Hypnosis can help you assert your feminine side if you are a boyish female, a busy career woman or a transsexual. This therapy allows you to connect with your inner self and find the woman who lies within. The relaxed state that you will experience through this approach to hypnosis will train you to be aware and be grateful for your feminine beauty.

But then again what does it take to be feminine?

Is it in the clothes or shoes people wear? Is it in the make-up or the perfumed used? Is it in the shape of your body, the curves you have or the texture of your skin? Is it in the length of your hair or your hairstyle? Femininity does not lie on physical aspects. Femininity is something innate in you. It is a sense of being assured of your individuality. Being feminine should come naturally. Hypnosis can help you by allowing you to get in touch with your emotions.

Through hypnosis you will be endowed with feminine characteristics. These characteristics will be embedded in your subconscious mind and you will be able to act according to what is inculcated in your mind as the way a feminist should act. The feminine characteristics recommended into your subconscious my well trigger your body hormones to have these feminine characteristics.

This is not easy. Factors outside could actually be a hindrance to your success. It can not be denied that social stigma towards the female sex is prevalent, more so towards transsexuals. Society frowns upon males acting and looking like females. These negative forces will try to rob you of your self-confidence and de-motivate you from achieving total femininity. You may have gone through medical procedures to look feminine but you should also feel feminine in order to radiate that powerful female aura. Hypnosis can help you resolve this issue.

Hypnosis tackles not only your physical aspect but your mental and emotional as well thereby giving you full feminization. It allows you to go through the puzzle in your head, face the obstacles and discover solutions for you to achieve overall satisfaction as a complete feminine. Along the way, things or events may confuse you or lead you to doubt what you are doing but you have to be firm. If you want to be totally feminine then you must work hard to be one. You must stand for what you want.

Through feminine hypnosis you will be able to relax your mind and ponder on what you really want to achieve. The process will help you find the person you wanted to become. In your relaxed state, you will be able to face your condition, be aware of the characteristics you want to imbibe and act on it. Through it, you will become the person you wanted to be leading a life that you've always wanted. The power of your mind is very important. You must have the will to act on what you have decided.