAX” symbol and actually have the word “RELAX” carved in wood at the top of my desk. Each time I look at it I instantly take a deep breath and as I release it I think “Relaxation” and feel a sensation of relief from whatever stressors are at work on me at the time. Just like right after my first session of using self hypnosis where the “RELAX” symbol was used.

How to apply your self suggestion when using self hypnosis

Now you are ready to begin using self hypnosis on yourself. Use a method of using self hypnosis that is comfortable for you. When you have reached that deep state of relaxed hypnotic trance and ready to apply the suggestion, start by thinking of the symbol or repeat it to yourself in your mind. Now with your mind focused on the symbol slowly repeat the suggestion to yourself, in your mind repeatedly. Each time you repeat the suggestion, remember the special symbol and what it means and associate it with the suggestion.

I have found this method a very effective way of crafting and giving a post hypnotic suggestion to the subconscious mind while using self hypnosis.