As one of my friends recently put to another “Logic is not always right”. Of course! It's my belief that logic has long done more harm than good.

Ah but what do I mean by logic? There's the good logic which tells you to wear shoes when walking on gravel roads. Or to not eat mushrooms you can not identify. We call that kind of logic 'no brainer' logic. It has its place and should be more valued than it is.

Then there is the corrupted logic. That's logic with emotions attached. Corrupted logic often makes the output or the process turn out as those emotions dictate. We all practice this way of thinking – way too much. When we attach fear to using logic, comfort to using logic, ease to using logic then we corrupt it.

Sadly I believe that corrupted logic often dictates our lives until we find out it's doing so. And we do not always find this out. Corrupted logic is a labeller and an upholder. It claims a label – doctor, teacher, musician, baker, mechanic – and then it supports the label emotionally. It supports it so hard that often it excludes reality. It can even create the 'do not bother me with the facts' skeptical.

It is my belief that real logic is flexible and permeable, ready to develop further as it learns more. Gravel may help fallen arches. All mushrooms are not poisonous. No matter the label change can be made.

One of the main things corrupt logic does is guard its territory. I think we could even call it the ego.

Now I believe in the ego – a healthy one. A healthy ego investigates, changes, and redevelops itself. But it can not do this alone. It requires all states of mind – particularly the subconscious state.

Corrupted logic, the unhealthy ego, will take advantage of the emotions found in the subconscious in order to inflate itself and control change. It is aided and abetted by industries, associations, and societies who have found it to their advantage to play unhealthy ego needs – especially fear. These industries, associations and societies reinforce the underpinning emotions of the unhealthy ego, the corrupt logic, so money is made, products are sold, change does not happen.

The only way past this impasse is thinking not outside the box but beyond it. Corrupted logic insured the world was flat, the sun moved around the earth, women who knew herbal remedies were witches and, even today, that torture will obtain truth. Fortunately more and more people are looking beyond the box – way past it!